World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4115
After the life soul opens hole, Shen Xiang immediately has not gone, but extends Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, and stimulates to movement Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to release strength, makes passage forward.

The evil strength in big life soul is very fearful, this evil strength can corrode the soul, but Shen Xiang powerful place in soul, therefore he facing the evil strength of this studying soul, felt that the pressure is very big. Shen Xiang the plots of knowing the will of heaven soul six clans, have a headache suddenly suddenly very much. Assigns the soul six clans to set up the next so long-term trap to him unexpectedly, this ability was extremely also terrifying, this need forecasts the matter of today's very much long time ago! Big life soul, why assigns/life the soul six clans to hundred thousand year later I, sets up this type of trap? This was also too advanced!” Shen Xiang knows that some ability exceedingly high people, can foresee in the future. For example Huang Jintian, he has this ability, but could not forecast the hundred thousand year later, moreover so will be detailed, for this reason also set up the next that big bureau especially. They are such fierce! You must know, has assigned the soul six clans for many years, but controlled many powerful universes. They can always succeed to control a universe the big life soul!” The big life soul said. They have this ability, why doesn't massacre me directly?” Shen Xiang thought has doubts very much. He asked that while drilled into the big life soul, he used Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to lead the way, can resist that evil strength. You are the World Defying universe main creator, if massacres you, they are unable to obtain me! Their seal your time, this thinks that can these days tame me. Your soul continuously in powerful, I also continuously in become stronger, therefore they cannot do to me.” The big life soul must know that Shen Xiang these years the pain that comes to receive. After Shen Xiang works loose the seal, enters the World Defying world, has strength of big life soul to guide his rebirth body.

What then their time plots are?” Shen Xiang has entered in the big life soul, moreover did not have the escape route. The evil strength in big life soul, the sensation to Shen Xiang since later, became stronger seem many. Is the plan your seal in me, then catches the whole lot in a dragnet us!” The big life soul sighed. Do not be disheartened! Hasn't my what repeated difficulties seen? Although you are the World Defying universe big life soul, but my experience may be richer than you.” Shen Xiang is actually open. „The World Defying world present situation is very unstable , because they poured into this evil consciousness...... to want us in my within the body by evil consciousness devour, then they can with coping with the method of evil consciousness, they most had the experience in this aspect.” The big life soul continues to say. The big life soul now seems quite pessimistic, but it was quite happy, because Shen Xiang has not given up it. „Can they these days come?” Shen Xiang asked. I have said that I will win the time to you......, therefore I use biggest strength, blocks the entire World Defying world, they can only transmit the sound news to come at most, is unable to wear out space wall.” The big life soul said: They actually do not need to come, once their plan successes, your my consciousness by evil, can the self-destruction World Defying world.” I will not make their plans work!” Shen Xiang felt that evil consciousness. He remembered younger sister Xiao Jing suddenly, this pitiful little girl, was also corroded by the evil soul before, causing the consciousness to become very evil. This is very likely is the methods of life soul six clans! Otherwise Divine Mirror of Six Paths cannot by the seal for a long time.

With the Shen Xiang thorough big life soul, that evil consciousness is also getting stronger and stronger! At this moment, Shen Xiang even can feel the thought of evil consciousness! He and thought of big life soul and evil consciousness, at this moment seems a whole, after all the evil consciousness must assimilate them, first first wants everyone's thought to unify. The thought of evil consciousness fills to be arrogant and extremely arrogant, as if will be very early on calculation Shen Xiang will come. You really came! Ha haha...... Shen Xiang, this is your fate!” The evil consciousness is taunting Shen Xiang crazily. Now, Shen Xiang not walks, but by that evil consciousness attracting. Shen Xiang had lost with the sensation of big life soul, he suspected that the big life soul had been realized to kidnap evilly. Fate? You very early, even if would-be I will come, even if knows to have danger(ous) , right?” Shen Xiang asked.That is natural! The birth of each universe, is very accidental, is the creator, or does not trigger some energy carefully, causes the universe born. They know nothing about the new universe from the beginning, then in this time seal they, if their soul can work loose the seal, then they will understand the truth gradually, knew after big life soul situation, they will make with your similar choice! ” The evil consciousness said with a smile. Shen Xiang now is a little clear, assigns/life the soul six clans unable to forecast the future, but is the experience is rich!

You feel the World Defying universe, what difference has with other universes?” Shen Xiang now still is actually very calm. What no difference...... is only different, the creator imagines weak many times compared with us! The truth told you, the creators of most universes, they revolted, many made us lose big, however...... we can actually so take you now with ease!” The laughter of evil consciousness is full of the taunt. Shen Xiang thinks, oneself has not truly made the life soul six clans lose in a big way, but oneself have walked into this snare. What I and they are different, I do not believe the fate!” Shen Xiang said: I, although does not believe the fate, but I actually hope that I can control the fate of life soul six clans!” Has a dream!” Consciousness said while loudly laughing evilly: You think that what thing you are? Some universe creators, the strength is more powerful than a lot of times you, some even influence endures compared with the life soul six clans, but hadn't been conquered by us finally?” Yes, Shen Xiang creates the World Defying universe the process, truly is very accidental. Moreover the World Defying universe is very at present young, cannot compare the life soul six clan existence innumerable year of strong presences. You have killed so many universe creators, have you seen through the person who alchemy creates the universe?” Shen Xiang also asked: You should not know that the World Defying universe is a grain of pill who I refine?” Why ha haha...... do we want to know? Creates the universe like your fellow the process, does not have any significance...... many universe creators, they like showing off itself to create the universe the process, always thinks that this is what very great matter.” The evil consciousness continues to taunt Shen Xiang, he gravity that does not seem to realize the matter. Shen Xiang at this time, put out World Defying divine furnace.