World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 403
After Shen Xiang wins, hastily jumps down martial arts contest stage, a main hall toward distant place runs swiftly, he must apply for 50 th that challenged that just to be pushed, that was 3000! Sees Shen Xiang to be so hurried, the people can also understand, because the Shen Xiang's time are not much, only then 2-3 days, if insufficient points enters first 50 these days, he cannot arrive finally. Shen Xiang went into that main hall quickly, handed in the application, challenges that 3300 hundred points martial artist. I must challenge Qiu Sheng, can he accept the challenge now?” Shen Xiang inquired that old man, Qiu Sheng is that 3300 percentage martial artist. This old man thinks some doubts, because Shen Xiang just had challenged Li Zhihao, now challenges Qiu Sheng, did Shen Xiang win? At this time a middle age walked in a hurry, told that old man to have the result about Shen Xiang martial arts contest, this made that old man be surprised, because contended in martial arts starts shortly after to finish, in his cognition, Li Zhihao should not be so weak. You can challenge Qiu Sheng now, but you need to wait for two days. He entered first 50, does not need to contend in martial arts again, therefore he has now closed up, we will inform him, if in two days he does not accept a challenge, then considers him to admit defeat, will add to your body when the time comes points!” That old man said that hastily rewrites that list, but Shen Xiang now was also 1400 percentages people. If not that Li Zhihao is restrained with water vine by Shen Xiang, not by the Shen Xiang relaxed solution, although that Li Zhihao strength is very strong, but Shen Xiang said that if not the phase difference strength are too many, Li Zhihao will not be restrained absolutely. Shen Xiang after divine art and that vigorous Black Tortoise True Qi, water vine that releases is strong, must know that he fused Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, this divine armor also strengthened the Shen Xiang's striking power, when Shen Xiang displays Black Tortoise Divine Art, will strengthen many strength. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming arrive, Shen Xiang is smiling, because he, so long as has won again this, can enter first 50.

I must wait for two days, that also most late stage limited! No matter what, when the time comes I must attain that 3300 percentages!” You well rest, fights with the best condition.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile. Shen Xiang feels the chin, is pondering thing, his suddenly lies on that counter of palace, inquired old man that is responsible for challenging. Old Mister, Qiu Sheng also takes two days to come with me to contend in martial arts, between the two days can I challenge other people?” That old man gained ground, looks at Shen Xiang surprisedly, eyes: Naturally, he is the first 50 person, therefore he in the condition of preparation, you have not been first challenges his, was he makes an appointment! The time that however you wait for is very long, these days you can challenge others at will.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „The person who then I challenge this one percentage, wants to refer to a that paper name very much.” That old man nodded, hastily sends for calling that martial artist to accept a challenge. Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen look at each other one, shakes the head smiles, they know that Shen Xiang is having any idea. Shen Xiang 1400 percentages, he thinks now insufficient, moreover he also yields mutually King Continent lose face, therefore he starts to challenge these low scores martial artist, making these martial artist withdraw in this final three days of inside complete severe wound. Old Mister, if I now in first 50, then two days later can I also with that Qiu Sheng martial arts contest?” Shen Xiang also asked.

Naturally! Because this was made, little brat, first do not look at our King Continent, although these little rascal each one were proud and arrogant, but the strength was not weak.” That old man knows certainly that Shen Xiang is thinking anything. Shen Xiang smiled, he decided that in waiting for the Qiu Sheng two days, must carry on challenges continuously, letting as far as possible are many some participating martial artist severe wounds to withdraw, helping Xiao Chou leave the one breath. Knew Shen Xiang takes two days later with the person martial arts contest of that 3000 three points, many people in abundance leaves, when that talent, although Shen Xiang also challenges some people now, but they think not to have the quality of being worth looking, including 1400 percentages with ease was handled by Shen Xiang, these have hundred points of people definitely easier. In the Wang Quan heart hates to drop blood, now he must revise the rule the words, definitely will be said that now was everyone cannot challenge Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang can actually challenge others at will, especially these score low martial artist, with the Shen Xiang martial arts contest definitely oppressive. Li Zhihao injures very much heavily, whole body does not have one to be good, the skeleton in body turns into the nodule completely, the five main internal organs (entrails) is shaken the wound, now also only then one breath , if not use some good pills, is very difficult to let his recover completely. Before Wang Quan, sees other continent's martial artist were hit hits the waste time remnantly, in the heart that is a happiness, now was one's turn his King Continent's martial artist to be discarded by others, that called a heart pain, at this time his had mixed feelings, he thought this King Martial Dao meeting, can by own Divine Martial Palace's disciple tyrannical other continent's disciples, who knows that Shen Xiang this rarely seen unexpectedly was so formidable, replies in kind! On martial arts contest stage, Shen Xiang looked that the opposite party look probably is a wolf is looking at a small white rabbit, person unexpectedly that because contends in martial arts with him is only True Martial Realm 9th Stage. Martial arts contest starts!” Wang Quan shouted. From the beginning, Shen Xiang uses the extremely quick speed to rush, lifts the hand is Shocking Heaven Palm, but a palm shakes the severe wound that person, has flown upside down, this also made Shen Xiang win hundred points. Must know that the King Continent participating martial arts contest has the tacit understanding, strong does not challenge weakly, but Shen Xiang no matter actually this, because King Continent's martial artist to other continent is strong hits weakly.

Shen Xiang is worried too to enter first 50 quickly, when the time comes cannot challenge others, therefore he selects some scores specially very lowly challenges, such one, he can make many King Continent's martial artist severe wound be eliminated. After winning, Shen Xiang runs to apply to challenge other martial artist with the quickest speed, this made Wang Quan look at filled with fury, Shen Xiang clarifies has wrecked the event. Martial arts contest stage above drop has filled the withered bloodstain, this is the person of Shen Xiang martial arts contest spits, was only one day, Shen Xiang has challenged ten, these were True Martial Realm 9th Stage 8th Stage, facing Shen Xiang share that only then lost, this also aroused the King Continent many martial artist anger. But other continent's martial artist knew after this news, is very excited, because Shen Xiang handles the matter that they have wanted to handle actually cannot achieve! Late at night, Shen Xiang goes into that palace , to continue to apply to challenge, because on the rule has said that midnight can also challenge! Just entered into Peak Realm Shen Xiang, but now vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, a strength nowhere divulges, but by his one puts in an appearance with the person majority that he contended in martial arts has defeated, therefore he does not need to rest now.