World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 404
Shen Xiang, our King Continent's bloodlines martial artist will certainly not let off your, you in our King Continent's eye, is only the ants!” A young man lies in ground, the mouth overflowing blood, said with clenched jaws. Shen Xiang sneered, walked: Ants? You link my this ants not to hit now, did you also feel all right to speak these words? Bloodlines martial artist is bloodlines martial artist, they won me, does not have least bit relationship with you! You are defeated today here, perhaps they only think the thing that your this ants are inferior to King Continent loses face to them, goes back to think well Martial Dao is anything!” A Shen Xiang foot kicked the martial arts contest stage that youth, besides that Li Zhihao, has handled gently Shen Xiang to behind, but actually letting these suffered loss, 2-3 months have not been hard to restore to come. Two days two nights, Shen Xiang is challenging King Continent's martial artist, with the people who he contends in martial arts is the similar fates, was injured by him, then kicks under the stage, now Shen Xiang also had 3300 percentages, he does not remember one have hit many, only knows that his within the body that ebullition strength has not cooled, is still full of the fervor. Consecutively for two days two nights of fights, Shen Xiang is also only when waits for others to rest, other time on martial arts contest stage, naturally, how long time he came to power not to win. Those who let Shen Xiang do feeling extremely flattered, that Wang Quan unexpectedly and with him, has managed for two days two nights of competitions, under he is worried about Shen Xiang to meet the heavy hand, to give to kill on his King Continent good seedling, now he also relaxed, Shen Xiang starts he not to imagine that heavily, but sufficing made these martial artist engrave on mind. Short two days, Shen Xiang has projected on 3300 percentages from one point, even if this strength places on King Continent also rarely seen, today is the day that he and Qiu Sheng contends in martial arts, if Qiu Sheng has not come today, then Shen Xiang will obtain Qiu Sheng that 3300 percentages, enters first 50 with very high score. martial artist that over the two days, allow registered was with trepidation, because they worried that Shen Xiang will challenge them, the attack of Shen Xiang that savage they have seen, they do not want to face Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang when challenged some people, there are some small choices to admit defeat. Qiu Sheng came, on his face is having the light smile, this is one is similar to the bamboo pole general tall and thin man, but also is handsome, but some complexion blanches, look like a little look like the deceased person, his smile actually idles very amiable. Sees Qiu Sheng, in the Shen Xiang heart is somewhat surprised, this Qiu Sheng and his beforehand match are different, because the Qiu Sheng attire is simple, his long unlined close-fitting gown washes very cleanly, moreover somewhat dilapidated, from head to foot not luxurious clothing and personal adornments.

Like the Qiu Sheng this 3300 percentage person, can such dress up truly very much makes people feel surprised, Big Shot that other continent come also whispers to discuss the Shen Xiang's match. Today is the strongest match who Shen Xiang registers one to run into, many continent's Big Shot came, they want to take a look at the Shen Xiang's strength to arrive at any situation at the same time, wants to have a look at the Wang Quan complexion. This person quite strange, is this bloodlines martial artist?” Hua Xiangyue knits the brows to say. Probably is, but this bloodlines martial artist why only then a little difference? Is he intentionally.” Liu Meng'er also thinks very strangely. Many people saw Qiu Sheng are bloodlines martial artist, Shen Xiang, when Qiu Sheng stepped onto has detected some differences. Oh, I am plan continued to sleep, making you obtain that 3300 percentages, but I think that fights one with the Huang Jintian's apprentice is also a good matter.” Qiu Sheng said with a sigh. Heard his these words, Shen Xiang has gawked, said with a smile: I cannot master, why you only then a little difference? Bloodlines martial artist should not be this!” The Qiu Sheng forced smile said: Does not have the means that I was too lazy, thought similar time, I move do not want to move.” I have a friend, he is also very lazy, but he is fat, but your meat does not have.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he discovered that Qiu Sheng this person was good, before him has met these King Continent's young martial artist were different.

Qiu Sheng said with a smile: I think his goof off time in eating thing or sleeping, but my goof off time does not eat does not rest, lies down there does not want to move, sometimes I am disinclined to eat do not want to eat.” Shen Xiang has been startled being startled, this person truly is existence of rarely seen, his suddenly thought that somewhat cannot completely understand this Qiu Sheng. Told you honestly, my these 3300 percentages hit one to obtain! If you can make me see the thing that I want to look, I give to you.” Qiu Sheng said. The Shen Xiang whole face doubts, asked: What thing do you want to look at?” I want to take a look at your strongest strength!” Has hesitated half sound, said. Perhaps this needs you more diligent attacks me, compelling me to get rid to see I strongest strength.” Shen Xiang smiled. It seems like I think that now goof off was incorrect!” Qiu Sheng smiled. The martial arts contest already started, but they have not gotten rid, but chatted first, now they thought that the opposite party is a good person. Since Brother Shen came from far away, then I let your one move, I want just your fierce Shocking Heaven Palm.” Qiu Sheng said.

His voice falls, transmits Shen Xiang's loudly shout: If you hope!” Shen Xiang leapt the past, a palm pats, on his palm condense invisible colorless True Qi, is similar to the great axe chops generally, sees only Qiu Sheng also to fight with the fists, meets the approaching enemy Shen Xiang's Shocking Heaven Palm. Fist palm clash together, audiences expert thinks that will erupt one to shiver, but makes people feel what is surprised, let alone the earthquake, a sound did not have. Shen Xiang is also the whole face in great surprise, his hastily retreat, avoids this Qiu Sheng by far, his Shocking Heaven Palm was very a moment ago strong, but after contacting the fist of Qiu Sheng, that strength was actually similar to liking a stone dropped into the sea general vanish from sight, likely suction such. What's all this about? What did you see a point?” Shen Xiang was inquiring Su Meiyao they, expert that around martial arts contest stage surrounds also discussed the method of Qiu Sheng use. On the Wang Quan face full is the happy expression, he said with a smile to Gu Dongchen: Your this Young Martial Uncle estimate must defeat here, on Qiu Sheng his body has unusual strength, no matter any dozen on him, will be melted, turns into Spirit Qi to flow in airborne.” Gu Dongchen indifferently said: Now just started, finally who knows?” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou they have not replied Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang also once more attacks, is knocking out the fist to Qiu Sheng, each fist turns into white tiger head, fist image everywhere, four flutter, crazy hitting to that Qiu Sheng, but that Qiu Sheng is also light smiles, body outside presented a light gray light cover, the Shen Xiang's fist has hit after the above, felt that strength suddenly vanished.