World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 410
Shen Xiang flies such high, to avoid by others being stopped, but he has not thought that some people will be waiting for him in the upper air. These fellows and other? How they know that I will pass through here!” Some Shen Xiang doubts, but he was actually not worried. rush over that's alright, it is estimated that they have used the way in spirit talisman to convey the news, can let, who who they have prepared makes your wing so obvious, if like beforehand that little girl, is very difficult to discover you.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang's wing suddenly increases more than one time, makes to the wing more powerful, the flying speed is faster. Front really six people in waiting for him, they are float in the air, aura that Shen Xiang since they lend, they used many strength to make their body float. Words that must hit, they definitely cannot hit Shen Xiang, but their goals here are very obvious, must delay the time, lets Shen Xiang compared with on other King Continent's disciple slow some, making him be eliminated finally. This Wang Quan is really causing to cheat to me, is good, I make him know that my Shen Xiang is not good to bully.” In the Shen Xiang heart gets angry slightly, on wing glittering golden light, is seeing only his to turn into the golden eagle to fire wings suddenly immediately general, but sends out the yellowish red mixed ray. This is Shen Xiang lets fire True Qi and metal attribute True Qi fuses together to turn, his True Qi to within the body has controlled freely, can flexibly utilize, must achieve this type not to be difficult. That six Peak Realm martial artist sees Shen Xiang behind that to the huge golden eagle wing, in the heart to have not the good premonition. The Shen Xiang's wing is very big, extends to have dozens zhang (3.33 m) width, seems shocks, making people think that this is antique giant bird such, that awfully is containing terror strength to the golden eagle wing probably like that. Must come!” Guy complexion said dignifiedly that at this time he wants to run away, because he knows that to the time that the wing dashes, definitely will be having very formidable impulse. Cannot block, runs away quickly!” Person shouted, the Shen Xiang present range he is very far, but they see Shen Xiang that stance, knows that they will run upon with Shen Xiang not long, but Shen Xiang intends to dash their.

Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: You did not have the opportunity!” Saying, his on suddenly to the [gold/metal] wing was winding around soul-stirring lightning glow, making his speed speed up many times. I kill you!” Shen Xiang drinks one severely, the [gold/metal] wing that launches brings to fill the terror strength electricity snake, but the Shen Xiang's body also overflows intermittent golden light, brings murderous aura that incomparably is soaring to the heavens, probably a banding the dragon of wing is getting angry to dash like that. Instantaneous, Shen Xiang passes through the place that six people were, dashed the past time, but also sent out to Heaven-shaking thunder cry, thunder cry resounded through Yun Tian with these people's pitiful yells. Shen Xiang can feel clearly that six people were given the hit by his to the terror wing, on his wing is bringing the [gold/metal], fires and thunder these three terrifying strength, simultaneously erupts, the might is huge, moreover by extremely quick velocity shock in the past, strength will promote more. How that six people Shen Xiang do not know that his impact in the past, had been far away from that place, the lives of these people he no matter, he has not lashed out after all, he has made very normal action, is rush over! Shen Xiang now above the clouds, is very high from the ground, words that Peak Realm falls down, the consequence is very serious, severely wounded that is the affirmation, but will be insufficient dead. His wing restores to the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings appearance once more, although that speed was quick a moment ago, but consumes is very big, he has not known how long must fly to meet, moreover front definitely also will have many things to stop, he must keep strength. Is that little girl!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang sees front to have a young girl to put on the cloud layer, exudes a series of joyful laughter, plays looks like a child, after she sees Shen Xiang arrives, then flies above Shen Xiang, is flying with Shen Xiang. I am quite bored, your speed is fast a point the words, we can fly the end point together!” Lan Lan honk the mouth said that her unexpectedly and other Shen Xiang. The Shen Xiang forced smile said: I had solved a moment ago six fellows of being in the way, haven't they blocked you?”

Lan Lan said with a smile: Naturally does not have, why can they block me?” Shen Xiang was more depressed: This arrives is also, your King Continent clarified has bullied the bystander, aimed at me intentionally!” Who makes you so fierce, made that we do not have the face very much, doesn't aim at you to be how good intentionally?” Lan Lan hee happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang curled the lip, although he knows that this is very unfair, but he does not care, moreover this can also test his strength, for him is good. Why do you want to wait for me? Did you fly the end point not to first?” Shen Xiang raises head to look at that to fly difficultly in his above Lan Lan, this looks also really awfully, because he sees Lan Lan that to fish with the chest that her appearance does not tally, can see by that blue skirt very in a big way. This makes him think in Legend that young face great anything's thing. little girl, you look like, although is small, but the chest is big! Others definitely do not think you is a little girl.” Heard this saying, Shen Xiang was shocked, because this was Long Xueyi said that Long Xueyi was very long has not pretended to be his sound to come the practical joke, making him almost forget the giving people a hard time unique skill of this mischievous dragon. Lan Lan that adorable small oval face one red, the delicate eyebrows wrinkle, on the face is bringing anger: Shen Xiang, you...... You are rascal!” Shen Xiang is criticizing Long Xueyi, on the mouth actually hurriedly said: cough cough, this...... What I said is the truth, you must know the man looks at the woman time, majority first look at the chest, don't you think?” I know certainly! Does not need you to tell me.” Lan Lan tenderly snorted and said.

Can rub to me?” Long Xueyi imitates the Shen Xiang's sound saying that but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou titter in the ring. Rubs your head, your rascal, I paid no attention to you, humph, humph!” Lan Lan picks up the speed, bringing the face of blushing to fly away. Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Does not have the meaning, cannot withstand to sexually harass!” Shen Xiang angrily said: dragon brat, you later should better not probably have such big chest, otherwise I when the time comes daily rub your! In this King Continent knew with great difficulty a younger sister, was given to screw up by you.” Yes! Very allows to know that chest big little girl, the heart lived reads evilly! You currently have your Sister Meng'er and Xianxian's have a headache about the matter not to solve! Also, Xianxian and your Sister Meng'er is not smaller than this little girl, Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou is also very big, you should see, giggle!” Long Xueyi hee happily said with a smile Shen Xiang thinks that grins to say with a smile: This but actually is also, but has then troubled, this little girl will definitely hate me, perhaps at martial arts contest under cruel methods to me.” rascal, do not smile, has several thousand Diamond Griffin in front! Hurries to fly to be lower!” Shen Xiang suddenly hears that Lan Lan sound to spread to his ear.