World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 408
When three realms great war starts also nobody to determine, but Shen Xiang from the motions of these Dean Big Shot, these also has a period of time, otherwise they such calm trained disciple, for example Gu Dongchen, he will not have purchased many Building Foundation Dan from Shen Xiang there now. Shen Xiang decided that wants to train a True Martial Realm squad, the population probably about 100 people, he is also planning now, he must wait for King Martial Dao to finish, collects some spirit herb to refine better pills again, when the time comes cannot only depend upon Building Foundation Dan, but also needs other good pills to be good. Ten days of relaxation times quick on the past, whose Shen Xiang ahead of time a day arrived at King Continent with Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, Shen Xiang now also in a King Continent's city, other King Continent places he has not gone to stroll, he does not dare to wander about aimlessly everywhere, in order to avoid stirs up trouble. Shen Xiang arrives in a luxurious palace, has other 49 King Continent's martial artist in this, Shen Xiang recognizes several, that several with whom side Wang Quan, Shen Xiang guessed frequently their scores are very high. Sees Shen Xiang to arrive, that more than 40 young disciples look to Shen Xiang, this makes Shen Xiang think that somewhat strangely, he discovered that he probably was a rabbit, suddenly by one flock of wolves staring. In that 49 young disciple, unexpectedly has more than ten females, Shen Xiang has not thought that the King Continent above female so will be strong, can have these many to enter first 50. Good, now starts to announce that under closes the content that you must compete, this is to your tests! This pass/test is mainly competion speed, looked that who can arrive at the place that assigns most quickly, wins.” Wang Quan said. After Shen Xiang hears, in the heart has smiled secretly, before he once in the speed competition that Extreme Martial Sect held, back and forth flew with Vermillion Bird Fire Wings directly, obtained first, now he can also such use. I said first rule, in going to assigned location on the way, among you cannot have the conflict, cannot prevent others to go forward! Also, we will put many barriers on the way, Spirit Beast that for example we raise will stop you, attacks you. Is some Divine Martial Palace's Peak Realm disciples, will block on the way also you, you must defeat to continue them to go forward. Naturally, if you able, can get rid of them.” Wang Quan was saying the rule, but after Shen Xiang contacts Wang Quan that vision, in the heart is criticizing, he guessed that Wang Quan definitely to him special accommodation, when the time comes perhaps will make big bunch of things stop him to go forward.

Can fly?” A young girl asked timidly. Can fly, but in the air compares danger(ous), you should know that our Divine Martial Palace has raised many Diamond Griffin, although is 9th level Spirit Beast, but words in groups, Peak Realm or danger(ous).” Wang Quan said. Shen Xiang does not fear these thing, moreover what he also plans to experience Diamond Griffin in that Legend is, he knew from the book that this Spirit Beast has the body of lion, beak that the wing of hawk, the claw of hawk, the eye of hawk, wins, the build like the horse, the feather is similar to diamond is common, but is very light, flying speed very rapidness, time in groups, is the airborne overlord. Hears will have the Diamond Griffin in the air interception, the people slightly are startled, they know that what fate facing tens of thousands of Diamond Griffin is. Tens of thousands of Diamond Griffin?” Shen Xiang in a low voice hears from these Divine Martial Palace disciples' discussions, cannot help but is startled. Diamond Griffin? Hehe, this type of thing, but evolution is incomplete, therefore has is the Spirit Beast ranks, is unable to become dangerous Profound Beast!” Long Xueyi disdain said with a smile. At this time, Wang Quan shouted: Gives you half double-hour to prepare again, now we will send the map to you, so long as arrives there first, sounds a there bell, arrives, 20 people who arrives at first pass, elimination of backwardness.” Shen Xiang has attained a map, the place that assigns is very far, needs to pass through many mountains, several giant rivers, after Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming see this map, frowned slightly. This stretches across most King Continent, the ordinary horses at least also take one year to go to this place.” Wu Kaiming said

Rides a horse also needs one year! Shen Xiang has exclaimed in surprise one: This King Continent is really big enough, how long doesn't know my present speed to be able?” Shen Xiang continues to look at the map, he when the time comes definitely is soaring in the air, therefore the situation in ground he does not need to understand. Young Martial Uncle, these golden Griffin speeds are fast, if you with fire wings, will possibly be overtaken.” Wu Kaiming said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: You underestimated me, I to my speed confident.” Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen shook the head, they did not know about the Shen Xiang's speed now, did not say anything. Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Relax, I dare saying that evolution incomplete thing affirmation quickly you! little rascal, you did not say that can establish a True Martial Realm army? What always needs some mount?” Shen Xiang at present one bright, said: Army? That too consumed the resources, I could not consume! Hundred people sufficed.” „, Hundred people? Said must 3000! Such imposing manner suffices fully, I believe that you can certainly achieve.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Three thousand True Martial Realm! The imposing manner is truly full, but that not only needs three thousand Building Foundation Dan, but also needs other pills to assist, only then the True Martial Realm 1st Stage 2nd Stage words, the strength is insufficient, Shen Xiang thinks at least True Martial Realm 3rd Stage.

If you promise me to make three thousand True Martial Realm small armies, I lead you to seek for diamond Flying Tiger, this is be much fiercer than these hybrids Griffin, does not believe you to ask Small White Tiger.” Long Xueyi said. Bai Zhenzhen that delicate voice transmits immediately: Master, what Elder Sister Long said is real, diamond Flying Tiger can become Profound Beast, moreover is better than to tame a lot these Griffin, but the quantity is scarcer!” Quantitative aspect does not need to be worried that wraps on me.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. The Shen Xiang forced smile said: 3000 people of small armies, I fear the time without enough time, that is needs many Building Foundation Dan to accomplish, moreover must seek for a number of good seedlings.” Time definitely suffices, three realms great war will not start quickly, although crack, but spreads the news from these sect now, they definitely are think that also has the sufficient time to suffice them to be ready.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang sighed: Good, I go to the type multi- some to refine Building Foundation Dan herbs as far as possible.” The relaxation time ended, Shen Xiang they were brought to plaza on, they will start to start running here, arrive at that the place that assigns in the distant place.