World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4107
The bald female has doubts very much, why some people must destroy universe life soul transcends tribulation, moreover this person may be came from the same place with her . Moreover the strength compared with her.

Is because has that person to enter the transcends tribulation region, therefore Tribulation Force will strengthen. The scope of enhancement dies is too big, causing the bald females unable to withstand, but her two companions are unable to resist, at this moment had lost the reason, fights with all might crazily. What is strange, although they massacre mutually, but does not have the severe wound, the bald female is not worried about them. After Shen Xiang enters the transcends tribulation region, although is getting more and more near from Tribulation Force, but he has not come under the strong attack. Divine Mirror of Six Paths is gathering the World Defying mountains and rivers chart now, this sudden harvest, made Shen Xiang very pleasantly surprised, obviously was the universe life soul gives to him. Shen Xiang was unable to look for that person who now rushes to disturb, because he must keep on Divine Mirror of Six Paths, waits to gather the World Defying mountains and rivers chart. He is also at this moment vigilant, such big sound, if in the transcends tribulation region, can definitely be able to see. Person who that is doing the destruction, once detects, can definitely come to have a look. Naturally, only then Shen Xiang knows that is the World Defying mountains and rivers chart, after he sees this chart, in the mind presents this name, looks like senses suddenly is the same. Others should not know, even does not know that this is a chart, thinks that is similar to the world phenomenon of mirage, but be bigger than the range of mirage. Bald female that side paying attention to Shen Xiang, she knows certainly that is Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but personally sees after now, thought that has very big difference from her cognition. Because Divine Mirror of Six Paths in Legend is a broken thing, moreover seriously is damaged, in addition by seal many years, should meet the destruction. Now but in Shen Xiang, not only restores very well, but also is much more powerful than Legend. The bald female knows now, in the World Defying world had many matter, these things are they do not know that moreover they for many years have been receiving the misinformation. Or various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, in these years, have not provided the useful reliable information to them, has been deceiving them.

Divine Mirror of Six Paths becomes very huge, Shen Xiang stands in the middle, he can see that huge incomparable World Defying mountains and rivers chart, appears in the mirror surface, but he looks like places oneself in the World Defying mountains and rivers chart at this moment. That feeling is marvelous, making him as if be able to entire World Defying world knowing things like the back of one's hand. In the meantime, his suddenly sensation to having a person, toward his here rapid traverse. Because really he stands above the World Defying mountains and rivers chart, he can induce. „Is this fellow does of destruction?” Shen Xiang did not fear at this moment. He is very clear, if Indestructible falls this fellow, the universe life soul is unable smooth transcends tribulation. Quick, that person falls on Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Divine Mirror of Six Paths looks like a super big circular platform at this moment, can cover entire cities. Even if some people fall on the Divine Mirror edge, Shen Xiang can still be able to detect! He stands on Divine Mirror of Six Paths at this moment, is equivalent in Divine Mirror the domain of mirror, domain cooperating with Divine Mirror, he can on strong strengthen. Descends the sensation to some people on Divine Mirror of Six Paths, Shen Xiang is only the intention moves, conducts space teleport through Divine Mirror of Six Paths, appears before that person all of a sudden! That person is a bald middle age, under the chin and nose have the thick beard, moreover wears the white clothing, was like the clothes of former that bald female. They really come from the same place! The bald female also floats in the air at this moment, she can certainly see that bald middle age, she has not really thought, is really their people came to here to disturb. Is pass/test Yaoshan? pass/test Third Uncle?” A bald female face is astonished, low mumble said.

Third Uncle! Is you?” After the bald female determines, suddenly shouted one. She does not dare to pass now, can only look at the situation on Divine Mirror of Six Paths from afar. pass/test filled/surplus, you lead two Senior Brother younger brothers to go back! Here not your anything matter.” The appearance that bald middle-aged distant shouted, is then interested in very much looks at Shen Xiang. pass/test filled/surplus has not clarified the situation, she cannot certainly walk! Why? Did not say cannot intervene universe life soul transcends tribulation?” She can only fly now about, sees clearly there situation. Because was too far, she has to some to rely on appliances observe now, guaranteed oneself can see clearly. You do not need to ask, I do that am naturally permitted.” pass/test Yaoshan said. Permission? I thought that you want to hold this universe life soul!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: „, Since you must prevent universe life soul transcends tribulation, you must die today here!”Shen Xiang? Really did not think clearly, initially various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, why wanted the big going through the complications seal you! How to see that you cannot be joined to that type of seal! However, your unexpectedly can break through the seal, moreover for these years had not been extinguished kills, truly a little skill. ” pass/test Yaoshan said with a smile. He is not taunting, seems like says such very much at will, the people of their clan, how see very modest appearance. However Shen Xiang through the ability of his soul, can see that this fellow is virulent. I will make you know quickly why initially they wanted the seal I!” Shen Xiang smiled saying with a smile: You know that this matter, is to pay the price, this price is you must die!” Death? We have not died this concept, I am Eternal Life undying!” pass/test Yaoshan said with a smile: Said the life and death, in our eyes, that was the life body of very low level!”

Then, you do not know how the dead characters do write?” Shen Xiang laughs at one: Good, how I teach you to know this character now!” Ignorant low life!” pass/test Yaoshan shakes the head to sigh. Shen, we truly are undying!” pass/test filled/surplus of distant place said. Shen Xiang does not believe in evil doctrines, hand held Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade rushes over. He before facing pass/test filled/surplus and that two bald man, knows that they are also feared, explained even undying, but they still feared powerful strength. pass/test Yaoshan sees Shen Xiang to clash, stands is freezing, the meaning of also not having acted. Shen Xiang in the past was a blade, directly pass/test Yaoshan the body deducting fragment! Then, he sees a grain of rice the golden bead to float fast, then gathers that to turn into the body of fragment. In an instant, pass/test Yaoshan appears before him again, moreover is perfect, the clothes restored a moment ago such, has not changed! Shen Xiang was shocked, not only kills the undying soul, the body can remould fast, what kind of ethnic group is this? Low little brat! You know that now we did have multi-?” pass/test Yaoshan said with a smile: Your this mirror is very good, from now henceforth was my!”