World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 414
Shen Xiang arrived at that formation plate place above quickly, so long as ruining following formation plate, he can fly to run away here, avoids with that bloodlines martial artist confrontation. Hehe, who makes you probably such to me, this is the price that you must pay!” The Shen Xiang palm reappears slowly white light glow, along with this light glow overflow, the ground shivers crazily. Shen Xiang loudly shouted, to the tread is a palm, displays Shocking Heaven Palm to come with Dragon Force, the might can be imagined, that enormous and powerful shake strength is sweeping across this place once more, this lands by Shen Xiang turning one. But in his formation plate, was passed through by his Shocking Heaven Palm strength, shakes crushes! This Divine Martial Palace wanted the massive hemorrhage!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, fierce jump arrived airborne, released pair of Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, burnt the wing of fierce flame to idle especially dazzlingly in the dark night, outshone the jet black nighttime sky. In Shen Xiang just the instance of flutter wing, the ground then transmitted together loudly shout: Halts!” Shen Xiang has not paid attention to this person, is flying, that is Divine Martial Palace's bloodlines martial artist, Shen Xiang, although wants to hit with that person, but he actually must rush to time, if were slow, that will be eliminated, he is unwilling in this competition is eliminated. Looks at the blade!” Speedily Shen Xiang suddenly in flight in great surprise, because is standing a middle-aged guy in front of him, this middle-aged guy has hexagon flying disc of together, in the hand is lifting up high golden blade, is dividing to Shen Xiang void, immediately the blade inspires brilliantly, erupts several hundred blade shades from the knife. Shen Xiang thinks that does not understand why this person can suddenly appear in front of him, he responded luckily quickly, hastily received Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, was crashed fiercely by oneself, has evaded that blade shade. Bastard, unexpectedly use weapon, then do not blame me not being impolite!” After Shen Xiang enters into Peak Realm, has not used the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade fight, now he sees the opposite party to use weapon to attack him, he will not keep the hand. The Shen Xiang intention moves, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appeared presents in his hands, him suddenly arrived at the ground at this time.

Did not plan and you plays, but your unexpectedly thinks me dead, I do not manage.” Shen Xiang has not cared about that to compete now, he only wants to vent through his formidable strength the anger in heart. Long Xueyi said: His that flying disc is not simple, unexpectedly can the concealment aura!” That grasps the middle-aged person of golden light broadsword to appear in front of Shen Xiang, his complexion looks at Shen Xiang fainily, disdainfully said: I heard that your blade is very fierce, now looks like also mediocre!” The Shen Xiang brow congealed, sees only his blade to move slightly, but ground actually suddenly left a route equally thin crack, directly crotch who penetrated that middle-aged person. Middle-aged person complexion sudden change, Shen Xiang's blade, although moved such, but had divided a moment ago actually a blade, is only the speed is too quick, must make people unable quickly to see him to brandish a sword to divide to chop. The middle age also stands on that hexagonal flying disc now, he can feel that hexagonal flying disc, when the Shen Xiang's blade wields has ruined. Shen Xiang's blade not only quick, the blade strength that but also releases is very special, that has used Universe True Qi, again the law of luck through his accurate controlling strength and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, making Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade chop to chop a bit generally thin blade strength, crossed the ground, cleft in two that middle-aged person hexagonal flying disc. Your thing is very certainly expensive!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, his words have enraged your middle-aged person. The middle-aged person roars, brandishes a sword to swoop toward Shen Xiang, his blade technique is very fierce quickly, wields continuously chops, a series of attractive skilled person air/Qi drinks, enabling Shen Xiang only to resist. „The blade of this fellow is not simple!” Shen Xiang in resisting, but has used very big strength, but has not imagined like him, opposite party golden blade ruining. After Shen Xiang passes through several standards keep off, but also discovered that a very strange place, is his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has not moved opposite party golden blade the time, by strange strength shaking, the attack of opposite party is quick, Shen Xiang resists one after another, that type will shake the strength always to shake his hand tingling pain.

He told Su Meiyao them this, Bai Youyou said: His that held some others' strength blade above in addition, should be Wang Quan becomes some special strength with True Qi condense, covers in this blade on, will let this blade very firm, moreover there is Wang Quan that Nirvana Realm strength.” Shen Xiang understood now, this so will be why fearful the blade . Moreover the arming with knife person is bloodlines martial artist. Qiu Sheng that he before the points match, met did not use True Qi, therefore he is unable to ask for advice bloodlines martial artist strength, but the middle-aged person who now and he fights, was one uses True Qi bloodlines martial artist. To the Shen Xiang's feeling is, bloodlines martial artist and Herculean Clan such, can True Qi of own within the body, transform strange strength, fuses on own fleshly body, making both's strength combine, then erupts, forms very powerful strength. Thunder True Qi!” Shen Xiang judged the True Qi primitive shape of opposite party, this middle-aged person hid very well, after he used True Qi, will turn into other one types strength that was full of the explosive force, was very difficult to distinguish. Under the dark nighttime sky, in a ground of sores all over the eye, the blade is bright, Shen Xiang has been resisting, has not counterattacked, this also makes that middle age feel the doubts, because he knows the Shen Xiang's strength, not only this. A middle-aged person blade detachment, this Shen Xiang unexpectedly has not resisted, his golden blade cuts to the Shen Xiang's waist, his suddenly in great surprise, because Wang Quan has told, cannot massacre Shen Xiang, otherwise the consequence is serious. When his golden blade chops chops the Shen Xiang's waist, sees only Shen Xiang to explode, turns into mist. Shen Xiang has displayed Water Mirror Art, becomes illusion with water vapor condense, then uses the quickest speed to leave same place, when this middle-aged person is startled, several days of water jar thick water vine suddenly extend generally from the ground, restrains this middle age stubbornly, he completely has released Black Tortoise True Qi. I do not have the time and you consume!” Shen Xiang walked slowly, chops to golden blade fierce wielding that the middle-aged person is lifting up high, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has sent out angry dragon general roaring, glittering dazzling azure light, cuts off golden blade that.

golden blade did not have strength of middle-aged person to pour into, became very frail, was only such, was chopped by Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade crushes. „Do you want to do?” The middle-aged person has not thought that Shen Xiang's water vine so will be strong, when he struggles, water vine had the loose sign, he only hates his strength to be insufficient now, if before is not, had been consumed these many by Shen Xiang, he had already worked loose this water vine. Now he understands why Shen Xiang has resisted not to counterattack, is consuming his strength. Shen Xiang smiles sinisterly, retreat several steps, have seen only his lip to move slightly, are reciting the strange incantation, the above wind and cloud of middle-aged person surges, lightning flash thunder cry, surrounding area several hundred li (0.5km) Spirit Qi toward here crazy being used. Heavenly Dragon Seal!” Shen Xiang eyes dodges, in the sky transmits dragon roar, sees only golden huge dragon claw to drop from the clouds, pounds to that by the water vine winding middle-aged person. The instant, golden light explodes dodges, illuminates half the sky, the ground left very huge deep hole, these were exploded the soil that flies to fly airborne, then falls, is likely ordinary in the earth rain. The middle-aged person under deep hole, was being covered by the stone, he is wriggling slowly the body, sends out the pain **. But Shen Xiang already emitted Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, soars in the nighttime sky.