World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 416
Gu Dongchen and Lian Yingxiao mutually regarded one, they are know that Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er have that relationship, but they have not thought that unexpectedly so will be deep, can make this generation of empresses send such big fire. As for other Wu Kaiming and Big Shot, thinks that Liu Meng'er is for husband life Qi/angry of own apprentice. Wang Quan, you possibly do not know! This brat is our Danxiang Taoyuan's chief honor alchemy master, is our Danxiang Taoyuan's distinguished guest.” Hua Xiangyue said with a sneer. Now Divine Martial Palace knows that the Shen Xiang's backstage is not only Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Huang Jintian, these two fierce women. The eyebrow of Wang Quan tied completely incorruptible, his took a deep breath, he knows that now Liu Meng'er crossed the Nirvana seven tribulations, moreover she cultivated Icewind Divine Art, the strength was immeasurably deep. Naturally, the Liu Meng'er's parents were also past one generation of characters, how does not dare to provoke Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian was known as that hit to spread around the world not to have the rival, but actually does not dare to challenge the Liu Meng'er's parents. Although Liu Meng'er's parents already transcend Heaven World, who knows their transcend time, has left behind many influences, becomes friends with many hidden world expert, if must with the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire bar on, Divine Martial Palace naturally not fear, but must think over to lose. I have not aimed at him, is only...... The Divine Martial Palace's person for a long time heard that his given name, wants to compete with him......” The Wang Quan words have not said that Gu Dongchen breaks him: But isn't this is very unfair to him? This is your Divine Martial Palace dereliction of duty, like this considers as finished?” Wang Quan frowned, Gu Dongchen must make him apologize to Shen Xiang, but he chatted the King Continent's first being in power person, Divine Martial Palace's Palace Master, can he to Shen Xiang this ants ordinary person apology? My Divine Martial Palace does not have the dereliction of duty, but Shen Xiang knocked to pass by the place that some people ambushed, these talented people will get rid.” Wang Quan coldly said. „......” suddenly, together the timid sound does not convey, although the sound is very small, but those present basically can hear, they simultaneously look to a place, only discovered what speech is one wears the attractive young girl of blue skirt, when her pair of adorable eyes rotation, but also meets flood the blue light.

Here waited for that these Big Shot of result, knows that this young girl is first arrives at the end point, but actually did not know about her. Lan Lan saw all people to look, has spat the small tongue, said silently: I run into these fellows on the road, they have not blocked me, rides the lion that several fellows also to make me get lost the distant point.” Shen Xiang cannot help but smiles to make noise, but in the heart somewhat is strange, he has thought Lan Lan is Divine Martial Palace's, but now looks like actually probably is not, will otherwise not say the words of these non- brain to come, but this has slapped Wang Quan without doubt maliciously. little girl you......” the Wang Quan anger stared Lan Lan one, sees only Lan Lan to make faces to him, on the face has not feared intent slightly. This made the people like this blue skirt young girl immediately, but they also know that Lan Lan was not simple, otherwise was impossible such quickly to fly the end point, moreover did not fear Wang Quan, although she spoke was very low voice, looked like somewhat timid, but on her face has actually written all over fearless. What I said is the truth, the golden blade bear I also saw him, this greatly stupid bear also told me their plan, said that anything used very fierce combination formation to imprison Shen Xiang this rascal, then Shen Xiang cannot use True Qi unable to move, but the duty of golden blade bear went to cut Shen Xiang's both hands.” Lan Lan sees Wang Quan to get angry to her, immediately life Qi/angry said. Hears Lan Lan to call Shen Xiang is rascal, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue white Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang embarrassed had lowered the head, he has not thought that Lan Lan this seems like the timid girl, unexpectedly dares to say these details. Blue girl you...... You......” Wang Quan is breathless, waved, but has actually put, after all here these many people look, moreover Lan Lan said real. Before Wang Quan, insisted that has not aimed at Shen Xiang, but Lan Lan this King Continent's martial artist testified, this pushed toward the abyss in him simply. Do not think that my grandfather died I to fear you. Snort, our Lan Family you have not imagined such simply, if desired, our Lan Family can at any time Divine Martial Palace extinguishing.” Lan Lan sees Wang Quan to hit her, life Qi/angry, said tenderly.

Wang Quan coldly snorted, rises with a spring, flies from, otherwise Gu Dongchen they must force him to apologize to Shen Xiang. At this time old man said: Below also pass/test, so long as adopts the next pass/test, finally has contended in martial arts, now can rest for three days, after three days, will start the next pass/test.” Shen Xiang, you withdraw!” Hua Xiangyue said. I have arrived this step, in the giving up words, in front of me to suffer hardship in vain?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, if no that Good Fortune Fruit as the reward, he already did not compare. However he is confident to himself . Moreover the present range final martial arts contest is not far, is quick he to obtain that Heaven Level spirit herb, Good Fortune Fruit. Hua Xiangyue also saw that Shen Xiang comes to that Good Fortune Fruit, if not her Danxiang Taoyuan's disciples does not make every effort to succeed, perhaps she also will make the disciples come to compete. Elder Ding, your Divine Martial Palace wants sincerely! Although Divine Martial Palace now is the King Continent strongest influence, but you must know that this is only the surface! Our Wu Village and Blue Blood Clan did not ask the humans affair, if your Divine Martial Palace did oversteps the limit, then we had necessity getting rid, in order to avoid you lost completely the Human King Clan honor.” Wu Kaiming said. Shen Xiang is also now knows that on King Continent unexpectedly also has other fierce influences, Wu Canghong that Shen Xiang met before thinks that is Wu Kaiming Old Ancestor. That Elder Ding nodded: I can chat with Palace Master, he truly did in this aspect some.” Wang Quan the disastrous defeat everyone knows to the Huang Jintian's matter on the same day that the people suspected Wang Quan to leave that one breath, intentionally made things hard for somebody in the past Shen Xiang's.

On the summit has many houses, here temperature is very low, ice wind True Qi that in addition a moment ago Liu Meng'er life Qi/angry released, making the entire mountain incorruptible be covered, causes to be colder, but Liu Meng'er has released the produce fire flame now, making these melt incorruptible. Purple different Fire Spirit of Liu Meng'er fusion is having the ice cold characteristics, therefore makes her ice wind True Qi overbearing, this is also one of the Liu Meng'er hideaway strength. Shen Xiang are not that life Qi/angry, now he in the room, is digesting these memories, he treats as Wang Quan to give his big ritual this, the formation knowledge that four Formation Grandmaster master far exceeds his expectation, four people study are different, adds together more astonishing. Besides the formation knowledge and set up formation experience, Shen Xiang also obtained three Divine Martial Palace's secret skill from that four memory of person, these four people are the important personages in Divine Martial Palace, obtains these secret skill not to be overrated, moreover they have knowledge of many Divine Martial Palace's secrets. For example where Divine Martial Palace that mysterious medicine garden, how copes with that medicine garden formation. Divine Martial Palace's Divine Martial Skill passes through the pavilion, the Divine Martial Palace's treasure house, the Divine Martial Palace's alchemy room, the Divine Martial Palace's dungeon...... Wait / Etc.. Because of these four people needs in these place set up formation, to protect these top-secret places, therefore they understood that now these memories are known by Shen Xiang!