World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4116
World Defying divine furnace is the World Defying universe poor life soul, the poor life soul and big life soul definitely has close relationship.

Although Shen Xiang did not know about the life soul, but according to him to the sensibility of the world, he thinks these days the poor life soul is very important to the big life soul, it can be said that the spirit of big life soul, or is the entity of big life soul! Naturally, this is only the sensibility of Shen Xiang big poor life soul to own World Defying universe, after all this universe is he creates, the thing that he senses, is the World Defying universe theorem! It can be said that he senses in the World Defying universe, sometimes will cause the rule in this universe to act according to his sensibility to revolve. Also does not know that is because he senses, the principle will revolve, the principle revolved, was sensed by him. Before Shen Xiang, has had several this experiences, but is indefinite! Until he enters assigns/life in Soul Body greatly, he feels indistinctly, oneself senses, is very likely is this World Defying universe principle, is the theorem in universe. But this strength is extremely fuzzy, causing him is not sometimes able firmly to hold, is unable accurate utilizes. For example some pill who he refined before, as if according to his sensibility, or according to his idea, then had the proper effect, function that some formation conception that or he senses, finally realize, such as he thinks. But now, Shen Xiang senses, the big life soul and poor life soul of World Defying universe is a body, can transform mutually, or fuses mutually. Then, he must transform the poor life soul the entire big life soul now! in other words, the big life soul will turn into huge pill furnace! After Shen Xiang contacts the evil consciousness, puts World Defying divine furnace.

Sure enough, the huge incomparable big life soul, before defers to Shen Xiang , the idea of sensing is the same, unexpectedly turned into World Defying divine furnace gradually. But the evil consciousness also detected that some are not right, but does not care. Your a little skill, you made anything to transform to the big life soul probably, but this was useless.” The evil consciousness said with a smile. „Should you also be a universe life soul? Moreover is a poor life soul!” Shen Xiang smiled saying with a smile: Your this poor life soul is very evil, for many years has drilled into has assigned in Soul Body greatly, then must transform the big life soul, is?” The big laughter of evil consciousness stops suddenly, but quick laughs again. Fierce fierce, most universe creators, at least take over ten thousand years, discovers this point! But you just entered in the big life soul, had detected that I am a poor life soul!” The evil consciousness said with a smile: But is this also useful?” You had not discovered, this big life soul had changed? Your unexpectedly had not discovered, yo, what's all this about? Didn't you control the overall situation?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Brother, you handle matters to result in earnestly!” The evil consciousness is startled, it in truly discovered a moment ago is not a little right, but it thinks otherwise. If big life soul really occurrence transforms, the evil consciousness had not detected that explained it had been eliminated the jurisdiction. Person who Shen Xiang creates this World Defying universe, his jurisdiction forever is biggest. I put out the poor life soul a moment ago!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I and poor life soul adds, can obtain the maximum jurisdiction to control the big life soul, is right?” Impossible...... the poor life soul has departed Saint Territory with World Defying Temple! World Defying Temple was sent out the World Defying world, to hide, avoids the poor life soul being won!” Consciousness yelled evilly.

so that's how it is Ah! you think that the poor life soul did walk? Ha haha......” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: Poor life soul has fallen into my hand, moreover had been awakened by me!” Shen Xiang understands now, only then the poor life soul can have the influence on a big life soul. The evil consciousness is a poor life soul, therefore drills into the big life soul, can become the big life soul evil, thus assimilates. What the big life soul did you turn into? Why I have not felt!” Consciousness shouted evilly: Shen Xiang, do not act unreasonably! You just contacted the big poor life soul, you do not understand say/way of the revolution, if your create a mess, will cause this World Defying universe collapse!” I know, but the World Defying universe collapsed collapsed, always compared to be played being better by you!” The Shen Xiang smile said: I turned into World Defying divine furnace the big life soul, I must start my old profession now, is alchemy!” Shen Xiang knew an important knowledge, the big life soul can transfer the World Defying universe energy, but now by seal in the World Defying world, therefore is unable to use the entire World Defying universe the energy. But now can transfer World Defying world small space the energy, is enough to Shen Xiang! Do not act unreasonably!” The evil consciousness started. But Shen Xiang has started revolution Heaven Refining Technique! Shen Xiang can refine a World Defying universe to come, must this small evil poor life soul to refined into pill, that be definitely a cinch. , With Shen Xiang revolution Heaven Refining Technique, in the entire big life soul also gradually is then peaceful. Consciousness to be built up evilly gradually by Shen Xiang, originally this inside is full of the paint black evil energy, but at this moment turns into the white, was purified by Shen Xiang.

Assigns the soul six clans the life soul six clans, you consider everything, calculates that leaked Ah! In Shen Xiang looks to begin that grain of pill, is very big, like the apple big, he did not have the means to continue to compress changes is young. This grain of pill does not suit him to eat, that evil consciousness is the poor life soul, now by refined into pill, that was given World Defying divine furnace this poor life soul to eat is most appropriate. After the big life soul Shen Xiang sends out outside, but was wild with joy, before it , although was kidnapped the consciousness, but is very clear entire process. Master, the poor life soul recruits this grain of pill, must be able rapid adolescence!” The big life soul is happy: Poor life soul by the seal many years, could not be absorbed the World Defying universe energy, therefore is small and weak, really needs this type to make up pill greatly.” Good!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Big life soul, can you absorb the World Defying universe now the energy? Therefore can cause World Defying world transformation?” Yes! After my transcends tribulation, can achieve this...... mainly is also because the master comes out from the seal, I can welcome this transcends tribulation. Is the master steps into to Sacred Realm, I follow to break through.” The big life soul said. It seems like I Shen Xiang before your influence very big Ah! felt that this possibly is not the coincidence. Master, I now am too weak, but also is unable to become the World Defying universe true core! The function of big life soul, became the World Defying universe core, then the convenient master controls the revolution of entire universe through the core.” The big life soul said. That and other became stronger said again!” Shen Xiang receives to eat up that grain of pill's World Defying divine furnace, said with a smile: I cross a period of time again, must leave the World Defying world, I must go to outside, looks life soul six clans!” Assigns the soul six clans to think two seals he, moreover wants to control the entire World Defying universe thoroughly, Shen Xiang really got angry.