World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 412
Shen Xiang is revolving unceasingly, that huge Thunderfire Dragon volume probably will not stop such, extracts all of ground crazily, everywhere one visit, will be razed. After these Diamond Griffin were curled, in inside and some giant stone hits, or hits mutually, meanwhile was baked by the raging fire, lightning chops to hit, that several people are also so, but they had not died all of a sudden, but the body was devastated. Only meets Diamond Griffin that several Peak Realm martial artist is also only Spirit Martial Realm initial stage, the strength is well below Shen Xiang, is hard to escape Shen Xiang this to use martial skill that powerful Vermilion Bird True Qi has released, moreover they were also seriously injured now. Shen Xiang felt own Vermilion Bird True Qi and Azure Dragon True Qi only remaining 50% times, receives the merit on hastily, sees only these Diamond Griffin and several person suddenly falls, tens of thousands of Diamond Griffin send out wail in a low voice, falling of heavily in the ground, the casualty is serious. Shen Xiang implored the one breath gently, the back wing also became small, recognized the accurate direction, flutter fire wings, flew the upper air, continued toward the target point flight in the past. Wang Quan came, Shen Xiang just walked shortly, he arrived here, because he receives the urgent pass on message, knew after here casualty very serious situation, has caught up immediately. Looks at tread big remaining unconscious Diamond Griffin, listening to these weak low cries, the forehead of Wang Quan fist to stick out suddenly the blue vein immediately, he looked that to direction that Shen Xiang vanished, wished one could immediately rush over. Old Wang, I had said before, do not despise him! Is you intentionally made these Diamond Griffin stop his, he makes the counter-attack is also very normal matter! Only can say that this is you brings upon oneself, I urged you in the halfway do not get up to any tricks, has aggravated him, but will kill.” Gu Dongchen said. The Wang Quan big mouth gasps for breath, suppresses the anger in his heart also slowly to vanish, his coldly snorted and said: This is the rule of competition, I have not stopped him especially!” Gu Dongchen sees Wang Quan to come, he also follows on the heels, he is worried about Wang Quan to be able Shen Xiang fight. Oh, now died some Spirit Beast, if you make the person stop again his, dying was some people!” Gu Dongchen sighed, that several only met the Diamond Griffin person not dead, but received very serious wound. From the beginning, stopping the Shen Xiang's people not to have the good end, before that several were also the severe wound falls down.

Wang Quan do not stop Shen Xiang, but wants to delay the Shen Xiang's time, but he has not actually thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will use this fierce killing to incur, tens of thousands of Diamond Griffin also without enough time attack radically, by Shen Xiang trigging. The Shen Xiang soaring in the upper air, is blowing the whistling, at this time his is happy, because he knows that the Diamond Griffin casualty big piece will let the Divine Martial Palace massive hemorrhage, but this is they brings upon oneself. His mother, has fellow to stop again my, I must get rid personally!” Shen Xiang suddenly very anticipated now Divine Martial Palace sends for intercepting him again. Hello, you a moment ago that move quite fierce, but consumes very in a big way, but suits copes with the strength the person who you are weaker, but if to me, meets an effect not to have.” Lan Lan came, she appears above Shen Xiang's, is away from Shen Xiang by far. little girl, you why always with me? I am big rascal! Because of I extremely handsome reason?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Bah! The narcissistic fellow, I am only bored, has not known when must fly, this competition was too bored, does not have what thing to stop me to make me find relief.” Lan Lan sighed one lightly. You look for your King Continent's martial artist! Asks me to do?” Shen Xiang also thinks that does not understand why will stare by this little girl. They were too slow, only then you are flying, they run, cannot chat with me.” Lan Lan said. Ok, my fast some, as soon as possible arrive at the end point, was bored!” The Lan Lan speed makes Shen Xiang envy very much, moreover looked time that she soars is also very relaxed, he can only sigh one darkly, he has not known on the road has many things to wait for him, he guessed that this competition is held in view of him, because he has that powerful Dragon Force, the words of direct engagement, Wang Quan has not grasped to own apprentice. In order to let Shen Xiang loses, can only compete to eliminate him with this type, thinks of this, Shen Xiang gets angry secretly, this is he does not hide the reason of oneself whereabouts intentionally, to let person of these ambushes on road discovers him, such one, he can make into the severe wound these people, divulges the disaffection in oneself heart.

Two days passed by, in night, Shen Xiang suddenly see front to have a beam of light from the ground perpendicular incidence to the upper air, when he feels odd, actually suddenly induces to a very strong pressure, making him stop immediately. The Shen Xiang flutter wing, was landed by oneself that heavy body on the ground difficultly, he understands that now that light beam is anything, that is one can formation of Long Life pressure. If not he responds quickly, might very much fiercely in a moment ago on crashed. This is large formation, Divine Martial Palace to eliminate you, but has gotten down the initial capital!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang roars, to tread is a palm, and has used Dragon Force, sees only the ground in a circumference of several miles split open, the ground shivers to sway immediately crazily, a mountain scene forest was ruined instantaneously. Has the person, be careful!” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted. Shen Xiang induced the aura of these people, is four people, moreover is Peak Realm. That formation has ruined along with the big lands, that pressure vanished, but Shen Xiang has not chosen to fly away, person but who must approach toward him facing these four. In the darkness, four black-robed man suddenly present around Shen Xiang, they see a Shen Xiang face to be natural, probably in waiting for them is the same, in the heart feels very surprisedly. After they appear, not saying anything further, simultaneously extends both hands, in the palm spout strange strength, was only the suddenly time, under the Shen Xiang foot presents one fully is mysterious spirit pattern formation. This formation appearance, Shen Xiang immediately complexion big change, because his True Qi cannot use, what awfully is, his whole body cannot move.

Sees the Shen Xiang's complexion, in that four black-robed man looks full taunts and haughty. Shen Xiang quickly calm, his said with a sneer: You not to my fight?” We are responsible for your anchorage, must come to your fight person quickly!” Person coldly said. Shen Xiang brow one type, in the heart hates darkly, his present both feet probably closely was attracted in ground such, is unable to move, moreover he was unable to use True Qi, if some people come now, he is very danger(ous). It seems like that large formation is you arranges, but suddenly was ruined by me!” Shen Xiang now unexpectedly is calm, this makes that four black-robed man feel to worry. However when they regarding this formation that he collaborates to display is very confident, moreover that must deal with the Shen Xiang's person also to draw near, when the time comes is Shen Xiang made into the severe wound the time. Shen Xiang cannot use True Qi, cannot move! But his mouth can actually move, his magic power can also move! Such one, he can display Divine Ability, convenes between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to gather strength using magic power, attacks.