World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 417
Shen Xiang learned from these memories, on tree that in Divine Martial Palace's medicine garden only then Good Fortune Fruit, that is in one lost plant, now has not picked, but in that medicine garden some unexpectedly also Five Elements True Elemental Dan, Building Foundation Dan and other precious herbs, White Jade Lotus Flower has two, Life Returning Grass two, in addition, inside also some much refines Profound Level middle-grade, High-Grade Dan spirit herb, is a big treasure house. This lets his saliva directing current, wishes one could to go to be ransacked immediately, but this thinks that's alright, because is guarding several Nirvana Realm in that medicine garden, once were discovered that that played. King Continent because of the huge natural blockade protection, in the past three realms great war, has therefore not come under any attack, some rare and precious herbs and martial arts can preserve now, background is very abundant, worthily is Mortal World first continent. Three days of relaxation times had ended quickly, Shen Xiang enters first 20, can participate in the next pass/test, the content that this closes no one knows that other he and people waits for the announcement on that mountain. Wang Quan has not come, is that Elder Ding manages, one wants to know that Wang Quan does not have the honor to appear in front of audiences expert now again, otherwise he will be requested to apologize, he hides now is also the best procedure. „After this is, closes the preelection test, in this closes the result best four people, will contend in martial arts, finally comes out first, can obtain the reward.” Divine Martial Palace's Elder Ding said. Shen Xiang looked at other martial artist, discovered that has several is the Wang Quan apprentice, is a put on a high and mighty act facial expression, their strengths are truly good, will otherwise not come here. The content that this closes is quite special, will have certain danger(ous) nature. In this closes inside, we will send you to one to detain Evil Demon Mysterious Realm, this Mysterious Realm is called Evil Demon Mysterious Realm, on expert by our King Continent had been detained many years ago, inside Evil Demon quantity are many, strength strongest should be the Peak Realm peak, without any Nirvana Realm strength, this is our Divine Martial Palace has inspected.” Hears competition content that this closes to be so thrilling, the Shen Xiang and the others complexion is various, some people worried that some people fill excitedly, but Shen Xiang is tranquil, if in Mysterious Realm, he does not have what fear, because he is confident to his concealment ability. Has Peak Realm Evil Demon in, their within the body has demonic heart, this demonic heart generally is the pure white energy, is equal in our dantian real Qi ball such, is storing up massive pure True Qi and life elementary force, the use is very big! After inside goes, must seek for these Evil Demon to kill, according to obtaining the demonic heart quantity makes the result rank, but demonic heart that you obtain turns over to itself to use.”

Shen Xiang is nodding secretly, this point is also a descendant, these demonic heart also make him be ready to make trouble, because that contains the saving energy of this Peak Realm strength, the best use is to bring set up formation or refiner, but demonic heart inside life elementary force also in pulls out alchemy, permeates a point in alchemy, the pills therapy effect will be better. „Does Elder Ding, go in later can have the conflict?” What question is Lan Lan. This...... Yes, but I believe that everybody is clear, has the conflict not to have what advantage, will only waste the time. Sometimes however also the dependence martial arts contest can solve, for example two people simultaneously discover Evil Demon time......” Shen Xiang asked: What to do if the conflict has killed people? The sword does not have the eye!” This with the beforehand preliminary contest martial arts contest is the same, died no wonder the person, if fears death, now can withdraw.” That Elder Ding said. Shen Xiang suddenly contacts to several ice-cold and is full of the killing intent vision, whose this is frequently with Wang Quan that several young people, they are the Wang Quan apprentices, is bloodlines martial artist, their strengths are also immeasurably deep, moreover they do not fear Shen Xiang, even if knew that Shen Xiang comes to make that many astonishing matters, they are the same, does not pay attention to Shen Xiang. Therefore Shen Xiang concluded that these young people are not very simple, after he goes , must be vigilant these people. „If afraid, now can choose to withdraw!” Elder Ding looks at Shen Xiang their these young martial artist, waited, and nobody withdraws, arrived this step, the words that but also withdraws from, are unworthy. Good, now starts to enter, the time is ten days, to the day , the Mysterious Realm sky will present an exit / to speak finally, when the time comes your high jump some, can leave Evil Demon Mysterious Realm from that exit / to speak.” Elder Ding said.

Liu Meng'er said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: little rascal, you, these Evil Demon strengths are not carefully weak, avoids having the conflict with Wang Quan these apprentices as far as possible.” I knew!” The Shen Xiang response said that Liu Meng'er such cares about him, in his heart is very happy. Elder Ding said: What first going is Lan Lan, this defers to the rank that on you closes to go, every other double-hour enters a person!” Hears this rule, in the Shen Xiang heart crack cursed, but he cannot say anything, because also five people behind him, they go in late. Shen Xiang arranges 15 th, must wait for more than ten double-hour, this is day, he fell behind others more than one day. A white circular shutter opens slowly, space power overflows, with an extremely evil spookiness, Shen Xiang they knows that now why must come to here, because here has Mysterious Realm, here opens the Mysterious Realm door to be quite easy. Divine Martial Palace kept secret to this Mysterious Realm was very long, that four Formation Grandmaster do not know. I walked first!” Lan Lan said with a smile tenderly, entered that gate vivaciously, the intense feeling did not have, to be hard to imagine her such one to be possible the young girl of person, unexpectedly not to fear inside these Evil Demon. But at this time, some people also in abundance departed, because this pass/test did not have what quality of being worth looking, occurred in Mysterious Realm, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue urged Shen Xiang over and over, accompanied to depart, only then Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming waited for that here he went.

Shen Xiang waited here more than for day, but he actually very much can calm down, has been closing up the memory that digests these to absorb, these things are very big to his help, this is can make him establish Formation Dao and thing of refiner aspect foundation. Shen Xiang, to you!” Elder Ding said. Shen Xiang opens the eye, walked with smile on the face. This gate can transmit your 20 people to the different places, therefore you do not need to be worried to go are ambushed by others, hopes that you can obtain the good achievements once more.” Elder Ding said to Shen Xiang that he does not hate the bone to inter the body three points to Shen Xiang like Wang Quan, is good to the impression of person. Shen Xiang nodded, strided in that gate, at present one black, then arrived at a dim world, this inside is filling very strong death Qi, what draws the attention of everyone is, this inside plant is actually filling with the full of vitality, he can see the big luxuriant trees, as well as some deep strange flowers, here environment he have not imagined such terrible.