World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 420
Master, is it possible that is this pills in Human World? As far as I know, in this Mysterious Realm, only then a fruit can have this pill's effect.” After Werewolf eats up that Hundred Beasts Dan, memorable, the feeling said. Shen Xiang at present one bright, he thinks before this will not have any Heaven and Earth Treasure: What fruit? Where?” Werewolf stopped the footsteps: Master, you are must obtain demonic heart first, looks for that fruit tree first?” Shen Xiang thinks that asked: That fruit tree, only then do you know? What fierce fellow has there?” This does not have but actually, is only that fruit tree in an unusual danger(ous) place, fills unusual strength there, we cannot approach, only then the fellows of these name kings like mad can take off one, but is not big to their effects, therefore they have not gone to take, I think that the master can try to select.” Shen Xiang nodded: Words such being the case, first made demonic heart to say again that I am worried about to act swiftly to get there first by others.” Werewolf brings Shen Xiang to continue to run, he knows that Shen Xiang rushes to time, therefore the speed is also quick, not long, Long Xueyi induces to the front has Evil Demon. Was front, their total had almost 2000, compared with my influence mostly.” Werewolf said that sighed slightly, although his influence is not small, but instantaneously had actually been ruined by Shen Xiang, thinks that Shen Xiang that terrifying strength, he has a lingering fear, he personally sees oneself many subordinate really that types to make him feel in very uncomfortable strength. Shen Xiang whispered: You wait for me here, I urge to go faster come!” Werewolf hides behind one, but Shen Xiang has actually drilled into the thick patch of grass, simultaneously defers to Long Xueyi's to do, turns into a lion's head person, has mixed in that tribe. Shen Xiang had not been discovered that but some Evil Demon thought that he is quite strange, but they have not begun to have suspicions, because has rebels of other tribes frequently, therefore meets strange Evil Demon, they were also unalarmed by strange sights.

Here had many thatched roofed huts, Shen Xiang had found quickly commander of this tribe, that was in a quite big log cabin, here commander was the same with that Werewolf, has the Spirit Martial Realm initial stage strength. Has two! Has been careful, hides in underground, he fled the one breath to be discovered by me a moment ago, it is estimated that is in this tribe second in command Long Xueyi suddenly reminds Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang detoured by the window of that log cabin, the Evil Demon majority of this tribe are resting, has several to go on patrol. Even if so, he cannot alarm other Evil Demon, so as to avoid being encircled by the group, he does not want to bring in fierce Evil Demon of these name kings. After inducing to the log cabin in that big Evil Demon the position, Shen Xiang has put out that Demanding Life Devil Bow, is away from the plank, aims in log cabin that big Evil Demon, pours into his vigorous True Qi, prepares assassination that carries on to be quietly. Demanding Life Devil Bow assassinates the sharp weapon, enhances, the stab in the back that shoots along with the Shen Xiang's strength is fiercer, must kill one initially to enter Spirit Martial Realm Evil Demon at is not the difficult matter. Uses the induction of Divine Sense according to him, that Evil Demon is lying down on stone bed rests, Shen Xiang aims at the forehead of this big Evil Demon, takes away the trigger of demon crossbow, projects him to ferment for a long time terrifying stab in the back. The penetration plank that the stab in the back is quietly, straightly and injected the forehead of that Evil Demon accurately, Shen Xiang felt after that Evil Demon life aura became very weak, immediately arrived by the window, jumped. This big Evil Demon is a leopard headman, after his head that stab in the back hits a target, has blasted the half, died. Shen Xiang revolution Suppressing Devil divine art, releases Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, the hand like the eagle claw, is winding around Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, pricks that Evil Demon body fiercely the chest, penetrated that tenacious muscle with ease, was similar to pure white the thing of heart has pulled out. „Is this demonic heart? The good pure energy, cannot think really the energies of these fellows can also be so pure!” Shen Xiang exclaims.

This is natural, but they use these pure energies time, through their inherent abilities the nature changes of these energies, will turn into a stronger evil strength.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang receives demonic heart, melts this corpse with Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, then quietly leaves the log cabin, walks in another direction, Long Xueyi told him, ground there, had demonic heart Evil Demon. „The fellow under the place, is sleeping probably!” Long Xueyi whispered. Shen Xiang sees around that place nobody, moreover Evil Demon of that patrol does not dare to pass through there, Shen Xiang quietly approaches that place, hides near a log, does not let these patrols sees him. It seems like these have demonic heart Evil Demon to have their influence, if wants to kill them, must first deal with their little brothers!” The Shen Xiang heart said that he is only method is many, can assassinate. If other people, perhaps is hard to achieve, in other words, these King Continent's disciples are very easy calling Evil Demon of king direct. Grasps Demanding Life Devil Bow, pours into vigorous formidable True Qi fast, at this time Shen Xiang felt that Demanding Life Devil Bow had the bottleneck, because after he poured into too formidable True Qi, Demanding Life Devil Bow will shiver, if he continued to pour into again, perhaps will make Demanding Life Devil Bow blast. The black key projected together, injected the ground, caused small hole, Shen Xiang's Divine Sense was exceptionally formidable, therefore he can induce to that in the forehead of ground rest Evil Demon, can the forehead of very accurate hit that Evil Demon! After hitting, Shen Xiang walked fast, puts out a hand to grasp to the tread, his hand has infiltrated deeply, caught that demonic heart, after pulling out, he pours into massive Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi toward below again, the body of that big Evil Demon melting. The Werewolf original manuscript thinks one must wait to be very long, perhaps must with helping Shen Xiang and this tribe great war, when he indulges in flights of fancy shortly, Shen Xiang suddenly appeared, has patted his shoulder, said with a smile: Has gone well, looks that fruit tree!” Werewolf one startled: Is so quick?”

Shen Xiang has put out two demonic heart, said with a smile: Naturally quick, if wanted do you personally experience?” Werewolf body fierce trembling, thinks that own demonic heart pulled out, he feels the incomparable fear, he thinks that does not understand how Shen Xiang is quietly to achieve . Moreover the speed so is fast. Among the short less than half double-hour, Shen Xiang obtained two demonic heart, the harvest has also calculated that was not small. If no this Werewolf to guide, perhaps he must search high and low, but can also have the conflict with massive Evil Demon, finally brings in said that Evil Demon of king, that is very troublesome. Shen Xiang entered a stretch of gloomy swampy ground with Werewolf, this inside fills the miasma, that Werewolf does not fear the toxin probably, Shen Xiang does not fear. Is front that braves light the place, that energy does not know how to come, we do not dare to approach!” Werewolf has referred to front. Is Pure Elemental Fruit?” Su Meiyao calls out in alarm said.