World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 421
Shen Xiang can induce to release very pure energy aura to the front that light group, moreover is having a light fragrance, making the person unable to bear attracts several. Is refines Pure Elemental Golden Pill main herbs, Pure Elemental Fruit?” Shen Xiang slightly one startled, in heart wild with joy, this herbs the hundred thousand year ago few, he knew from that four Formation Grandmaster mind that Divine Martial Palace's medicine garden had, but afterward used up. When Shen Xiang wants, Long Xueyi suddenly said: Wait / Etc., this energy is not the fruit can release!” Right, this energy close Nirvana Realm Evil Demon is unable to withstand continually, is not surely simple!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang just trod one step, stopped, he is unable to see that Pure Elemental Fruit tree, because by golden light blocking, in this golden light has one type to let the Shen Xiang very familiar energy. Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi! His mother, how will here have Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi?” Shen Xiang said astonished that now he understands why these Evil Demon do not dare to approach. Really is Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but with your difference, this Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is stronger, will only shine, does not have other aura!” Long Xueyi said. Since is Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, Shen Xiang naturally cannot fear, he makes Werewolf wait for him here, the stride walked, he entered that to be said by golden light after the place that covered, then saw one more than one zhang (3.33 m) high, was covered with the white leaf the tree, on the tree full was pale golden Pure Elemental Fruit, had more than 50 probably. Pure Elemental Golden Pill main herbs has the difference, separately is the leaf and Pure Elemental Fruit of Pure Elemental Tree, therefore Shen Xiang obtained Pure Elemental Golden Pill all herbs. However he actually anxiously picking, he is not seeking for that to send out the golden light thing now, that is not the Pure Elemental Fruit tree can release. Quick, he sees the ray braves from beach water, Shen Xiang approaches to look that seeing side to bring the bronze mirror of handle to lie down in that small water hole.

After he this mirror grasps, then the induction to Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi suddenly emerges in his body, making his body emit intermittent golden light immediately, this makes Werewolf have to hide to a stone behind immediately, avoids being shone by this ray. After Shen Xiang fused in this mirror massive Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, discovered that own Suppressing Devil Golden Body become stronger were many, but his Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi also had the change, became stronger. Shen Xiang hastily drop blood on that mirror, quick made this mirror bear, this mirror named Suppressing Devil Mirror, after cultivating the Suppressing Devil divine art person used, can make the mirror release very fierce Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to cope with demon. After obtaining this Suppressing Devil Mirror, Shen Xiang is wild with joy, because this mirror does not have the master time, Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi that releases can keep Evil Demon of these name kings from withstanding, let alone he now had Suppressing Devil Mirror. This Suppressing Devil Mirror why will appear makes him not think here clearly. If there is an opportunity, he will certainly cope with Evil Demon of these name kings with this Suppressing Devil Mirror, tries this Suppressing Devil Mirror might. After that ray vanishes, Werewolf looks quietly to that tree, he stayed here was so long, first time saw this Pure Elemental Tree, now he feels more frightened to the Shen Xiang's strength, Evil Demon of these name kings are unable to deal with this place, Shen Xiang was unexpectedly easy achieves. Shen Xiang starts to pick these Pure Elemental Fruit, just took off 30, Long Xueyi on hastily shouted: Some people approach, strength very strong Spirit Martial Realm martial artist, should be that Wang Quan apprentice!” Werewolf also induced, he has cried out strangely, shouted: Master, had fierce fellow to come.” Shen Xiang also induces to that aura now, is he is quite truly familiar, the Wang Quan apprentice he has seen, their aura Shen Xiang were already familiar.

Comes side quickly me!” Shen Xiang hastily shouted, after Werewolf hears, immediately flew to leap up. This Werewolf can guess correctly that humanity comes this Mysterious Realm, was sought for demonic heart to come, therefore his situation danger(ous), he thinks humanity that dares to come, was strong, like Shen Xiang. If he does not become the Shen Xiang's slave, even if did not pull out demonic heart by Shen Xiang, by other humanity massacring. Werewolf just arrived at side Shen Xiang, wears blue magnificently dressed, grasps the treasure sword handsome man floating to fall, that unruly eye looked at Shen Xiang, looked at that Werewolf, the brow of standing tall and erect a wrinkle, is staring at that Pure Elemental Tree immediately finally. Shen Xiang, you and Evil Demon is a companion, if this passes on, others can think? Snort!” This man spoke, look filled greedily, the sound was arrogant. He is staring at that fruit tree stubbornly, he knows that this fruit tree is precious. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Wan Xuan, you open your eye to see clearly, he is my slave! My Shen Xiang can make one have demonic heart Evil Demon to be my servant, this is the incomparably honorable matter!” This arrogant male named Wan Xuan, is one of the Wang Quan apprentices. Wan Xuan may, no matter these many, he saw to have demonic heart Evil Demon, saw a priceless valuable tree, how could to move? Especially above these pale golden attractive fruits, want to nip one including him greatly. I remember that Elder Ding has said that if encounters this situation, can use the most ancient way solution!” Wan Xuan eye one startled, sinister smile. The most ancient way, contends in martial arts, who has won, whose the thing is!

In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing, sees only his palm to turn, to an behind Pure Elemental Tree racket, vigorously is grasping, the entire tree was pulled up by his including root, was received in the ring by him fast, gives Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou processing. This crude picking way might make the entire tree die very much, but Shen Xiang did not fear that he had golden dragon saliva, can use the Pure Elemental Fruit type, so long as gave his time, he wanted many to have many. Shen Xiang you......” Wan Xuan are angry, fierce staring to that Werewolf, is separating the spatial palm to that Werewolf, brings being in charge of Golden Lightning True Qi to fly to shoot, makes the xiū xiū sound, hits to Werewolf. Must shortly the Werewolf bang kills, Shen Xiang stuffy snort|hum, body suddenly is winding around invisible colorless True Qi, assumes spiral-shaped to move around his body, saw only that condense being in charge of Golden Lightning True Qi to be attracted by Shen Xiang, hit on Shen Xiang's. A Shen Xiang matter does not have, that strength had been used the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art art melting by him. Shen Xiang, you did not fear that I do massacre you here? If I kill you, nobody knows absolutely is I does.” In the Wan Xuan heart gets angry slightly, he already got up has killed the heart, but he knows that Shen Xiang is not simple, he worried that after Shen Xiang massacres, oneself also meet Yuan Qi to damage severely. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Told the sentence truth, that moment that since you present, you in my eyes is a deceased person! You are the Wang Quan young apprentice, I already want to kill 1-2 his apprentices to give a color him to take a look!” The Wan Xuan complexion changes, loudly said: Such being the case, then I am not panting! Although you before have met our King Continent's bloodlines martial artist, but bloodlines martial artist also has various grades and ranks, these fellows in my eyes are the waste, will only lose the bloodlines martial artist honor! Today I make you have a look at fierce of genuine bloodlines martial artist.”