World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 415
Dawn, looks that Sun of distant place raises, in the Shen Xiang heart is sighing with emotion, he does not know others to be what kind, he only knows one are not easy, after the three waves to a single stroke, can come here, at this time he already very close target point. Although was delayed time, but he thinks what oneself is quite quick, he estimated that he at least can enter first ten. He is self-confident can take first, but sees that young girl Lan Lan unexpectedly to have that terrifying speed, he knows that was too proud, on this King Continent young expert had much. He can affirm that points can enter the first 50 people, the speed will not be slow, if they had not been obstructed, can perhaps surpass him. Thinks of this, Shen Xiang hates darkly, because this is that Wang Quan deliberately sets many ambushes, delays his time. Naturally, he thinks that he comes, caused very big losses to Divine Martial Palace, in the heart secretly has cheered up, at least him can see Wang Quan that type to dare to get angry actually does not dare the fight appearance. This line of biggest harvests, are make him obtain four set up formation Grandmaster memories, this memory is precious, Shen Xiang after Grasping Soul Devil Curse absorbs, can engrave in own mind, after the simple digestion, can turn own, others used very long time to gain in the rich set up formation experience, but Shen Xiang was only several sub- can obtain. Formation Grandmaster is not good to work as, especially studies set up formation time, the resources that needs are also a lot, moreover there is a certain danger(ous) nature, sometimes when arranges formation, will have slightly right, will not make formation have the explosion, or will have other danger(ous) behaviors, Shen Xiang had heard had many people killed in set up formation. So long as he flexibly utilizes these precious memories that he obtains, he soon after can also become Formation Grandmaster, let alone in his hand has Refiners Scroll, above spirit pattern regards as the treasure in formation by Liu Meng'er, he through absorbing that four memory of person, had certain foundation, so long as he finds the time to work hard in the aspect again, after being skilled in Formation Dao, he can start refiner.

Shen Xiang of soaring above clouds, although launches pair of huge fire wings, but there is a cloud covering, therefore the person in ground cannot see him, the situation that but he can actually through oneself that formidable Divine Sense, observe the ground, he had discovered all the way the person who more than 20 are going all out to dash, the speed rapidness, Shen Xiang guessed they run swiftly continuously, has not stopped. But he calculates through that speed, running swiftly that even if keeps continuously, was impossible only to use for more than ten days to rush to here, he guessed that had the trick, perhaps was Wang Quan they helps these disciples cheat, after all the midway great distance was very far, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming definitely do not know that what happened. Divine Martial Palace person are many, must help disciple not cheat difficultly, even if is this, Shen Xiang has led more than 20 individuals, as he accelerates to fly, has discovered some participating martial artist. This competition can eliminate 30 people, now had 30 fellows behind me, if as expected, I can through this pass/test.” Shen Xiang relaxed slightly, if because Divine Martial Palace attempts to pervert to cause him to eliminate, this will make him resent that very long a period of time, he thinks to think does not feel better. Three days pass by, Shen Xiang overtook several people, but the end point also in front, that is a very high summit, on the summit has a platform, above has a very big copper clock, so long as hits the sound the clock, even if arrives at the end point. Although Shen Xiang can see, but has the 1st Stage distance, summit high of that mountain, puts on the clouds, if runs swiftly below, must crawl for a long time can go to the summit very much. Fully acceleration!” Shen Xiang was worried that has the accident in this finally frequently, therefore he has exhausted the True Qi flight, saw only his Vermillion Bird Fire Wings to increase immediately, moreover on the both feet also spout azure True Qi, this was Azure Dragon True Qi inside wind energy, meanwhile follows the sudden and violent thunder, increased the explosive force, making his speed let alone. Stands has many people on the summit, they saw Shen Xiang from afar, his flutter that to huge magnificent fire wings, the under foot spouts a huge azure Qi ball soaring to come, this makes everyone with emotion change countenance, because that speed and dashes the strength to be astonishing.

Shen Xiang flies to come, to hit the air, erupts intermittently crack, he was away from that summit is very far, but when he sprints fully, the speed increased many times, probably is ray of light such, is dragging the green lake light, straight shooting to summit. Shen Xiang in the air stand up, the attractive landing above the summit above platform, arrives at side of that clock quickly, hits to make a sound the giant copper clock...... Listens to clock sound of that reverberation in world, Shen Xiang long to aspirate, after reverberation bell sound stops, only hears old man shouted: Shen Xiang, 15 th!” Lan Lan arrives at side Shen Xiang, casts aside the small mouth saying: 15, you are quite slow!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: little girl, if you by blocking of several Peak Realm, again were besieged by tens of thousands of Diamond Griffin from the beginning, was suppressed and four Formation Grandmaster by formation jointly imprisons your strength with formation, most afterward bloodlines warrior took fierce weapon to attack you, can you be so quick?” Fortunately these fellows are trash, from the beginning blocked my several Peak Realm estimates to discard now, that tens of thousands of Diamond Griffin should the casualty everywhere. As for that four Formation Grandmaster......, was held to putting on by me, shakes all meridians in within the body, that uses fierce treasure tool idiot bloodlines warrior also to be ruined that by me golden blade, makes into the severe wound! Although these barriers are many, but is very useless.” Shen Xiang speech time, looks to Wang Quan, the Wang Quan complexion is unattractive, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming complexion is similarly unattractive, because they wait for here time, early arrives in the martial artist talk of end point to discover from these that they have not met any stop, was with ease flushed. But Shen Xiang is actually the continuous meeting stop, moreover targeted, unexpectedly also has bloodlines warrior to grasp the treasured sword to attack Shen Xiang!

Shen Xiang, does not have the means! You are the King Continent's honored guest, others are natural a lot look after you, but you do also well, returns salute by the ritual, moreover big ritual.” Lian Yingxiao said with a smile, Divine Martial Palace stole a chicken inadequate counter- eclipse rice, lost that is a seriousness, compensated the madame to fold the soldier. Shen Xiang is Chenwu Mainland's, on Chenwu Mainland several Big Shot also comes here he. Hua Xiangyue caresses flatters says with a smile: King Continent actually is such hospitable, but you also too lost face, these many fellows cannot keep this brat, made him run 15 th, successfully entry!” Wang Quan, you did not think that your this procedure is very disgusting? If you do not like Shen Xiang attending the King Martial Dao meeting, you said that that's it, I ensure he definitely will withdraw. Serves a need to put forth this despicable trick? Told you, do not think that you were the King Continent's highest being in power person I have feared you! Has again next time, my Liu Meng'er absolutely with your irreconcilable!” Liu Meng'er that is full of the angry words with an icy cold air wave spread on the entire summit, this straight mountain by thick incorruptible coverage, that strange icy cold strength was being filled one type the dignity that immediately makes the person want to worship on bended knees. The entire platform the complete silence, Wang Quan frowns immediately at this time, drives out that to enter the strange ice of his within the body to be cold, many people think that does not understand why Liu Meng'er will send such big fire!