World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 407
A fist then hits to fly to disappear Qiu Sheng, this strength lets all person sucked in a cold breath on the scene. Dragon Force is so formidable, but the people know that must practice to be difficult, because itself must have Five Elements Universe True Qi, moreover fleshly body must be formidable enough, condense True Qi must be vigorous enough. For all that but many people want to obtain Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, but they cannot look for Shen Xiang to want now again, otherwise that did not speak morality and justice, Shen Xiang made them obtain martial arts that the Old Ancestor master has left behind, this was in itself has the graciousness to them, did their these stand erect in the Mortal World strength peak person are how could ungrateful? The Shen Xiang 3300 percentages, in addition the Qiu Sheng 3300 percentages, were 6600 percentages, he ranks tenth now! But was away from finished also has for quite a while, in this half of the day he is pushed absolutely. Short two -and-a-half days, Shen Xiang leaps to tenth, must know that the rank before the people are before the rule is imperfect, experienced many fights to have many points, but Shen Xiang was only three days does not arrive now has gotten so far as this rank, this made many King Continent's martial artist feel shocking, some envious hatred Shen Xiang this outsiders. Because Shen Xiang is not the King Continent above person, and has attained such a good position, naturally will martial artist on King Continent feel uncomfortable. The points tournament had ended, below 50 were eliminated completely, is unable to carry on the following link, before that just pushed in the 50 th person is depressed incomparable, because he just forced one's way in shortly, was pushed, this because of Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang waited for the less than half double-hour, when Wang Quan comes back. Old Wang, hasn't he died?” Shen Xiang somewhat cared that asked. Has not died, but injures very much heavily, at least must lie down for one month.” Wang Quan shakes the head sighs, holds Qiu Sheng to depart.

At this time Gu Dongchen has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile: Young Martial Uncle, you must take first now are not the difficult matter, has not thought that you can use Dragon Force now, in the past my Master told me, he when the Nirvana Realm peak can use.” Shen Xiang smiled: Does not know that what content the next pass/test is? If there is contended in martial arts were good, I think that this King Continent lane will be definitely many some thing, thinking the means to eliminate me.” Wu Kaiming said with a smile: Has the possibility very much, but Young Martial Uncle you should be able to deal with!” Naturally, I entered first 50, what can you have to express?” Shen Xiang looked at Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming. Good, asked you to have a food.” Gu Dongchen resembled meat such. I must they call Xiaodao Zhu Rong, they have not watched my martial arts contest, definitely has been complaining.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, the Gu Dongchen meat was more painful, Zhu Rong was a glutton, the appetite was much bigger, Gu Dongchen he was King Martial Courtyard Dean, asked Zhu Rong they to eat meal, that Zhu Rong they be relentless have eaten his many crystal stones. After returning to Extreme Martial Sect, Shen Xiang had found Yun Xiaodao immediately they, then goes to the hotel with Gu Dongchen, all the way he and is blowing flamboyant, how spoke to win these King Continent above martial artist. The Xiao Chou wound, do not look at other people small, he eats the thing to come not to be unambiguous, Gu Dongchen is hard to understand how his abdomen has that many things. Eating meal time, Shen Xiang their a few words did not say that probably is hungry ghost reincarnation such, going all out is swallowing various types of expensive dishes, these dishes are not some precious strange flowers different grass make, is some delicious Demon Beast meat and Spirit Beast meat, unusual delicacy.

Wu Qianqian has not come, because Shen Xiang could not find her, although she is a female, but they mixed after Shen Xiang for a long time, will come to this hotel each time also like Shen Xiang them the eating thing of wolfing down, an appearance of virtuous young woman did not have. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming in one side, Wu Kaiming with a smile look that but Gu Dongchen actually secretly calculated Shen Xiang they to eat many. Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong are big fellows, moreover whose with Zhu Rong this specialized glutton, is the experience is for a long time rich in the aspect of eating, Lian Mingdong say nothing, he has come the place of Lotus Island this riches and honor, from childhood eats is the delicacies of every kind, now has eats, naturally cannot let off. After is Extreme Martial Sect Dean treats, they will be certainly impolite, otherwise that does not show due respect for the feelings! Only then Hao Dongqing and Yao Haisheng are quite low-key, eats the similar time, they look in the one side. Everybody, although eats, eats his dark day to be secret, when the seas run dry and the stones go soft, Ha Ha......” in the Shen Xiang mouth is chewing the Demon Beast meat, said while loudly laughing, sees the complexion of Gu Dongchen this stingy ghost, in his heart exceptionally is excited. Three days three nights passed by, Shen Xiang they do not remember that has selected many dishes and how much liquor, in brief now they thought the words that eats again perhaps, wanted the internal injury. Was similar, pays up!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, they are fierce martial artist, eats when the time comes can transform delicious food as the energy fast, therefore digests quickly. Shen Xiang they patted the buttocks to walk, but Gu Dongchen actually must pay up, although he expensive was Dean, but actually cannot give credit, moreover he also frequently here ate meal, was very familiar with the storekeeper, at this time also can only meat pain pulling out crystal stones.

I said Senior Brother, your also too stingy, but is little crystal stones!” Wu Kaiming relatively is speechless. You understand anything, so-called many a little makes a mickle, accumulated many that is a big number, I want a bit faster transcend Heaven World, all day to be kept thinking about my crystal stones by this Young Martial Uncle, you do not know that this was also worried.” Gu Dongchen sighed painstakingly. The next pass/test starts ten days later, Shen Xiang has ten days of relaxation times, these ten days he has not been idling, condense massive golden dragon saliva plant White Jade Lotus Seed, because he arrived at Peak Realm, the Five Elements True Elemental Dan effect was for him smaller, this is also his worried place, cultivation base comes up, pills that he eats also comes up, therefore he must refine Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan to substitute. He must stay a period of time in Spirit Martial Realm early stage, these days he plans to collect Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan herbs, therefore needs White Jade Lotus Seed this precious spirit herb to receive in exchange, this will become simply. Your golden dragon saliva quality has been improved, later wants accelerate ripening spirit herb to be also quicker!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang was considering now how to use massive Building Foundation Dan that he grasps, utilizes the appropriate words, grain of Building Foundation Dan can accomplish True Martial Realm martial artist, he now more than 200 grains, moreover there are big pile of herbs. Trains your influence to be best! If you have this idea, I will help you cause a training program, trains a True Martial Realm army! Especially facing future three realms great war small Demon and Devil, this army will have very big lethality.” Bai Youyou said.