World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 409
Wang Quan loudly shouted start. 50 young martial artist were similar to escapes the profound arrow such to fly to shoot immediately, several suddenly, ran the Divine Martial Palace plaza front door, was dashing in the main street and small alley in city, the people could not see their forms. Goes to the end point they!” Wang Quan said. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming also nodded, had many other continent's Big Shot to come here, but knew after is the bored race, in abundance departs, they only want to watch the martial arts contest, especially watches the Shen Xiang's martial arts contest, because they want from sees that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art interesting part. When Wang Quan they just want to fly to the end point, induces front distant place suddenly to be used for a weak quantity of heat, they looked immediately, saw only there to present one group of fiery red ray, words that carefully looked, can see that is pair of very huge fire wings, Shen Xiang releases his Vermillion Bird Fire Wings. This brat really such did!” Gu Dongchen shakes the head smiles. Snort, this is the behavior of courting death.” Wang Quan low coldly snorted, then vanish from sight. Shen Xiang goes out of town, releases Vermillion Bird Fire Wings to come, he can Vermillion Bird Fire Wings make that now is very very big, but that does not need, because that is not very flexible, moreover consumes enough in a big way, although the speed will be faster, but he thought that is smaller is quite appropriate. For all that this time Vermillion Bird Fire Wings 20 zhang (3.33 m) have extended, looks from afar that is very scary, moreover that type of scalding hot aura also makes people feel very uncomfortably. Shen Xiang flutter fire wings, sees only him to turn into together the fiery red ray immediately, entered in the clouds, the speed that he started running is quick, many people in him behind, now see Shen Xiang with this terrifying speed soaring in the upper air, in the heart to envy. giggle, I walked one first step, everybody do not lose to this external person.” A adorable beautiful blue skirt young girl said with a smile, sees only her behind to reappear a pale blue small wing, seemed like the shape of butterfly that wing, but translucent, was having one light was closing.

Young girl flutter that after small wing, then entered in the forest, is shuttling back and forth in inside flexible, but also sends out clear laughter and excited shouting, before this young girl is , that the inquiry can fly. Hears the voice of young girl to vanish, the people know that they had cast off by far, now they went to outside the city, can unfold the skill greatly, uses the quickest speed to flush away toward the target point. Some people are similar to a crazy cow, batters in the forest, many trees were hit, but this person of speed is fast, is only the flash, in the forest had many trees to drop down. The Shen Xiang soaring in the upper air, naturally does not know that under has these keen competitions, now his speed is quickest, his wing each flutter, can make him leap fierce of big section, when almost glides, he flutter, in falcon like upper air like that very relaxed elegant. Really crisp, that anything Diamond Griffin a bit faster appears, otherwise will be very bored.” Shen Xiang said with a smile leisurely. Hey, are you an idiot?” The voice of female conveys together, this makes Shen Xiang fierce is startled. Shen Xiang turns head to look that saw only presented a blue skirt young girl in his side unexpectedly, this young girl he remembers that initially low voice inquired Wang Quan, that can fly. This blue skirt young girl behind that fifty-fifty transparent wing is fast the flutter, has not slid like Shen Xiang, her to small wing flutter time will release the light blue rosy cloud, is very attractive. You are an idiot.” Shen Xiang said with a smile that this young girl is very lovable, has a beautiful oval face, cherry small mouth slightly sip, that pair of big eyes flood a curious ray, is staring at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang discovered that in eyes of this young girl unexpectedly has blue light glow, but her eyes is actually the black.

Why said that I am an idiot? You are an idiot, flies to be so high!” The young girls spit the tongue, seeing that half adorable small tongue, Shen Xiang to have the impulsion that wants to put out a hand to press firmly between the fingers. Shen Xiang smiled: You and my this idiot spoke, explained that your brain was sick! Moreover how you also fly high, you are also an idiot! You are in the idiot the idiot, Ha Ha, your big idiot!” Young girl unexpectedly has not gotten angry, is only tenderly snorted and said: Others good intention flies to remind you, your unexpectedly does not know the will of the people!” Shen Xiang has been startled, said with a smile: Hehe, sorry! Many thanks miss, who makes you come up to ask that I am an idiot!” The young girls unfold the face to smile, smile the person very: „Some first people called me for the miss, little brat, you in the elder sister in my eyes were one just the small bird of broken shell!” Shen Xiang is taking a look at this young girl once more, discovered that she is big some not to conform to the common sense besides the chest, other aspects radically is a 14 or 15-year-old young girl. Then aunt, this year your 's your age? You and our one crowd of do little brat mix together not to think very senseless?” Shen Xiang teased says with a smile. Elder sister I over 500 years old am, your Master was experienced, hasn't told you on King Continent to have an antique race to exist?” Young girl flies, while plays with is sending the tree top. Shen Xiang is turning the memory in mind immediately, was quick he to remember Huang Jintian saying that had a not being able to grow up race on King Continent, moreover needs to be pregnant for 500 years, after the birth, had the True Martial Realm strength. Blue Blood Clan?” If not this young girl mentions, he not this mental association.

Your Master once won our Blue Blood Clan strongest person! Therefore I must defeat you, do not despise me, I have Human King bloodline, but my bloodlines special bloodlines!” The young girls said with a smile: Relax, when the time comes I will show mercy.” Shen Xiang suddenly remembers in the beforehand that points ranking the third name: „Was your name called Lan Lan?” I am not being able to grow up Lan Lan! After I since was lived, lives for 25 years, is the appearance of this kid, I later again could not grow up!” The young girls somewhat annoyingly said. Shen Xiang thought that this young girl is very interesting, he said with a smile: Lan Lan, Herculean Clan is also this, you do not need to be worried!” Lan Lan shakes the head saying: „It is not, our Blue Blood Clan and Herculean Clan freak is different, we are the same with the normal person, this growing up time is big on the association president.” Rubbish with you, I walked one first!” Lan Lan spits the tongue to Shen Xiang, mischievous has made an ugly face, then dives, accelerates instantaneously, quick leaves behind Shen Xiang. Saw this Lan Lan speed, Shen Xiang to be shocked! This little girl is also freak! Moreover is attire tender fellow.” Shen Xiang was to Long Xueyi was saying that was following his Long Xueyi, was super old fellow, fitted out a small fart girl, cheated compared with that Lan Lan. Airborne danger(ous), Shen Xiang knew very much quickly, because he induces to has several very strong aura in front unexpectedly, is Peak Realm.