World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4112
pass/test filled/surplus exploded with rage, if she knows that grain of pill has this effect, she kills does not eat.

After having a long hair, she puts out a sharp short-sword immediately, must it cutting off. However just cut off, is long immediately, stops until the waist. Shen, why are you? A our Kun clan birth conducted the special ceremony, took off our hair, this can cut off our worries and seven emotions and six sensory pleasures.” pass/test filled/surplus said: I grow the hair now, how do you want to go back later to explain to the clan old?” She does not think clearly, Shen Xiang's pill so will be why mysterious, can control her hair growth, even rips can immediately the rebirth. „After you go back, passed on to your clan to be old for me, my Shen Xiang will look for their calculate sooner or later! Let your long hair, is to your penalty.” Shen Xiang said: You let no Heavenly God palaces and various Tiandian come, I make you have a long hair, this is very light penalty.” Has saying that after pass/test filled/surplus had this pitch-black long hair, more beautiful moving. Looking from her semblance, her maturity and fills the flavor, but her type not wants no asking look, appears her light dust to be refined, brings several points of purity. Shen Xiang stays behind closes full several days, is to refine this grain of pill to her, he now also is very satisfied this grain of pill's effect, he planned, sees Kun clansman, feeds this pill to eat to them. pass/test filled/surplus had also tried self-destruction fleshly body a moment ago, but after her rebirth fleshly body, still has a long hair! How you do compound this pill?” pass/test filled/surplus can only accept now, but is very curious. I am alchemy...... the World Defying universe can be born initially, is a grain of pill who I refine causes.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: My pill can create the universe, let alone helps you create an attractive hair!” Snort, is unattractive!” pass/test filled/surplus put out the mirror to illuminate the photo, although she on the mouth said that but at heart was actually a little delicious, she discovered that this time she was truly more beautiful. This is she has not seen the aesthetic sense, making her look at mirror inside beautiful woman, for a very long time does not hate to move out of the way the look.

Goes back! We should quick meet!” Shen Xiang said: Right, now space wall becomes that firm, could you also go back?” Our own means!” pass/test Yingshou has the mirror, thinks, said: Shen, you are certainly careful! Assigned the soul six clans to stare at you, they from will definitely carefully examine your importance newly, will have round to arrive in view of your seal newly!” I was plotted before, therefore by seal! They think that now the seal I am not easy.” Shen Xiang was certainly not plotted, but is his beforehand soul is not very powerful, otherwise he can definitely work loose according to the seal. pass/test Yingzha the good hair, then to fly away from Divine Mirror of Six Paths, flies in the upper air, she also looked at a that huge universe life soul. The universe life soul still in transcends tribulation, several days passed had not ended. Shen Xiang also knows, the universe life soul tribulation is a heart tribulation. He stepped into to Sacred Realm before time, has experienced. This made him feel somewhat skillfully, oneself just transcends tribulation shortly, arrived at universe life soul transcends tribulation, moreover same type of tribulation. Shen Xiang can only wait for outside the transcends tribulation region now, if Tribulation Force strengthens suddenly many, some that people entered the transcends tribulation region, he must use Divine Mirror of Six Paths World Defying mountains and rivers chart strength, conducts sensation. He has not known that now the World Defying mountains and rivers chart the concrete use, only knows can make him have stronger sensation strength. After pass/test filled/surplus leaves the second day, that huge universe life soul sneaks under the land gradually, then between Heaven and Earth returns to again normal. Universe life soul transcends tribulation succeeded! Shen Xiang is very delighted, then immediately returns to the flame permanent territory. Before pass/test filled/surplus Junior Brother, called no Heavenly God palaces and various Tiandian is more honest, how long but this could not continue.

Universe life soul transcends tribulation succeeds, moreover hidden in the World Defying world, then various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, will decide however to do everything possible to continue to send people to disturb. But now the day bystander in World Defying world, they are unable to leave the World Defying world, after the space wall enhancement, passes outside beyond day passage completely to interrupt. They also can only now reluctant and beyond the day keeps in touch. Shen Xiang makes Renard come out, then returns to the flame permanent territory together. Renard had put in Divine Mirror of Six Paths by Shen Xiang, she does not know that had anything, therefore very long-term. Master, these bald people...... how?” Renard asked that because she knows that universe life soul transcends tribulation succeeded, but Shen Xiang also ran into these people, but Shen Xiang seemed like a matter not to have. Is a long story......” Shen Xiang also to make specters Divine Soul come out, then told them own experience. Knew that Shen Xiang gets rid of pass/test Yaoshan and young people, they feel inconceivable, because the bald person is almost in their eyes invincible! They also learned from Shen Xiang there, the actually no Heavenly God palaces and various Tiandian the back, there are life soul six clans. These bald is the Kun clans of life soul six clans! That female is bald I not to make her...... I after all is a showing tender affection person, moreover I also delivered her a long hair, although her surface conflicts very much, but she definitely is very grateful my.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Renard and specters Divine Soul, now to Shen Xiang admiring with respectful. Can mix with a powerful master, this may mix is much better in various Tiandian compared with them.

I am thinking fills to process various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, some of their also many people here!” Shen Xiang looks to Renard, asked: How many do you know some of their altogether?” At least 50 million!” Renard said: If massacres completely, does not know how long must kill. Although the masters can use the poison, but they do not concentrate together, is unable with extinguish poisonously kills them.” Shen Xiang looks to specters Divine Soul, asked: Specters, do you have the good plan?” Universe life soul transcends tribulation succeeds, the World Defying world must have transformation, at the appointed time various resources of World Defying world, also evolution transformation.” Specters Divine Soul said: If can hold the person in most various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, can enslave them to mine the resources!” This actually good means!” Shen Xiang looks to Renard, asked: Nana, you have the means to let various Tiandian listens your?” Master, so long as you massacre with my strength suitable god territory person, I can control the overall situation!” Renard has the confidence very much: Is that side no Heavenly God palace a little difficult office......” That side is easy, massacres they strongest that batch. Remaining was good to cope!” Shen Xiang said: They cause that big damage to the World Defying world, then enslaves them, constructs the World Defying world!” Shen Xiang has subpoenaed to Yan Zilan, asking her is not busy running the business, because the crisis of World Defying world has relieved, making her eat that grain of Saint Soul pill a bit faster. Yan Zilan did not believe that but Xiao Xianglin and Liu Meng'er also said, she also can only put down the matter in hand, eats Saint Soul pill. But is the brand-new World Defying world will be born, Shen Xiang does not know how meets transformation becomes, only knows, after World Defying world transformation, still can not be peaceful.