World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 418
After Shen Xiang comes, discovers in this besides the frigid evil aura, but also has many pure Spirit Qi, these Spirit Qi fill the air in the upper air, but after precipitating, will be corroded by the evil aura. Worthily is Mysterious Realm, detains these many Evil Demon, can produce these many pure Spirit Qi.” Shen Xiang looks that these trees said that these trees are because here Spirit Qi can grow such well. The Mysterious Realm forming process is complex, the condition that needs is also very high, so long as is Mysterious Realm, inside Spirit Qi generally is very rich, but this Mysterious Realm was actually used to detain Evil Demon by King Continent, moreover many ten thousand years ago. Shen Xiang has to admire the life in Demon World, unexpectedly can survive is so long, although the strength has not been increased, but the life actually goes far beyond humanity, on the one hand this is not humanity can compare. Had the thing to come!” Long Xueyi hastily shouted, Shen Xiang also hears some sounds, from is dashing in all directions like the troop thing. Su Meiyao urged: Do not treat it lightly, these Evil Demon are the hundred thousand years ago , even if the itself strength does not have what growth, but will not be definitely bad on the wisdom, otherwise they could not live to be so long!” Stays the hundred thousand year in this damned place, can live the present truly is the great fellow, but currently has such one crowd to surround Shen Xiang. Why in the past can King Continent put in this such a troop thing? How do they achieve?” Shen Xiang saw from that sound that are many toward Evil Demon that he dares to come, these Evil Demon have the characteristics of Demon Beast wild animal, the feelings in other senses of smell and aspects can humanity be stronger, therefore they can determine all of a sudden has humanity to appear in this direction. May be using space large formation this type of thing, transmits troop Evil Demon to this, but in this Mysterious Realm definitely pulled out to empty by King Continent, such one, they can slowly in dire straits these Evil Demon in this, but they actually do not need fight.” Su Meiyao said.

At this time these fly to Evil Demon that comes are similar to go full steam ahead like that enormously and powerful to sprint, Shen Xiang has not felt to fear, he has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this coping with Demon and Devil has very big lethality, but at this time he can also examine fierce of Suppressing Devil divine art. Feels to have massive Evil Demon to approach, Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade shivered, idles exceptionally excitedly, but Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi of Shen Xiang within the body also jumps for joy, stirs up the Shen Xiang blood ebullition, infected Shen Xiang, making him wish one could to slaughter immediately. Came!” Shen Xiang only saw the thing of troop person Shoushou or person first beast body flushed from a forest, many trees were hit, each made threatening gestures, exudes all kinds of howling, the scene was very scary. Even if Shen Xiang, now also feels creepy feeling, in the dim environment, suddenly jumps such one crowd of scary monsters, no one will feel to feel better, Shen Xiang already had seen luckily these Evil Demon, at this time he also calculates quite calmly. Ha Ha...... Is humanity, everybody poisons quickly, kills by poison this small and weak humanity, we enjoy the flesh again slowly the taste.” The incisive sound conveys together, hearing Shen Xiang to be absolutely terrified. As that sound passes on, Shen Xiang also sees to spurt the colorful mist in many Evil Demon mouths, these include the acute poison thing, moves some trees, immediately these trees melting, toxic. After Shen Xiang has practiced Suppressing Devil divine art, is Hundred Poisons Immunity, Sister Bai Youyou's Bai Ziqian is unable poisonous but actually he, let alone these Demon World inside ineffective and worthless troops. A Shen Xiang palm beach, revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, was produced a very huge suction by own palm on, absorbs toward poisonous Qi that he flutters these completely on the palm, then makes massive different poisonous Qi concentrate together, along with that enormous suction hauling, the poison forms an vortex, extrudes together, finally turned into a grain of very stingy group.

These Evil Demon were shocked, they lived hundred thousand for many years, has the extremely high wisdom, naturally knows that at present what happened, on their clearer Shen Xiang palm that grain after Qi ball of compression means anything. This thing gives back to you!” Shen Xiang sneered, saw only on his palm that grain opium pill suddenly to fly to shoot, injected in the Evil Demon group, after exploding, exploded projects thick black Qi mist, afterward then the pitiful yell sound transmitted, these Evil Demon in groups in abundance dispersed, they fully realized the fearfulness of that poisonous Qi. But these poisonous Qi Shen Xiang reduces the together synthesis many poisonous Qi fusions ultra acute poison poisonous Qi, in Evil Demon does not dare to touch with the poisonous skilled people casually. This crowd of Evil Demon were cursing angrily Shen Xiang this anomaly, unexpectedly did not fear the toxin, moreover casual various types Qi mist that was bringing acute poison played with applaud. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, the body emits one white pure and holy light glow immediately, that Qi mist scatters after his body, turns into the golden color, this is Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, Shen Xiang usually little uses. Feels this type of aura, these Evil Demon are panic-stricken immediately, they felt that one in front of this strength, is similar to the ants faces palatial big Heavenly God to be so weak. Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi vanished, Shen Xiang was assigned away from the capital a moment ago also has a look at these Evil Demon to fear this strength, seeing these Evil Demon to send out crazy and frightened roaring, he knows that Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is very formidable. The Shen Xiang diving posture dodges into the Evil Demon group, wields Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in hand, pours into True Qi at the same time, but also has added on Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi.

That brushes, Shen Xiang around the middle breaks off a lion's head person, this lion's head person sent out a pitiful yell then dead, was chopped the place also to belch smoke, the body of Evil Demon was being melted by Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi. After Shen Xiang that blade chops chops, after exploding shoots Qi Energy that spout arrives at all around, splashes on these Evil Demon, sees only the bodies of these Evil Demon probably to be hit such by the boiling hot molten iron, is belching smoke, melting. At this time, Shen Xiang has to admire that to create this Suppressing Devil divine art person, unexpectedly makes this Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi have the so formidable injury to Demon and Devil. Brandishing a sword of Shen Xiang shuā shuā shuā chops to chop, the body braves steaming True Qi, sprays with Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, making these fly to run away in all directions in his Evil Demon, they also think Shen Xiang is a very weak person, but has not thought that now is actually similar to Devil God such, is slaughtering them crazily, will use one type to make them feel frightened strength. „To run away? Does not have the gate!” Shen Xiang rises with a spring, jumps airborne, transforms Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi True Qi fast, to the tread is a palm, sees only a huge white light palm by Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi condense, the fierce pressure, has covered large quantities of Evil Demon. The ground shakes, the palm that Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi condense becomes explodes, the air wave four well up, is similar to the tide sweeps across toward all around generally, submerges Evil Demon that these flee instantaneously. Along with wicked neighed to send out, was full of the odor the smell to flutter, these Evil Demon were perished by Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, melted completely must change beyond all recognition.