World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 401
After Shen Xiang and Wu Kaiming discussed that then together arrived at another main hall. After Wu Kaiming asked about the situation, said to Shen Xiang: That 1400 percentage fellow can challenge now, I helped you apply to challenge, after half double-hour, he will accept a challenge.” „Not a good news, is that 1500 percentage and 2000 fellow has disputed on, the person who wins can enter first 50.” Shen Xiang said: Then, actually arranges the 50 th that 3300 percentages can be eliminated? When the time comes I challenge him to be also same.” This right, but that fellow will be very possibly strong!” Wu Kaiming said. I am not weak.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Shen Xiang in the main hall waited for that person comes to accept a challenge. Little Bald, so long as has not entered first 50 within the person, must accept to challenge right!” Shen Xiang asked. Um, but relaxation time can reject, after is you win a competition, the one day of relaxation time, within this day, you can reject any competition. Once the time passes by, so long as some people challenge you, midnight you must accept a challenge!” Wu Kaiming said. A Shen Xiang eyeball revolution, said with a smile: If I midnight challenge others, others are must accept a challenge?” This is natural.”

If I in the relaxation time, can challenge others?” Ok.” Shen Xiang had found the loophole of rule, his lightly smiled: Really is the anticipation!” Gu Dongchen also arrived here, this is Shen Xiang at the first war that this closes, match is talented, is a very discrete person, otherwise is impossible to have 1400 percentages. Shen Xiang sees from that list, below 50 people, can have 1000 also only then three, other are several hundred or dozens, the total number of people is also only more than 200. For all that but can actually experience to King Continent's is formidable, because on that list besides Shen Xiang, other people are King Continent above martial artist. These person of strengths are weakest are True Martial Realm 9th Stage, but this group of people very have the tacit understanding, is Peak Realm will not challenge the True Martial Realm 9th Stage person, but if from other continent's words, Peak Realm can get rid. For example Xiao Chou, he is Herculean Clan, the strength is very strong, is gets rid to defeat him by some strength very strong bloodlines martial artist. Nobody challenges True Martial Realm 9th Stage, that comes by me!” In the Shen Xiang heart said with a smile secretly, from total points above, the person who these overseas continent participated, majority were to deliver the minute, otherwise light depended on King Continent's that martial artist, will not produce on person extremely. The list every other three double-hour will renew one time, above records the newest points rank, the person who as well as can challenge, name behind has words of red circle, explained that martial artist in rest period, if no, midnight can challenge him. Li Zhihao, is this fellow also Divine Martial Palace's?” Shen Xiang feels the chin, looks that walks a diminutive man who from front door.

points thousand people, basically have been Divine Martial Palace train.” Wu Kaiming said. Many people have paid attention to list person, has not thought that Shen Xiang comes in challenges Li Zhihao this type person who has 1400 percentages, although only then 1400 percentages, but he has the opportunity to intrude 50, this showed that his strength is very strong. Li Zhihao is an appearance is quite handsome, but does not have the man of big body, although he is diminutive, the eyebrow that but that stands tall and erect makes his imposing manner appear very rampant, he knows that his match is Shen Xiang, he not only has not been scared, instead is excited. Shen Xiang fought the test to win, although relaxed, however in these Divine Martial Palace True Disciple eyes was actually not anything, Shen Xiang previous time won first in Alchemy Competition, therefore his fame was also big in King Continent, if wins the Shen Xiang's words now, will then become famous. The reputation is the things of these young and impetuous martial artist pursues, they have influence training, does not lack to the resources, they only long for own reputation can broadcast. Do not think that you can easily defeat Thunder Dasha, you think one were very strong, I will make you experience the strength of King!” The Li Zhihao sound said incisively that arrogant expression makes Shen Xiang not be feeling well, he decided that and other gets rid to be heavier, teaches this to make him feel the repugnant person maliciously. Shen Xiang arrived at that huge plaza again, this their martial arts contest stage wanted in a big way, moreover were also many a rule, so long as the falling down stage lost, moreover at martial arts contest, was the life and death struggle! Does not worry the martial arts contest, can display the strength to come heartily, will therefore have some Nirvana Realm Big Shot to look in the nearby generally, in order to avoid has any paroxysmal incident. Shen Xiang just came to power, spreads a news, that 1500 percentage person won 2000, now the total score is 3500, entered first 50! But person who actually is listed 50 th is also only 3300 percentages, now was eliminated, this in the Shen Xiang eye, is a very big meat, so long as eats up him, can enter first 50!

Snort, only then one point of fellow, you made me waste a good opportunity, fought a battle to force a quick decision! I must challenge the fellow who that pushes anxiously.” The Li Zhihao loathing looks at Shen Xiang, in his heart also anxiously, he worried that can miss to challenge the Li Zhihao opportunity, that is lets him to enter the first 50 quickest ways fast. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I also want a bit faster to challenge him!” The person are getting more and more, Wang Quan they will certainly not miss this war, because Li Zhihao is Divine Martial Palace's True Disciple, is powerful, martial arts tall Jue, before is not, that uses the thunder guy to compare. Just catches up, does not know after this little rascal enters into Peak Realm, is the strength what kind of? Made one anticipate really!” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile, she was Liu Meng'er comes through Teleportation Formation together, on two female faces was covered with the veil, wore white skirt, seemed pure and holy is beautiful, was inviolable, after many people contacted their beautiful pupils, will lower the head does not dare to look straight ahead. Two females both are Big Shot of side influence, the itself strength is also strong, the body unknowingly will release expert might, this can make many strength bad people feel the fear. Other continent's young expert, had contended in martial arts on this plaza, but is the severe wound turns over to finally, now nobody has dared to register, now above King Martial Dao meets, only then beyond Shen Xiang this continent's person is still participating. Old Wang, are they you call?” Gu Dongchen is smiling asking. Right, how I want to make them have a look at the Huang Jintian's apprentice am the disastrous defeat here! Huang Jintian once was their personal enemies, I thought that they also very much want to see this.” Wang Quan gloomy and cold said with a smile. This actually, I hope actually this little rascal can win! Moreover can win, after all this little rascal has deceived me, such has defeated, is disadvantageous to me!” Lan Hai said while loudly laughing, he may not have again ruthless Shen Xiang now, Shen Xiang makes him obtain martial arts that oneself founder has left behind, making him understand that more things, he feels grateful without enough time!