World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4108
Divine Mirror of Six Paths becomes that greatly, moreover is gathering the World Defying mountains and rivers chart, such big sound, will definitely bring in some people the hearts of robbing, therefore Shen Xiang has not been surprised.

pass/test Yaoshan seems like an aloof appearance, but his idea at this moment is greedy, wants to hold others' good thing, explained that he essentially is a person. Also thinks that you are very noble, now seems like not damned type?” Shen Xiang jokes: It seems like your so-called higher lives, actually is evolves a false semblance, essentially not big progress.” I do not rob your Divine Mirror of Six Paths, because you do not match to have! By your time personality and strength, this type of thing falls into your hand, this is a disaster. I will take care for you temporarily, when your adolescence to suiting, I will return it surely.” pass/test Yaoshan said. Aiyaya, this shameless words, but can also say so righteously, your higher lives, really made me broaden the outlook.” Shen Xiang haha said with a smile: I , if not match to have, this Divine Mirror of Six Paths not in my hands, reason that can in my hands, be because only then I match!” I do not want to fight with you, do not compel me!” pass/test Yaoshan sighed: Your these low lives, are unable to understand our ideas, therefore exchanges to be very difficult!” Shen Xiang is really the fire is big, present person, a low life even, moreover snatches others' thing also to be so righteous, but also exhibits one for your good appearance. Goes to your Sir!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in hand chops to cut crazily. pass/test Yaoshan was minced by the blade Qi tide instantaneously. Shen Xiang observes closely that grain of very young gold/metal bead, uses the soul tactical rules, is use powerful soul strength, coordinating Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to sweep continuously crazily. However, the traveling speed of that grain of small bead is fast, avoided instantaneously. Grain of rice big or small little gold/metal bead, flashes suddenly, arrives at Shen Xiang behind. When Shen Xiang has turned around, pass/test Yaoshan the body from appears there newly. pass/test filled/surplus who observes in the distant place also shakes the head, because she had foreseen this process, therefore is not accidental/surprised, regardless of Shen Xiang makes anything, is only unproductive! Shen Xiang, I can again seal your soul! You are not this time, I must your seal, when you repented sincerely, when is you broken seals again.” pass/test Yaoshan said. Afterward, his both hands tie seal, the back appear suddenly dozens meters high great tablets.

All of a sudden, several hundred great tablets float, as if must compose large formation! Silly bird! Thinks the seal I? Whose domain also does not have a look in!” Shen Xiang sneered, then treads the mirror surface gently. Divine Mirror of Six Paths gyrates suddenly fast. Then, Shen Xiang on vanish from sight! hōng hōng hōng! The Divine Mirror of Six Paths mirror surface, gushes out wild lightning upwardly, chops to hit these great tablets crazily. Useless! Your strength, cannot break my tablet!” pass/test Yaoshan shakes the head to say with a smile. Disappearance Shen Xiang appears on a great tablet suddenly, the Heavenly Dao tremor in within the body, absorbs Dao Yuan Holy Power and soul of strength his within the body crazily, gets together strange strength, then pours into Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Bang! A Shen Xiang blade chops, cuts the broken great tablet! hōng hōng hōng! Afterward, the Shen Xiang instantaneous flash, several suddenly, that several hundred great tablet was hewn the fragment by Shen Xiang fast. What?” pass/test Yaoshan has not responded, standing there. pass/test filled/surplus of distant place incomparably is also shocked, mutters: Third Uncle's tablet...... was unexpectedly destroyed in this place?” Death ray head, to you!”

Shen Xiang falls again, a blade chops pass/test Yaoshan the body, this time he used a moment ago that strength, this is also he most secret strength! After pass/test Yaoshan contacts that strength, finds it hard to believe that he discovered that oneself underestimated Shen Xiang! Although the body was chopped into pieces, but pass/test Yaoshan quickly on rebirth body. Now, he must start to face up to Shen Xiang! Your really a little strength!” pass/test Yaoshan said. Your seal my hundred thousand year, I have extinguished you!” Shen Xiang said: Your this group of grandsons, it seems like ran amuck arrogantly, therefore that not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!” Young people, I, although only then tens of thousands years, but removes you by the seal hundred thousand year, should you not have me to be big?” pass/test Yaoshan smiles, in the hand presented a whip suddenly. „Before I do not have the seal, did not know exactly many ten thousand years! How many do you long live unexpectedly? When you my grandsons are unqualified!” Shen Xiang haha said while loudly laughing: Your this kid, looked how Grandpa ancestor I teach you!” pass/test Yaoshan not life Qi/angry, pulls out suddenly toward a Shen Xiang whip. Has saying that his truly, this whip pulled out the past time, he simultaneously utilized a method secretly, the Shen Xiang anchorage there. pass/test Yaoshan Soul-Lock Technique is powerful, not only can anchorage Shen Xiang, but can also let the Shen Xiang's soul and within the body strength, in a short time be at the paralysis condition. However, his whip hit spatially! Shen Xiang was walked by Divine Mirror of Six Paths teleport, younger sister Xiao Jing has been paying attention to the situation, is helping Shen Xiang in secret. But pass/test Yaoshan had not detected the present, Shen Xiang on Divine Mirror of Six Paths like a fish in water. Has gotten sucked into domain of mirror pass/test Yaoshan, by the present still thinks that Shen Xiang does not match to have Divine Mirror of Six Paths, is unable to display Divine Mirror of Six Paths strength.

You hit do not hit the person! Is your kid, frequently goof off, therefore the strength is so bad? Also good, Grandpa ancestor accompanies you to practice today!” Shen Xiang ridiculed with a smile. pass/test Yaoshan was somewhat anxious, turns around to pull out the whip to Shen Xiang suddenly, he has been able to achieve a whip to pull out now, then simultaneously instantaneous Soul-Lock Technique. However anchorage Shen Xiang is useless, he cannot decide the entire Divine Mirror of Six Paths space! Divine Mirror of Six Paths can transmit momentarily Shen Xiang, even can also hide Shen Xiang. But Shen Xiang must accompany pass/test Yaoshan to play now, therefore he uselessly fiercer method. Shen Xiang played tricks on pass/test Yaoshan to play like this, causing pass/test Yaoshan to pull out several hundred whips not to hit Shen Xiang, was really angry. It seems like I need earnestly fought with you! Do not regret!” pass/test Yaoshan said, the back presented eight arms suddenly, in addition actually two, are ten arms! Moreover takes the whip! I thought where you can dodge to go!” pass/test Yaoshan is saying , to continue to brush the whip to Shen Xiang Shen Xiang was decided the body again, was transmitted by Divine Mirror of Six Paths to another position, just appeared, was caught up by a whip. Kid, a little thing!” Shen Xiang disappears suddenly, when then he appears, on Divine Mirror of Six Paths had/left dozens Shen Xiang! pass/test Yaoshan was ignorant, although he ten whips, but does not know that now should hit that good! Because each Shen Xiang that real, the soul fluctuation that sends out equally is strong.