World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 411
Impression of Shen Xiang to this little girl is very good, he said with a smile hastily: Thanks, I fly such to take a higher position to experience fierce of these Diamond Griffin.” Snort, big idiot!, I in the end point you, you do not withdraw in this pass/test as you like, must hit one to me with you finally.” Lan Lan has flown quickly from, her speed is truly terrorist, Shen Xiang only then becomes the wing can fly very much quickly, that is the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings complete shape, displays, his body will also release flame, turns into the body of giant bird, by that time, seems in the ground, he probably is huge fire bird. Knew that front has Diamond Griffin, Shen Xiang is secretly excited, he learned from Wu Kaiming there, these Diamond Griffin are the thing that Divine Martial Palace is proud, the hundred thousand year ago three realms great war time many continent do not borrow taking advantage of them to them, moreover does not allow the disciple to bring these Diamond Griffin to enter the war. Shen Xiang not only need experience these Diamond Griffin, meanwhile wants to make this batch of Diamond Griffin cause heavy losses! Because he is extremely discontented with the Wang Quan procedure, sends for stopping him intentionally, he believes that other King Continent's martial artist will definitely not encounter any barrier on the road, only then he with obtaining. Diamond Griffin? Now I make you know Vermilion Bird Divine Bird strength!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, in the heart full was the anticipation. Shen Xiang on the alert flight, flew ten not to see Diamond Griffin, but he had the patience. Front that partial clouds! Careful.” The Long Xueyi reminder said. Has huge cloud pillar that soars to the heavens together in the Shen Xiang front, carefully looked that Shen Xiang can see in that cloud layer to have many dot, that is Diamond Griffin in the circuit, makes a qi flow vortex, attracts completely the cloud, lets Shen Xiang exposed in Lan Tian, hides nowhere. Many!” Shen Xiang looks at that incomparably huge cloud pillar, in the heart cannot help but exclaims.

These Diamond Griffin definitely some people control, that person should rides Diamond Griffin, possibly also more than one person, even is several.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang non-stop flies, but the distant place that huge cloud pillar dot also completely gathers together, looks from afar probably is one flock of birds, but Shen Xiang is very clear, that is one crowd of strengths endures to compare True Martial Realm 9th level 9th level Spirit Beast, Diamond Griffin! The Diamond Griffin feather is firm, wing can treat as the sharp knife blade to divide to chop, moreover in the mouth can also the eruption produce fire flame come, the flying speed is also quick, coordinates that sharp claws and incisive mouth, can pose very big threat to the person. Shen Xiang is Peak Realm, if independent combat definitely not Spirit Beast of this True Martial Realm 9th level strength, but he will face will not be one, but will be tens of thousands, will swoop completely toward him, he will not definitely be able to endure. Diamond Griffin of distant place approaches fast, the Shen Xiang's wing also becomes more and more greatly, suddenly several thousand feet (333 m) widths, Shen Xiang unceasingly is releasing Vermilion Bird True Qi in within the body, in 1000 grains of true element grains is compressing vigorous True Qi gushes out unceasingly, the Shen Xiang's wing rises unceasingly in a big way, is burning fierce flame in the air is confused, forms piece of sea of fire! Lan Lan in following forest sees this to the giant wing, was startled is growing up the small mouth, exclaims: This rascal is quite fierce, does he want to do?” Was similar!” Shen Xiang implored the one breath slightly, his displays to the giant wing, the wind that the words that thousand zhang (3.33 m) widths, the flutter got up, blow can be imagined. After these ride Diamond Griffin martial artist is seeing, slowed the tempo, they know that Shen Xiang must resist them, sees that grand magnificent huge fire wings, is feeling you incomparably scalding hot steaming air wave, they were considering that if wanted goes forward. Altogether eight people are riding Diamond Griffin separately, their strengths are Peak Realm, they bring 1000 Diamond Griffin to fly separately toward Shen Xiang.

Does not need to fear him, we have eight thousand Diamond Griffin, no matter he is fierce, will be sieged by Diamond Griffin, discarded that's alright him!” Male shouted. Shen Xiang hears this saying, in the heart the anger is dreadful immediately, he roars. Purgatory Tornado!” Sees only the Shen Xiang whole person suddenly zero forward velocity operation, then also revolves along with his body to huge fire wings, first is intense scalding hot storm spreads to all around, afterward was a formidable suction appears, sees only some big trees and giant stones of ground gives that suction attracting, Shen Xiang was revolving with whom, formed a width to reach thousand zhang (3.33 m) huge Fire Tornado, the scene shocks with the terror extremely, as if the judgment day was ordinary. The cloud layer of square distant place was attracted, cloud layer thick, bumps into together, the eruption makes a debut a crazy thunder, these lightning by Fire Tornado that Shen Xiang released attracting. That crowd of Diamond Griffin flew toward Shen Xiang rush over, when they without enough time, they have wanted to flee that terror now the fire Thunder Dragon volume wind, has been too late, Tornado is extremely huge, the suction that produces is formidable. These Diamond Griffin in front of this huge Tornado, are similar to the mosquito is ordinary, is only very short time, completely was pulled into that to bring to be very scalding hot and in crazy thunder huge Tornado. This rascal was too abnormal, I have almost planted!” Lan Lan gasps for breath in gulps, that abundant chest is very fluctuating unceasingly, has a lingering fear looks that distant place that is full of the endless destruction strength the great fire Thunder Dragon volume wind! Saw in nearby person, majority are some participating martial artist, they hear whooshing that the [say / way] lightning sound smuggles them to be familiar with, that is tens of thousands of Diamond Griffin simultaneously the sound of wail. Shen Xiang revolving while sends out laughs wildly truly, moreover he also unceasingly releases wood attribute Lightning True Qi, making the strength of lightning wilder.

In this huge Tornado turned into Purgatory, in Purgatory inside person any strength of revolt, only cannot accept Purgatory inside penalty, the experiencing suffering pain. This is Shen Xiang's Purgatory Tornado! Previous time he is used to cope with Devil Path Martial Artist, but his strength was very weak at that time, Tornado is also very small, present was bigger than at that time several hundred times. This great Tornado all around high mountains, the green forest, was given completely by this Tornado, Lan Lan is clear sees one to reach as high as thousand zhang (3.33 m) great mountain is given suction by that wild Tornado little, finally vanishes. In Tornado has tyrannical Heavenly Sun Fire and crazy lightning, both fuse together, is powerful incomparable. Ha Ha...... Ha Ha...... Ha Ha, I also think the Diamond Griffin group fiercely, is mediocre, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang's laughs wildly the sound is similar to Evil Devil is ordinary, reverberates in all directions, after making the person hear, absolutely terrified.