World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 419
Shen Xiang falling gently after the ground, looks at a direction, is having a quite formidable aura to weaken in that direction slowly, in the confusion, Evil Demon ran away a moment ago. This Evil Demon strength is very strong, perhaps is this crowd of small Evil Demon leader, is very likely has demonic heart, but Shen Xiang comes here goal, to not slaughter these small Evil Demon, but collects many demonic heart, is used as the competition result. Shen Xiang pursued immediately, this is he enters first fierce Evil Demon that Evil Demon Mysterious Realm meets, he cannot let off. These small Evil Demon quantities have over a thousand, but does not have one to have demonic heart, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou have said that that demonic heart is also very precious, at least can sell to five million crystal stones one, in antique, generally is used to arrange large formation, because inside is containing the pure energy. Big Evil Demon that Shen Xiang saw that quickly run away, wants to be away from so near, he can induce to this Evil Demon within the body that group very pure energy clearly, he can affirm that this is big Evil Demon. Unexpectedly is Werewolf.” Shen Xiang said that although Evil Demon, but he thought that the name is beastman is more appropriate, because most of them are by the Demon Beast change, and has the extremely high wisdom, will therefore be called Evil Demon. Long ago truly was called beastman, but humanity thought that this insulted humanity, therefore called them Evil Demon.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: These fellows, if stupid point were good, not because felt that is afraid frightened, I do not need to pursue am so laborious.” If stupid point Evil Demon, perhaps already and Shen Xiang went all out. Was similar!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, sees only his body to gush out pure water attribute True Qi, but Evil Demon that front that run also forward fell a somersault, the foot of this big Evil Demon bare was being twined by Shen Xiang's water vine. This Werewolf feels one to burn hot aura spraying to come, immediately whins saying: Do not kill me!” Shen Xiang wants directly demonic heart of this Werewolf chest grasping, but his suddenly had. You said that you have anything to be worth me using the place, otherwise I grasp your demonic heart!” The Shen Xiang sound is full of an expression of threat, but he also releases that to let Werewolf very uncomfortable Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi at this time.

Werewolf was frightened trembles, although he also has the Spirit Martial Realm initial stage strength, but must face Shen Xiang that Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, two he both are unable to deal with comes. I...... I do not know that I can be your goon, I can guide the thing that helps you seek for you to look.” Werewolf hurriedly said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am untrustworthy you!” Werewolf forehead suddenly reappears spirit pattern that thinks very much, after seeing this spirit pattern, Su Meiyao said: This is Evil Demon the life contract, after you received, can momentarily control his life and death through this contract.” Shen Xiang held that spirit pattern, spirit pattern submerged his palm vanish from sight, but he can actually have a marvelous feeling, he only needs a thought now, can this Werewolf killing. Lived hundred thousand for many years, you really do not have wasted.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, he needs to guide, otherwise big Mysterious Realm, he does not know where goes to look many have demonic heart Evil Demon, but this person of wolf definitely knows. Although Shen Xiang has Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but in this Mysterious Realm is actually not the absolute safety, in this also has stronger Evil Demon, that is close Nirvana Realm strength, but this Werewolf mixed these many years to live here, definitely knew this inside influence distribution. Master, you have any matter to tell young slave that's it freely!” After that Werewolf stands, said respectfully, although half beast half person, but Shen Xiang thought that he also calculates looks pleasing to the eyes, does not have what the feeling of loathing. Shen Xiang asked: These 1-2 days, have you met humanity in this inside?” Werewolf shakes the head saying: Returns to the words of master, I have not met, but actually heard that had meeting of other tribes.” Shen Xiang nodded: Later other master comes the master to go, direct reaction my that's it.” He also asked: I need massive demonic heart, you guided that's alright, other gave me.”

That Werewolf has gawked staring: Does not have the issue, this inside has the demonic heart fellow to be many, but kills many words all of a sudden, by this inside some name kings' Evil Demon discoveries.” Oh? in this inside said king what strength is?” Shen Xiang asked. The thing that this Werewolf knows are many: Only misses one step to bring in Nirvana Tribulation, because just in Mysterious Realm, Nirvana Tribulation cannot induce, therefore they are unable to break through.” Relax, you guided that's alright by all means!” Shen Xiang said. In Werewolf that pair of red eyes reveals one to worry, but his life grasps now in Shen Xiang's, he also can only comply, otherwise a Shen Xiang thought can make him be in deep sorrow. Master, you are best to camouflage, like this your I will be safer.” Werewolf whispered, he worried that meets this to make Shen Xiang get angry. Shen Xiang nodded, sees only his suddenly to leave a tail, on the calf also grew some white wools, it seems like likely is such that White Tiger turns into, looks like actually also ten scanning Evil Demon. Now Shen Xiang's magic power already the beasts that suffices him to turn into a White Tiger build, must change a small part on body is not very difficult. In that Werewolf heart surprised, he thinks that does not understand how Shen Xiang achieves, he also suspected that Shen Xiang is Evil Demon, because looked like. White Tiger Evil Demon, this Evil Demon here also many.” Werewolf said: Master, please come with me.” Werewolf runs swiftly, Shen Xiang also at the similar speed, follows in him behind, he guessed that this Werewolf has the first goal that he looks, definitely is this Werewolf personal enemy. No matter Shen Xiang also these many, he in this time that only then Nine Heavens is not, he must in this Nine Heavens, get so far as massive demonic heart as far as possible.

The competition that this closes is harsh, 20 people have four to be promoted, this makes Shen Xiang feel not the small pressure. Wolf slave, in this how many have demonic heart Evil Demon to have?” Shen Xiang asked. Nearby this 50, the strength majority compared with me, several even are probably stronger, called the king not in the, but they might come.” Werewolf said. Shen Xiang is thinking a complete plan, area this 50 words, showed that small Evil Demon also has many, if creates the massive slaughters, excited these name kings, but gain does not equal the loss. suddenly, Shen Xiang Divine Halo dodges, he already wants to try formation in his mind, when used to make the trap, will be definitely good. He has put out grain of Hundred Beasts Dan, gives Werewolf: „Do you eat this type of thing?” After Werewolf result, smelled smelling, immediately the great happiness, swallows to chew immediately. Sees these Evil Demon also to like this thing, Shen Xiang is secretly happy, Hundred Beasts Dan he had, enough is used to make the bait to tempt these to use demonic heart big Evil Demon.