World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 405
Shen Xiang discovered after own attack is not effective, draws back ten steps, the whole face looks at Qiu Sheng dignifiedly, he knows that this Qiu Sheng has one type to be able the devour strength method, he is thinking the countermeasure deals with, otherwise this competed with him to lose. water vine!” Shen Xiang releases, these water vine just presented then vanish from sight, unexpectedly is also useless. Qiu Sheng with a smile visits him: Brother Shen, your this strength?” Saying, Qiu Sheng fiercely dodges, arrives at the Shen Xiang body side, waves is a fist, hits on the Shen Xiang's cheeks, the fist is much quicker, unexpectedly cannot see him to get rid. The Shen Xiang's cheeks had been hit a fist by heavily, has not flown, was only retreat several steps, on the face has not blushed, could see that he has not received the big injury. This time was one's turn Qiu Sheng to be surprised, he that fist was not a moment ago weak, moreover after hitting, can resist without any True Qi strength, he has to melt any True Qi ability, but Shen Xiang was actually only retreat several steps, but resulted in retreat by the strength impact. Shen Xiang touches the face, lightly smiled: You are also mediocre, it seems like you cannot use True Qi, because True Qi, once will move you, I will say right!” That fist Shen Xiang had not induced to the True Qi unique nature a moment ago, but actually induced to unusual strength, that strength was very strong, but was not True Qi, Shen Xiang guessed that strength melted his True Qi. Right, was looked by you! Although I do not practice True Qi, but I have other one strength, this strength can make me dissolve formidable strength that True Qi condense becomes, can make me have strong strength.” Qiu Sheng said. Shen Xiang overran toward Qiu Sheng once more, his speed is still quick, he Universe True Qi condense on the both legs, making him run the jump speed to be quicker.

Sees Shen Xiang to clash once more, Qiu Sheng shakes the head to say with a smile: Useless, you put out you strongest strength to come, I must dissolve you strongest True Qi strength shape!” His words just said that Shen Xiang flew to leap up, brandishes the fist fiercely to pound, hits to the cheeks of Qiu Sheng. Bang a sound gets up, after the Shen Xiang's fist hits on the cheeks of Qiu Sheng, has sent out the resounding of skeleton, but Qiu Sheng body also bank. In the Qiu Sheng heart with amazement, he felt he broke several teeth, Shen Xiang the strength of that fist was not weak a moment ago, this makes him unbelievable, but he has thought quickly another possibility, what that is the Shen Xiang use is fleshly body strength. Shen Xiang's fleshly body is very strong, the same cultivation base person, the unmanned energy enemy, after he cultivates Suppressing Devil divine art exercises Suppressing Devil Golden Body, Immortal Devil Body rises suddenly 10th Stage, but enters into Peak Realm time, after that vigorous ability baptism crosses, has promoted 3rd Stage, but now Immortal Devil Body ten 3rd Stage! Hehe, do not despise me!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, spun quickly, he used the fast sprint, erupted the formidable impulse, fought with the fists again through the meat, strength also becomes very powerful. Shen Xiang settles on Qiu Sheng fleshly body not to be strong, because Qiu Sheng is very emaciated, he guessed that is because of cultivating that strength, but already, therefore on fleshly body, Qiu Sheng was well below Shen Xiang. Sees Shen Xiang to attack once more, Qiu Sheng hastily bounces, wants to avoid the Shen Xiang's fist, but the Shen Xiang's fist has not pounded, on a yawn roar, has spouted azure astral wind, erupts with dragon roar of stabbing pain tympanum, shook the Qiu Sheng spirit directly, let his head slightly pain. Azure Dragon Roar is forms by True Qi, after moving Qiu Sheng, disappears on the dissipation, but has actually created certain spiritual attack, making the Qiu Sheng speed change slow.

Shen Xiang while Qiu Sheng slightly absent-minded time, shakes the fist to attack fiercely, hits directly on the bridge of the nose of Qiu Sheng, then a fast bang of fist another fist hits, hits completely in the head of Qiu Sheng. He shakes the fist, in the arm is condense massive True Qi, Shen Xiang to rely on True Qi is promoting the fist fast and strong impact, making his meat fist have a quicker speed, can create very strong strength. On the Shen Xiang's fist does not have True Qi, but contains to have terrifying dashing strength, hits on thin and weak Qiu Sheng, is very serious heavy losses. How the people still should deal with Qiu Sheng that mysterious dissolution method at the discussion a moment ago, but now they actually witness Shen Xiang to hit Qiu Sheng with physical strength do not have the strength to hit back. So long as avoids True Qi moving Qiu Sheng, can attack Qiu Sheng, this truly is the good method, but the premise must use good fleshly body strength. Shen Xiang had occupied leeward, but quick reversed the aspect, the people acclaimed Shen Xiang that rich experience all, unexpectedly such quickly found appropriate forms of defensive action to deal with the enemy. The head Qiu Sheng suddenly is exploded by the Shen Xiang crazy fist is attacking fiercely roars, the gray light flashes through together, sees only on his fist condense a light gray thing, has taken light gray glove such likely, strength of that fist is very strong, hits on the Shen Xiang's chest, making Shen Xiang fly upside down. If not Shen Xiang erupts True Qi to stand firm, perhaps he must depart the martial arts contest stage. Bah!” Shen Xiang has spat saliva of belt blood, looks to Qiu Sheng, saw only on both hands of Qiu Sheng probably to take a pair of grey complete set, above that type of strange strength aura spout, making Shen Xiang feel the heart startled.

Qiu Sheng was hit black and blue, but he does not have life Qi/angry, instead said with a smile: For these years, you are first make into this me! Since you do not need you strongest strength to attack me, then I defeat you with I strongest strength.” Although comes that's it!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, without any scared look. Qiu Sheng dodged, has swooped, smiling face suddenly on Shen Xiang face vanished, because the fist of Qiu Sheng has hit maliciously on his face, after hitting, but also erupted an explosion, explodes his ear to buzz, lets him at present a fuzziness, the headache was incomparable. The left face just fired off, was one's turn the right face. How a moment ago Shen Xiang was dozen of Qiu Sheng, how Qiu Sheng now is dozen of Shen Xiang, strength that but he used be stronger than time Shen Xiang's. Ten came the fist, Shen Xiang to blur on the state of mind, probably must faint such. strength that this fellow uses should is called dark strength, his within the body should have dark vein, can make him practice dark strength to come, definitely some people of directors he cultivates, otherwise he is unable to reach this situation, cultivates dark strength, if walks not suitably, might cause itself dead, very danger(ous).” Su Meiyao spoke finally. Person who has dark vein are not many, this is unusual its [lineage/vein], is absorbs Spirit Qi condense becomes dark strength, this strength strongest place, can dissolve True Qi, turns into the primitive condition True Qi, was absorbed then by him!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang has been hit now is unable to hit back, the offensive of opposite party was too fierce, moreover his True Qi also does not have the least bit use.