World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4109
pass/test Yaoshan recovers suddenly, he detected finally anything, knows oneself place in the domain.

This domain is very special, he suspected suddenly, oneself is very likely in domain that in Divine Mirror of Six Paths releases! Divine Mirror of Six Paths can have a powerful domain, this is pass/test Yaoshan has not thought. In fact, they are not many to the Divine Mirror of Six Paths fundamental understanding. Initially Divine Mirror of Six Paths had been used a period of time by Dao Creation God Lord, but Dao Creation God Lord is not the Divine Mirror of Six Paths actual master. Shen Xiang is Divine Mirror of Six Paths is advocating, in addition he awakened younger sister Xiao Jing this soul, therefore younger sister Xiao Jing perception and Shen Xiang are the synchronizations. in other words, Divine Mirror of Six Paths can to rely on Shen Xiang, conduct senses the self- evolution, sometimes this process does not know Shen Xiang. Therefore except for Shen Xiang, others cannot be joined to Divine Mirror of Six Paths, having Shen Xiang can display Divine Mirror of Six Paths most powerful strength. pass/test Yaoshan facing Shen Xiang that” so many appear suddenly, he lost the goal immediately, does not know that this/should attack which is good. Calculates that you won!” pass/test Yaoshan suddenly shouted: Was I underestimated your strength, never expected that you can control so Realm to Divine Mirror of Six Paths!” Said goodbye!” pass/test Yaoshan is very also clear, oneself cannot do to Shen Xiang's, does not have enough strength to rob Divine Mirror of Six Paths. „To walk?” Shen Xiang sneers. I acknowledged that I cannot be victorious now you, but you want to retain me, is not easy.” pass/test Yaoshan laughs, fast flies in a direction. Afterward, Divine Mirror of Six Paths gyrates crazily, had a suction, pass/test Yaoshan who must fly, immediately by this suction entraining. Shen Xiang finds it very ridiculous, Divine Mirror of Six Paths never that powerful, but when pass/test Yaoshan bumps into the Divine Mirror of Six Paths peak strength exactly. Divine Mirror of Six Paths is so strong, because mainly side has a huge universe life soul.

Universe life soul whereabouts, are the energy very abundant region, but this energy can be absorbed by Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Divine Mirror of Six Paths is still absorbing the World Defying mountains and rivers chart now, takes in the boundless energy. Therefore now Divine Mirror of Six Paths revolves, can have the extremely strong might. pass/test Yaoshan even more feels regretted very much, he acknowledges now oneself were arrogantly excessive, unexpectedly by the opposite party suppressing to this situation. You must prevent universe life soul transcends tribulation, moreover you also bring in various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace enter the World Defying world, but also wants to rob my Divine Mirror of Six Paths, it may be said that is guilty of the most heinous crime. But do you want to walk away?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. You had also attempted a moment ago, could not kill me! You cannot do to my!” pass/test Yaoshan is still secure. Child is not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, really thinks that no one did do to you?” Shen Xiang hehe smiles, then has the blade to pass/test Yaoshan again. Dozens Shen Xiang simultaneously rush over attack. pass/test Yaoshan has not avoided, because he believes firmly that Shen Xiang could not kill him, therefore stood there gives Shen Xiang to cut. These is time a blade chops into pieces pass/test Yaoshan the body, is only left over a little gold/metal bead. However, when this grain of little gold/metal bead must remould fleshly body, Shen Xiang immediately emits World Defying divine furnace, little gold/metal bead installing! After little gold/metal bead enters World Defying divine furnace, pass/test Yaoshan is unable to remould fleshly body, can only control little gold/metal bead to fly round in divine furnace, dashing inner wall, but an effect does not have. Then looked how you also jump!” Shen Xiang haha said with a smile: „Did kid, know Grandpa Dao Ancestor I to have fiercely?” World Defying divine furnace...... unexpectedly in your hands! Is impossible, you are impossible to have World Defying divine furnace, your low life, is impossible to obtain the universe life soul approval!” pass/test Yaoshan the voice passes from divine furnace, he is unable to be calm now.

Although Shen Xiang kills undying he, but can actually use World Defying divine furnace to detain him, even can refine him. „Is silly bird, why impossible?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Was disinclined rubbish with you, when I asked a time to refine you, just wait!” Then he receives World Defying divine furnace! Also in this time, he induced to strength of universe life soul tribulation suddenly weakened. Was all right?” Shen Xiang has not walked, but continues to keep on Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Divine Mirror of Six Paths is still gathering the World Defying mountains and rivers chart, although Shen Xiang in this transcends tribulation region, but he does not seem to cause Tribulation Force to strengthen, does not know that is why. After Tribulation Force weakens, pass/test filled/surplus has not come under the influence of that Tribulation Force again, other two bald men also calm down. pass/test Yingzhi wants to know how Shen Xiang her Third Uncle, in too many Shen Xiang's person's shadows, she could not see clearly to have anything a moment ago, only knows that pass/test Yaoshan did not have suddenly! Because according to the beforehand fight, a Shen Xiang blade chops pass/test Yaoshan, is only left over a grain of little gold/metal bead, then, pass/test Yaoshan remoulds fleshly body again rapidly. However this time, pass/test Yaoshan has not remoulded fleshly body, standing of Shen Xiang also Anan Jing Jing (quietly) there. Third Uncle...... the Third Uncle......” closes full loud voice to shout suddenly. Shen Xiang also hears certainly the distant place pass/test filled/surplus voice, but he has not paid attention. He is thinking the universe life soul tribulation later matter. If universe life soul transcends tribulation succeeds, then the World Defying world will be safer, will conduct transformation. When the time comes, perhaps he can go to Saint Territory!

Shen Xiang goes to Saint Territory, mainly must look for World Defying Temple to go, does not know that World Defying Temple looks for anything in Saint Territory. Is, Shen Xiang must follow the clue, digs out to close that mysterious big influence after shining mountain ridge. Naturally, at the Saint Territory also very important things, is eradicates various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, making Saint Territory return to the stock rail. Properly speaking, the entire World Defying universe should be responsible for handling by the universe life soul, does not know when the universe life soul must arrive, can from control the World Defying universe newly. Shen Xiang looks at the front that huge universe life soul, suddenly being of one mind feelings, as if looking like looking own such. The universe life soul tribulation is still continuing, but Divine Mirror of Six Paths sound at this moment also getting smaller. The World Defying mountains and rivers chart of sky, after gradually changes small, finally vanish from sight, fully enters in Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Divine Mirror of Six Paths changes is small, carries Shen Xiang to depart the Tribulation Force region. He just went out, saw pass/test filled/surplus, as well as that two bald man. pass/test Yaoshan is your people? This fellow does the preparatory command soul tribulation, how can process?” Shen Xiang is asking pass/test filled/surplus: I remember before , somebody has said that the external force not competent preparatory command soul tribulation, must make the universe life soul allow nature to take its course!” pass/test filled/surplus could not speak, because of pass/test Yaoshan appearance suddenly, was she has not truly thought. Where did Third Uncle go to?” pass/test filled/surplus asked. Was grasped by me!” Shen Xiang said: Wants him to be able, making your topmost level kneel is seeing me!” Wild!” A bald man, angrily rebukes to Shen Xiang loud voice, then a sword thorn to Shen Xiang.