World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4114
Shen Xiang many somewhat understands that now that universe life soul, before the lives of ten big world, a period of time, will screen out energy every other.

This is the universe life soul extraction is used to expand itself, then makes ten big world be separated from the control of World Defying universe. When the universe life soul extracts the energies of ten big world lives each time, will cause very big confusion, causing ten big world casualties to be serious. Hundred flowers world for many years deeply by its evil, therefore their a period of time, needs to stockpile the resources to cross this disaster every other. Shen Xiang knew that the World Defying universe is inflating, this can have the violent inflation with other universes surely. If the consequence if serious, assigns/life the soul six clans perhaps with using most powerful strength, destroys the entire World Defying world! Shen Xiang they are also stranded in the World Defying world now, if the World Defying world were destroyed, they were finished completely. After Shen Xiang since previous time has seen that big universe life soul, oneself as if the big universe life soul had some relation, can let him and universe life soul has a special resonance. He must the ravelling big universe life soul be now what situation, the intuition tells him, the big universe life soul possibly lost control! Loses control this matter, human also often meets, if the universe life soul loses control, is unable to prevent promptly, can no end of trouble for the future. Shen Xiang rushes to the previous big universe life soul to present the transcends tribulation position immediately, he is directly with Divine Mirror of Six Paths, through the World Defying mountains and rivers chart, conducts the space transmission. This is also the ability that younger sister Xiao Jing just discovered, after Divine Mirror of Six Paths fuses the World Defying mountains and rivers chart, special capability , was also sensed by younger sister Xiao Jing gradually. After Shen Xiang goes to this place, looked at all around, then releases own Divine Sense, must go to the sensation big universe life soul. But there is no effect, but, he can only put out World Defying divine furnace. World Defying divine furnace is the microcosm life soul, each universe will have two universe life souls generally. The microcosm life soul is quite unusual, generally will transform various types of things, comes under the universe inventor's influence. But the big universe life soul, is mainly the entire World Defying universe soul, can the absorption universe energy come powerful.

The big universe life soul has been stranded in the World Defying world, therefore it can only absorb the energy of here life. Soon, Shen Xiang through World Defying divine furnace, the sensation to the position that the big universe life soul is, in deeply under. He drills immediately, must find the big universe life soul a bit faster! Because the big universe life soul location, is unable to demonstrate on the World Defying mountains and rivers chart, therefore cannot transmit the past with Divine Mirror of Six Paths directly. Shen Xiang can only drill laboriously looks for the big universe life soul! He used almost one all day, drilled very deep stratum, touches the big universe life soul. Finally to!” Shen Xiang at this moment deeply, what making him not think, this deep underground no magma, not burning hot like the core of stars. earth core of World Defying world, unexpectedly is a very beautiful earth core world. Probably a universe life soul of ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) great mountain, is an irregular polyhedron, each surface reflects the ray. Universe life soul on float in the sky of this earth core world, just like the hot sun, illuminates the entire earth core world. The earth core world has the mountains rivers, the deep green prairie, fine spring day, has all kinds of tree everywhere. Shen Xiang has not thought, universe life soul unexpectedly create such a world in earth core! Floats in the air Shen Xiang, looks at this beautiful earth core world, quick saw the familiar great tree. Is the great tree that the god forest strength of that principle turns into! Shen Xiang had doubts at this moment, why will the universe life soul lose control? Because the earth core world looks very tranquil, does not seem like has the problem radically the appearance!

However, in the meantime, the universe life soul turns into the red suddenly, the beautiful earth core world, was covered by the scarlet ray immediately. In an instant, the entire earth core world becomes evil incomparable! Shen Xiang also feels a very fearful evil strength, wells up from the universe life soul. What's all this about?” Shen Xiang looks to the universe life soul, sees only among the blood red universe life souls, there is a giant black spot. Universe life soul transcends tribulation time, what thing poured into?” Shen Xiang as if found the reason that the universe life soul lost control, may be pour into evil consciousness. Tribulation Force that universe life soul transcends tribulation faces, does not know from where, but is very definitely powerful. It seems like that universe life soul transcends tribulation succeeds, but was planted the evil type! Is the life soul six clans dry/does?” Shen Xiang remembered pass/test Yaoshan suddenly. Why pass/test Yaoshan must prevent universe life soul transcends tribulation, pass/test filled/surplus do not know, seems like what secret. Shen Xiang immediately clashes to universe life soul! When he touches the universe life soul the outer wall, was filled evil strength to shake by one. Master, walks quickly!” In the sound of roaring, came from the earth core world deafening sound as if together suddenly in all directions. „Are you big universe life soul?” Shen Xiang said surprised.

Yes! You walk quickly, far away from the World Defying world, do not come back again!” The sound of big universe life soul conveys again. I do not walk!” Shen Xiang hastily said: I must help you!” You walk now also with enough time, I can also delay a lot of time to you, if you came in...... to be complete!” Big universe life soul shouted: This is to your second seal! Is the life soul six clans to the trap that you set! They prepared many years!” What? The second seal?” The Shen Xiang shock, this unexpectedly is the life soul six clans does. Then...... the World Defying universe is that inflating, why is this?” Shen Xiang said surprised: Is you do?” I lost control! The World Defying cosmic expansion to certain situation, can annex all universes! Assigns the soul six clans to hope all universes can fuse together, this facilitates them to control!” The big universe life soul said: However today's matter, during their computations.” World Defying Temple? Where went to?” Shen Xiang asked: Is my master asks me to help your transcends tribulation!” Is I entrusts his, I think that we can reverse all these jointly, but after my transcends tribulation succeeds, knows that this is a snare!” The big universe life soul sighed: Master, you walks quickly, walks the farther the better! Assigning the soul six clans is very powerful, you now are not their opponents!” „It is not good, I must go to save you!” Shen Xiang is saying, put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, breaks out an entrance on the outer wall of universe life soul. Assigns the soul six clan time plots, but must ruin the World Defying universe thoroughly! Once the World Defying cosmic expansion annexes other universes, then this universe life soul will offer sacrifices, but the World Defying universe did not have! Shen Xiang contacts the big universe life soul, knows that this universe life soul is important to oneself, this is he creates, he did not allow that was destroyed.