World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 413
Shen Xiang saw that these four cannot move heedlessly the person who he surrounds with formation casually, if they move, that formation will also be affected, otherwise these four people already fight attacked him. Sees this point, in the Shen Xiang heart is chuckling to oneself, if wants the chaos they, this formation does not exist, when the time comes he can use True Qi. You underestimated large formation that we arranged! Even if you ruin the ground completely, that large formation Lord still, you just has still ruined one small.” black person said. Shen Xiang smiled, has been able to smile now to him, this makes that four black-robed man alert immediately, but how they want unable to find out Shen Xiang to be separated from this formation with any way, moreover a goon also on the way, so long as that person arrives, Shen Xiang was finished. Shen Xiang induced to that the person who runs to come, that person is also Spirit Martial Realm initial stage this, Divine Martial Palace does not dare to use the cultivation base too high person, otherwise that does too excessively, therefore they greatly will go through the complications, is formation, is Diamond Griffin stops Shen Xiang Many Transformation Technique in 72 Transformations, were not only changed by oneself, but can also baseless change with magic power something, for example Shen Xiang that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, is one Transformation Technique, but he also studies not proper. Afterward, he after Long Xueyi asked for advice, deeply understood that this Transformation Technique, he also knew main point, now he starts to display. He cultivates magic power that Divine Dao obtains, is invisible colorless, only then the Divine Sense very formidable person can induce to this strength, now Gu Dongchen their these Big Shot cannot induce. Shen Xiang releases magic power now, in the mouth was reciting the incantation, controlled release magic power flows to that four black-robed man, at this time, that four person suddenly complexion big changes, because they saw oneself companion behind to congeal appear a short-sword of handle illumination.

This was Shen Xiang has displayed in 72 Transformations, baseless changed the technique of thing! These stilettos are he use magic power fast condense between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to turn, the might is not small. Ordinary martial artist can also use the sword of this type of energy with True Qi condense, but they actually need to use True Qi in within the body, the range of control is also very small. But Shen Xiang does not need, he even can condense this energy weapon in his line of sight range. You underestimated me!” Shen Xiang laughs, that four stilettos under his Divine Sense control, fierce flying shoot, pricks behind that four people, then the energy explodes, exploded a blood hole the back of that four person. Imprisoned Shen Xiang's formation to vanish, Shen Xiang can control within the body that vigorous True Qi once more, saw only him to explode roars, the True Qi fierce craziness in within the body welled up, under his control, True Qi became tyrannical variable, exploded from his body, formed one to fill the ruinous air wave intensely, shaking to fly away that four black-robed man. That four person black-robed man were pricked the body by that four energy stilettos . Moreover the energy short-sword still explodes in their bodies, they had been wounded at that time, now adds on terror True Qi that Shen Xiang releases to explode again, the meridians of their within the body were shaken completely, faints in the ground. Shen Xiang looks at that to lie down in black-robed man of ground, coldly snorted, as soon as he leaps airborne, when he wants to release Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, actually suddenly by strength pressing, has let his fierce crash in the ground. Damn, that formation really also in!” Shen Xiang induced to the person of that coming was getting more and more near, although that person of speed was somewhat slow, as he approached, Shen Xiang more felt that had danger(ous) after all. Therefore he wants to fall to run away quickly, if gets down with that person of dogfight, will be delayed a lot of time, if Divine Martial Palace can delay his time, making him fall behind many, he here will be eliminated.

Should be bloodlines martial artist, their True Qi are out of the ordinary, True Qi and fleshly body be more formidable than the average person, I think that should be relationship of their within the body blood, but I have not heard such race! Herculean Clan and they are different, that is the special tribal group that a very ancient time world breeds, this Human King Clan is fiercer than Herculean Clan, their bloodlines are not definitely simple.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang releases water vine, twined that four corona past black-robed man, escaped own front them fast, then to displayed Bai Youyou to teach his Grasping Soul Devil Curse, was searching for their memory, sought for the to break the formation means. Quick, he had found, at this time he feels more surprised to Divine Martial Palace's talent, this formation completes on a giant slate, that slate deeply buries in the below of this lands. Motion formation, this formation construction cost not poor, to material very high of formation plate, moreover inside must lay aside the massive set up formation cornerstones, generally is the things of some top grade crystal stones and implication huge energies, if ruins this formation plate, Divine Martial Palace will really possibly cry!” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Generally set up formation time, arranges, but now this keeps Shen Xiang from flying is an arrangement moves formation in formation of upper air on a giant slate, the formation energy that the slate releases can cover very broad ground, only then some wealthy sect has this formation. Shen Xiang also obtained many memories from that four person mind, is some set up formation, but there are these memories not to represent him to arrange immediately, but these are actually very valuable experiences, his suddenly discovered that Grasping Soul Devil Curse was fierce, words that such comes, he can study many things fast. That many set up formation methods were preserved by him in the mind, he decided has the time time tries, then, he continues to search for in that four person mind to have the thing with Grasping Soul Devil Curse about set up formation. The content is a lot, probably must push to explode his head was the same, if not because he is using very formidable spirit, he is unable to hold these memories.

Although somewhat painful, but on his face actually full is the happy expression, he knows that now these four people are good Formation Grandmaster, but their set up formation knowledge was obtained by Shen Xiang now. Ruins that formation plate quickly, that person must come!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang nodded, runs swiftly in a direction, he knows that now that formation plate where, but he planned that attracts that bloodlines martial artist, copes with that bloodlines martial artist with that formation. He knew from that four black-robed man memory that formation plate use is very big, not only can make people unable to fly airborne, but also has to defend strength and attacks strength, that formation plate is in Divine Martial Palace was protecting medicine garden, but Wang Quan to increase copes with the Shen Xiang's assurance, temporarily has made.