World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4110
pass/test Yingxiang prevents, but actually slow one step, reason that she wants to prevent, must protect that bald man.

Shen Xiang is very that smooth the sword holds to puncture, then a palm pats in the chest of that bald man, infiltrates Dao Yuan Holy Power. Of bang! The body of bald man turns into piece of Qi mist instantaneously! The person of this ethnic group is really undying, after the body the Shen Xiang bang is broken, the round beads of remaining grain of rice sizes, probably the crystal is the same. Shen Xiang guessed that this is a very special Dao Yuan crystal, the soul and energy preserve in the Dao Yuan crystal. This grain of little gold/metal bead and pass/test Yaoshan compares, the ray wants to be gloomier . Moreover the traveling speed is not fast. What is in a big way different from pass/test Yaoshan, little gold/metal bead unexpectedly has not immediately restored, but sends out a ray probably, forms phantom of bald man. Rebirth before enemy? You are really an idiot!” Shen Xiang feels somewhat funnily, then puts out a hand, presses firmly between the fingers that grain of little gold/metal bead. He uses very big strength to pinch, but the crumb, he cannot only shift it to World Defying divine furnace. He?” pass/test Yingjing shouted. But another bald man, is calm, has not acted to Shen Xiang. Was grasped by me!” The Shen Xiang taunt said with a smile: It seems like you are also not much, I also think strongly!” pass/test filled/surplus clenches teeth, she does not know how now should do, Junior Brother and Third Uncle were grasped, moreover universe life soul transcends tribulation has so many matter, this duty can be said as the unusual failure. Shen, matter develops this situation, is we do not want to see! I am willing to help you mediate the contradiction with us, but the premise is asks you not to injure the Third Uncle and my Junior Brother.” Turns off the full look sincere say/way.

„The World Defying world has sealed up now, without space weak point. The person in various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, is impossible to go back in a short time, you must guarantee that they no longer act unreasonably.” Shen Xiang said: „Can you achieve?” pass/test filled/surplus looked at that bald man, said: You hold this matter!” The bald man leaves immediately! We can guarantee that various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, no longer harm the person in World Defying world!” pass/test filled/surplus said. This is good, you best make them find the way to leave the World Defying world. After waiting for universe life soul transcends tribulation, I will look for their calculate, when the time comes I will slaughter surely.” Shen Xiang said. Before pass/test filled/surplus remembered, that poisonous rain, therefore she does not doubt the Shen Xiang's words. Now has no fleeing passage!” pass/test filled/surplus said: If Shen you really started, will offend various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace surely.” I do not fear them.” Shen Xiang smiled saying with a smile: „Are they very really fearful?” They do not take orders in us, because has the agreement with us, at the matter of World Defying world, they will coordinate us.” pass/test Yingtan: They are truly fearful, you face now, has not calculated that is powerful, various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace strongest strength, do not know the World Defying universe.” Relax, I will find their dens, then had it all them!” Shen Xiang said: After all is their seal my!” Between we and you some misunderstanding, I want to reduce and solve, and pledged, no longer helps various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace resists you.” pass/test filled/surplus said: But you must guarantee that put the Third Uncle and my Junior Brother!” How did you guarantee?” Shen Xiang lets go saying: What position are you? Who are you? I know nothing about you now!” We assign/life the Kun clans in Soul Clan six clan! Assigns the soul six clans to have the Yin-Yang two clans and universe two clans, the evil two clans, altogether is six clans.” pass/test filled/surplus puts out a sign , to continue saying: This is the status sign of our Kun clan! Universe two clans, main seal, formation and barrier, as well as various rune/symbol class, therefore to your seal, came from the universe two clans in the past.”

various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace?” Shen Xiang asked. various Tiandian is the evil clan establishes, the no Heavenly God palace clan to establish.” pass/test filled/surplus said: They found no Heavenly God palaces and various Tiandian in various universes, mainly for attracting the person in universe, uses for them.” „Do Yin-Yang two clans have the participation seal I?” Shen Xiang asked. Has! And is the main force! In the surface is various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace is running to supervise the revolution of World Defying universe, but the back is our six clans is responsible for together.” pass/test filled/surplus looked at the universe life soul of distant place, said: Our universe two clans, are mainly responsible for maintaining the life soul naturally to revolve!” Then, your six clans do not unite!” Shen Xiang feels somewhat thornily, because the enemy were too many, moreover is very strong. „The World Defying universe is very young, currently does not have adolescence to the situation that the enough six clan topmost levels attach great importance, therefore is sends our these quite young person to handle.” pass/test filled/surplus frowns to say gently: Shen, the matter about World Defying universe, I also knows that now is not very simple.” Why did you think so?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, asks. I can feel, the back hidden many secrets! For example the Third Uncle must prevent universe life soul transcends tribulation, various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, they as if want to destroy the universe life soul.” pass/test filled/surplus sighed: It seems like in our six clans has the thoughts respectively!” Your broken matters I, no matter, your Kun clans participate in the seal in brief I, must compensate to me! When compensates to arrive, your Third Uncle and that anything Junior Brother, when can go home.” Shen Xiang knows that behind this is a powerful ethnic group, naturally must fish some advantage. Can let the Third Uncle and I talks!” pass/test filled/surplus nips the lip, said. Ok!” Shen Xiang took World Defying divine furnace. Sees World Defying divine furnace, pass/test filled/surplus understands why the Third Uncle was surrounded. You assign/life the soul six clans, fears the universe life soul?” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Did not fear! But is the World Defying universe poor life soul and difference, can surround us to assign/life the Soul Yuan crystal unexpectedly! The poor life soul of World Defying universe is World Defying divine furnace, the big life soul is that......” pass/test Yingzhi huge life soul that refers to that true transcends tribulation, she somewhat is suddenly clear, why initially assigned/life the soul six clans to want seal Shen Xiang. Kid, your niece looks for you!” Shen Xiang patted World Defying divine furnace. Third Uncle, Shen was restrained very much, he is willing to discuss with us, but also please can control the good mood.” pass/test filled/surplus said. pass/test filled/surplus, something, are not your I can decide!” pass/test Yaoshan sighed: Involves really broadly, your I could not decide that anything, can only acknowledge that the punishment is deserved now!” Why...... we assign/life the soul six clans, is not to guarantee that each universe naturally does operate?” pass/test Yingzhi thought that world outlook crashed, she abides since childhood, unexpectedly is false! „After the World Defying universe forms, assigns/life the soul six clans to participate in the intervention, not only the World Defying universe, most universes we participated.” Naturally operates? Puts words that is not managing, the ghost knows that will be born any powerful thing, then assigns/life the soul six exterminations of entire extended family to fall us!” You look at this Shen Xiang, is the variable that we could not control!” pass/test Yaoshan also sighed one.