World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 406
Two elder sisters, you replied me finally! Helps me try to find the solution quickly, I must lose!” Shen Xiang innermost feelings shouted. We were practicing a moment ago, therefore cannot reply you immediately! Opposite party dark strength does not have what good means that making us think again that said, we are also first time see some people to use dark strength, before we were hear.” Su Meiyao also very worries. At this time Long Xueyi has hit a yawn, said with a smile: Big matter? Told you, these cultivated the dark strength fellows are very rampant, many expert ran into them is evades, but far it, how them even if were stronger than time of person not to dare to provoke! But our Imperial Dragon Clan does not fear them.” Shen Xiang scolded lowly: dragon brat actually you are sleeping! How a bit faster told me to cope!” Mixes in magic power True Qi, dark strength is unable to dissolve! Therefore this fellow meets our Imperial Dragon Clan, the share that only then begs for mercy, you mix in True Qi magic power, punches his that's it.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang complies immediately, the magic power stimulation of movement in Sea of Consciousness, integrates in his True Qi, then erupts from the both arms, sees only him to bellow, both arms suddenly braves the raging fire, two pairs of fists are similar to heat iron such, simultaneously knocks out the fist, is up and down, hits in the chest and abdomen of Qiu Sheng, hits to fly Qiu Sheng directly. Shen Xiang fierce scratches the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, his present whole face is inflamed, was been much more oppressive by Qiu Sheng! Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue were worried about Shen Xiang secretly, they want to persuade Shen Xiang to give up with Divine Sense, otherwise was hit to abandon that is very serious, other expert see Shen Xiang to encounter that type to punch crazily, definitely was hard to counter-attack, but Shen Xiang actually hits to fly Qiu Sheng now, moreover used True Qi. An audience peace, Wang Quan also opens the mouth, looks at Shen Xiang that pair of red hot fist unbelievable. This...... Is this possible? True Qi is unable to hit Qiu Sheng!” Wang Quan murmured. Qiu Sheng is a litigant, most surprised was he. Since he cultivates dark strength, only then True Qi of Nirvana Realm rank can trig him, once otherwise moves his body, by dark strength of his within the body dissolving, will turn into the initial state, will not be scatters, was inhaled within the body by him.

But Shen Xiang uses True Qi to hit his two fists now maliciously, this is he for these years, feels to be hit by True Qi, that is scalding hot strength, his body two were hit the place probably to be ironed by the heat iron such, burning hot stabbing pain. Qiu Sheng crawled, he knits the brows: How do you achieve?” Shen Xiang smiles not to speak, has not replied him: If you win me, I told you! Haven't you wanted to look at I strongest strength shape? Now I make you take a look.” Qiu Sheng hearing this, the whole face is serious, dark strength of hastily revolution within the body, his outside the body has formed grey energy shield now. Come, was I had neglected a moment ago possibly, this time I will certainly melt you strongest attack.” Qiu Sheng is confident, is confident to own dark strength because of him, this is not he is arrogant, but has been for many years he had attempted at many martial arts contests. Shen Xiang suddenly hesitant: I worried that kills you, you are not repugnant, I only want to make you lose, does not want to make you bring the severe wound to leave office.” Qiu Sheng said with a smile: You come that's it freely, if were killed by you strongest strength, I died have also recognized, will not complain about you! As for hitting hits remnantly waste, that does not have anything but actually, the total ratio dies, if is really this, can only say that my technique is inferior to the person!” The people could see that Shen Xiang with Qiu Sheng is that type person who enjoys the martial arts contest pleasure, even if were defeated by the opposite party, was hit remnantly by the enemy, will not hate the opposite party, not like these matches who former Shen Xiang runs into, comes up rampantly incomparable, wishes one could to treat as the ant same to stamp Shen Xiang in underground, but finally the disastrous defeat also hates Shen Xiang after the Shen Xiang hand. Shen Xiang's strongest strength, what is that? The people are also very curious! Although Qiu Sheng is bloodlines martial artist, but he does not practice True Qi, therefore is not good to judge his concrete strength, moreover he cultivates is special strength, can dissolve others' True Qi, letting the person is unable to draw the conclusion to the Qiu Sheng strength. The Shen Xiang fist grasps, suddenly overflowed a light white multi-colored sunlight, at the same time, the entire ground slightly shivers, Qiu Sheng is also the whole face is at this time panic-stricken, the body by that strength that the Shen Xiang fist releases compelling retreat.

expert that all around surrounds is also the color of whole face shock, this strength many of them are familiar, many people are hard to forget to this strength, because they were defeated with this strength by Huang Jintian in the past. Dragon Force! Can kill strength of dragon, Shen Xiang can only condense leave granulose, but after entering into Peak Realm, goes to make Dragon Force cover the entire arm! Dragon Force, releases a strength storm, takes away as many things as possible to all around, True Martial Realm that comes to surround by this strength blowing unceasingly retreat, only then these Nirvana Realm and Peak Realm can also halt. Extraordinary, this brat can use this strength at this time!” Gu Dongchen exclaims in surprise one, he has asked for advice fierce of this strength, his Master frequently uses this strength to punch him. The Wang Quan complexion is pale: Huang Jintian this old lunatic has not said that only then to the Peak Realm end can condense this strength?” Qiu Sheng does not know that this type is any strength, but he is very excited, because Shen Xiang has not deceived him, this strength is truly strong, if he knows that this is any strength, perhaps will not insist again. Is very strong, but actually comes out with True Qi condense!” Qiu Sheng smiles lightly: Wanting is True Qi, my ability dissolution.” Wang Quan planned to prevent Qiu Sheng, but after hearing the Qiu Sheng words, he also wants to have a look at dark strength that Qiu Sheng cultivates to dissolve this Dragon Force, if possible, then Qiu Sheng can restrain Shen Xiang, this is a good matter. Long Xueyi disdainfully said: In addition magic power, maliciously hit to fly this fellow, uses the dark strength fellow most to dislike!” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth go up slightly, overran quickly, this is his first time uses Dragon Force to hit the person . Moreover the opposite party stands there calls him, this good matter is not frequently can with obtaining.

The ground shivers unceasingly, this is because Dragon Force is extremely formidable, but dashes along with Shen Xiang, Dragon Force was shaken fiercely, making the ground shake intensely. Bye!” Shen Xiang flies to clash, smiles lightly. Anything......” Qiu Sheng just said these two characters, the fist of Shen Xiang's that implication powerful Dragon Force is similar to a white light, attacks in the chest of Qiu Sheng. The people only see wind of blood arrow from the Qiu Sheng mouth to shoot together, then was one, Qiu Sheng must fly to the hit by that terror strength, submerged in the far spatial white clouds instantaneously, vanish from sight. Wang Quan has gawked, vanishes in immediately same place, was hit the direction that flies to pursue toward Qiu Sheng...... Hello, you had not announced that I won!” Shen Xiang grinningly shouted.