World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4111
Shen Xiang hears this saying to be very uncomfortable, refutes: „The World Defying universe in good condition, you rush, I can definitely manage now well. Also what I am the variable...... your group of people really am bewildered!”

pass/test filled/surplus a little clear life soul six clan actions, to suppress new student/life universe, and controls these universes. Regarding the new student/life universe, assigning/life the soul six clans is anxious, therefore they must control the new student/life universe, avoiding the new student/life universe breeds the ethnic group that they are more powerful. The World Defying universe is born time, they first meddle. I no matter you how, you must compensate me in brief now.” Shen Xiang said: Otherwise this kid was detained forever, I must squeeze his soul to be adopted by us.” I urged you to put me, otherwise assigns/life the soul six clans to pay more attention to you, you are not when the time comes natural.” pass/test Yaoshan said: We had not taken seriously you before, but if my grasped matter passes on, assigns/life the responses of soul six clans you to be able to imagine!” I put you, what did you go back not to say?” Shen Xiang asked. This is natural, we can sign the soul contract!” pass/test Yaoshan said: I can definitely guarantee that your matter will not pass on!” Knows my matter, on you with this female, another two bald! Bald also in divine furnace, another bald, although walked, but I must hold him am also the easy matter.” Shen Xiang said. This you were completely mistaken!” pass/test Yaoshan sighed: Although you have the skill very much, but you look down on us, we assign/life the soul six clans to stand erect not but actually for many years, may not have you to imagine is so incompetent!” „Do you have other means notice life soul six clans?” Before Shen Xiang, has thought has this possibility. This is natural! So long as you have detained us, or destroys completely us, will assign the soul six clans to know.” pass/test Yaoshan said with a smile: Therefore, you put us, this is a best choice!” Shen Xiang patted World Defying divine furnace, then looks to pass/test filled/surplus, said: What this kid said is real?”

pass/test filled/surplus silent a while, then nods, said: We really have the means to make in the clan know situation that here has, you, even if holds us is still useless, that is we assigns/life the Soul Clan special capability, can among the souls the bush telegraph......” pass/test Yaoshan breaks her suddenly, said with a smile: Accurate, we can before, be able at the point of death all memories and thought of soul, the instantaneous feedback to the clan , many years, we can again the life Soul Yuan crystal.” The Shen Xiang secret shock, this assigns/life the Soul Clan Eternal Life Indestructible secret? You, so long as the soul is all right, can remould fleshly body to achieve the rebirth. But our soul can the rebirth, but the rebirth soul requires a lot of time.” pass/test filled/surplus said. Therefore you put us well!” pass/test Yaoshan said. Your rebirth soul, needs to pay very big time price, I guessed that takes many years? Therefore does not compel to have no other choice, you will not discard the soul.” Shen Xiang thinks, hey happily said with a smile: That line, I bet you not to escape with the way of suicide rebirth!” His meaning was very obvious, he will not let through the barrier shining mountain. So long as you put us, today's matter treats as has not happened, this has very big advantage to you, can avoid you being assigned the soul six clans to chase down.” pass/test Yaoshan sighed: Was assigned the fate that the soul six clans chase down, that is very painful.” Then stimulation!” Shen Xiang haha said with a smile: I look forward to them to chase down me, otherwise I live am too being senseless! Also, your terms of exchange are equivalent are threatening me, therefore I cannot accept!” Young Master Shen, what do you want?” pass/test filled/surplus asked. I want your Kun clans to help me resist other to assign/life Soul Clan!” Shen Xiang said: „The first step, is helps me recapture the Saint Territory control!” You have a dream!” pass/test Yaoshan said: Our Kun clans are not insane, how to possibly help you handle this matter?”

That line, you introduce the World Defying world various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, the life that cruelly harms this place many people, how does this tent/account calculate?” Shen Xiang puts out a hand suddenly, builds on closing the full shoulder, said with a sneer: Little miss, you know that the blood debt blood does recompense?” Shen, you need to put me to go back, making me look for the clan in clan always to discuss are good, the Third Uncle has too many things unable to take responsibility.” pass/test filled/surplus also fears by the Shen Xiang seal in divine furnace. pass/test filled/surplus, you cannot convince the clan old!” pass/test Yaoshan said. My master is clan old one.” pass/test filled/surplus said: Third Uncle, I must try!” You to save me?” Turns off shining mountain road: I do not want you to rescue, my will remember and ideological feedback rebirth, bye!” Then, World Defying divine furnace vibrated suddenly two, welled up from pill furnace the Shen Xiang also sensation to unusual strength, but also continued the flash. He looked at World Defying divine furnace, sees only inside has two grains of life Soul Yuan crystals, but the interior did not remember and thought that but has powerful soul energy. The souls of this quite therefore two blanks! Another bald man, was being transmitted by pass/test Yaoshan. Their memories and thought transmit, is in the middle of the deep sleep?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, asks. Yes! Needed at least in 1000 to be able the rebirth soul, moreover in the process of deep sleep, will have the clan dead of old age examines their memories. Because assigns/life the people of soul six clans, only then, will reach this situation while compelled by circumstances, therefore in the clan will attach great importance to surely.” Closes full sighs gently. Does not need to be sad for me, currently doesn't have you in?” Shen Xiang smiled saying with a smile: Jokes aside, I did not fear the retaliations of life soul six clans.”

Shen, you, so long as puts me to go back, can help you get through this difficult time, I will certainly use convince the clan to be old full power, making them keep secret about your matter.” pass/test filled/surplus said. I will put you to go back! However does not make you go back to convince the clan to be old, but makes you pass on to them, my Shen Xiang, will look for their calculate sooner or later on the 1st personally!” The Shen Xiang smile said. Closes full really speechless, she really does not know that Shen Xiang is thinking anything. Right, I also needed you to keep several days!” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, has Divine Mirror of Six Paths, pass/test filled/surplus cannot escape. pass/test filled/surplus does not know that Shen Xiang must make anything to her, but she did not fear, because she can see Shen Xiang is also a quite moderate person, is a good person. Quick, pass/test filled/surplus discovered that Shen Xiang is a devil! Shen Xiang then refined pill, unexpectedly is in order to makes her grow the hair. pass/test filled/surplus has been bald, in their clan is bald, moreover they also take baldly as beautifully. However does not know pill who Shen Xiang refinement joined anything, after pass/test filled/surplus eats up, grows a black long hair.