World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 402
Most people hope Shen Xiang to win, because after their continent's martial artist comes to register, made into the severe wound, even some are disabled, the method is vicious, looks is intentionally under such heavy hand, therefore they are somewhat repugnant to King Continent many. Hopes that you can look at to be paler the victory and loss, similar time admits defeat! I do not want to see some people dead in King Martial Dao, now starts!” Wang Quan said. Except for starting two characters can fall into the ear of Shen Xiang and in Li Zhihao, other words were neglected by them. The martial arts contest from the beginning, Li Zhihao both eyes brave the flame, body suddenly spout a very scalding hot aura, then emits the steaming flame, on the double fist and both feet were covered by the flame, spout very intense heat, understood at a glance that he is use flame very fierce martial artist. Shen Xiang is recent from Li Zhihao, he also by that scalding hot air wave frightening, this flame unexpectedly be stronger than his Heavenly Sun Fire! What's all this about!” In the Shen Xiang heart calls out in alarm, he has Heavenly Sun Fire, the flame was overbearing, but the opposite party does not have Fire Spirit, actually be stronger than him. Su Meiyao said: Should be this fellow within the body has at least three Fire Vein, your Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit has not played the complete might, therefore do not think that Fire Spirit was too weak, after you, has enough True Qi, knows Fire Spirit was fierce.” Gu Dongchen frowned: Good fierce flame, on this King Continent is really the talent everywhere.” Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue with fire, they also know that this type of flame terror, that has multi-channel Fire Vein to practice, moreover some use Heaven and Earth Treasure practice can create this type of fierce flame. This is our King Continent's Fire King, Li Zhihao!” Wang Quan sees the audiences expert complexion, haughty to smile. Li Zhihao saw Shen Xiang the whole face to be startled, in the heart was also secret haughty, exploded roars, must toward Shen Xiang rush over.

The accidental matter occurred, Li Zhihao just took off, immediately fell on same place, saw only under his both feet unexpectedly to have many thigh generally thick water vine, closely was winding around his both legs. After entering into Peak Realm, Shen Xiang's five elements of True Qi is similarly formidable, he is also fiercer through the water vine that Black Tortoise Divine Art displays, can tie down the person stubbornly. Moreover, this type can restrain Fire True Qi through water attribute True Qi that divine art cultivates stubbornly. water vine spreads unceasingly, twines stubbornly the body of Li Zhihao, Li Zhihao probably was one pile burns fierce flame suddenly to be disillusioned now such by trough water, was braving many mist. Li Zhihao cannot move, after his body these thick water vine twine, Fire True Qi of his within the body becomes very small and weak, moreover there is allow water attribute to drill into his body, the pouring extinguishes his within the body these to be full of the thermal True Qi. Victory and defeat already difference!” Liu Meng'er said with a smile lightly. Shen Xiang is with smile on the face, arrives around Li Zhihao slowly, said with a smile: If you admit defeat, can be exempt from the physical suffering! I explained beforehand that waits for my attack to be very savage!” Shen Xiang, you have violated regulations, any evil technique that you use!” Li Zhihao roared angrily, he thinks the method of Shen Xiang use was improper. Shen Xiang smiled: evil technique? If that was true, Old Wang Senior already blocked me.” Those present majority are Nirvana Realm martial artist, can see that this is Shen Xiang has utilized water vine that Divine Sense and vigorous water attribute True Qi released, just released time needed the method of some skill and luck, was martial skill. Shen Xiang, has to plant you not to use this despicable trick, your this is anything!” Li Zhihao is unable to transfer including True Qi, let alone must work loose this type to be able giant stone broken water vine.

This can only blame your strength being bad, if is really very fierce person, can work loose my this cheap trick very much with ease, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said facetiously. Li Zhihao sees the Shen Xiang whole face to taunt, in heart the anger is dreadful, when he just thinks yawn cursed, a Shen Xiang palm has patted, hits directly on his face. Bang a dull thumping sound, the earth shook violently, shakes some house split open, but that Li Zhihao actually made a painful sound, crooked to one side, in the mouth is falling unceasingly some teeth and blood. Shocking Heaven Palm! This was Shen Xiang uses Universe True Qi to display, five elements of True Qi fused together, the might was very intrepid, even if were the martial arts contest stage has formation, but is still not able to eliminate that sudden shaking to and erupts strength, making cheer up plaza violently shiver. In the Shen Xiang dantian shone 5000 grains of true element grains, this process has compressed highly True Qi, the quality was high, moreover strength that contained was very strong! A giant mountain was extruded the grain of rice size the gravel, but the weight is invariable, in which might can be imagined, True Qi that now Shen Xiang releases, seems like compressed the gas the great mountain to be ordinary innumerably, implication strength is astonishing. That Li Zhihao cannot use True Qi, is unable to resist Shen Xiang's Shocking Heaven Palm with his powerful True Qi, is only the flesh and blood, the injury of receiving is very big. A Shen Xiang palm hits unable to speak him, let alone he cannot use True Qi, even if can use, must resist Shocking Heaven Palm that this peak rank Universe True Qi releases, is difficult. Regarding the King Continent above person, Shen Xiang will not be lenient, before he has given a Li Zhihao opportunity, but Li Zhihao has not treasured, saw only his another palm to pat, was hitting other Li Zhihao one side face. The palm strokes on that cheeks, probably together transparent crazy lightning explosion hits such, erupts being depressed crack, then the ground shakes.

You did not have the opportunity to admit defeat!” Shen Xiang sneered, the double palm dance, innumerable palm shade suddenly appears, covers on Li Zhihao completely. Gu Dongchen and the others looks at many Shen Xiang's to fight, at this time their in the heart cannot help but is scared, this violent storm general Shocking Heaven Palm hits on that Li Zhihao, that Li Zhihao was discards. The continuous vibration erupts again and again, explosion sound is unceasing, making many King Continent's young martial artist look at the heart to live the fear, but also some feels excited, because Shen Xiang in their eyes is a good match. After Shen Xiang has hit several hundred palms, a foot kicked the martial arts contest stage that Li Zhihao, the Li Zhihao whole body is hit by this terrifying Shocking Heaven Palm bang, inside and outside rottenly resulted in cannot be rotten, if were a great mountain, perhaps by Shen Xiang such fighting method, already was turned into a pair of crushed stone. Wang Quan tightly is pinching fist from beginning to end, looks at the attack of Shen Xiang that savage, but he also can only look that Shen Xiang is luckily softhearted, otherwise he can Li Zhihao massacring. Regarding this Wang Quan cannot say anything, because before , their King Continent above bloodlines martial artist, such treats from other continent's martial artist, if he criticizes the Shen Xiang's words in this above, definitely will be scolded by other continent's Big Shot.