World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 422
The person who Wan Xuan is fourth coming, led almost day to enter here compared with Shen Xiang, his strength was not weak, Shen Xiang guessed that he has gotten so far as many demonic heart, if massacred Wan Xuan, he can obtain demonic heart in Wan Xuan hand, can make him save a lot of time. But Wan Xuan sees Shen Xiang to receive Evil Demon for the servant, in the heart the secret envy, he already wants to do, Evil Demon that but he meets is not willing, he also only to massacre these Evil Demon finally, like Shen Xiang, has a strength good Evil Demon servant, will walk in this Mysterious Realm becomes very convenient. Shen Xiang, the truth told you, you are unable to enter the final finals absolutely, my Master only then our four apprentices, but he gave up to take Good Fortune Fruit, to let us branched out to be high. Therefore besides us, other people gave up any idea of that enters the finals!” Wan Xuan haughty said with a smile, wielded a sword to divide, the sword color break-up left together, shot together with very strong Qi Energy wind. In Shen Xiang heart one startled, hastily casts aside to avoid, but that Dao Qi vigor has delimited from his face, delimited a bloodstain on his face, the 1st Stage hair is also sheared. After seeing the Wan Xuan strength, the Shen Xiang's complexion becomes sinks to congeal, this Wan Xuan strength truly before him that two bloodlines martial artist that meets are stronger, although this Wan Xuan in the Wang Quan young apprentice, but the strengths of Wang Quan four apprentices are immeasurably deep, is well-matched, will otherwise not make their four fight. This competition also decided that who the Wang Quan four apprentices are will obtain the inheritance of Wang Quan, is important. You meant, before you come , has Wang Quan given many demonic heart you?” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth flash through wipe the happy expression. Wan Xuan severe Xiao, is wielding a sword to Shen Xiang continuously, chops to bring to contain startling thunderclap strength Qi Energy, True Qi of his within the body that explodes treasure sword after his hand in shoots, becomes stronger, making Shen Xiang feel huge danger(ous). Right, our four ironclad can enter the finals, other people cannot stop our four people to compete for first.” Wan Xuan looks that Shen Xiang moves aside to avoid his attack, probably is such of mousie, he smiled haughty. Shen Xiang, puts out your fierce Dragon Force, Master he often said that only then Dragon Force can defeat our bloodlines martial artist, I do not believe!” Wan Xuan frowned, the treasure sword light shining in all directions in hand, his both hands grasp the sword, is dividing fiercely to not far away Shen Xiang, that brushes, innumerable [say / way] sword light suddenly appears, is similar to a great net is covering Shen Xiang generally.

Smuggles is destroying a strength sword shade stars great net, making Shen Xiang nowhere move aside, Wan Xuan laughs, he thought that coped with Shen Xiang to be too relaxed After the sword net covers, Shen Xiang turns into the mist immediately, he has displayed Water Mirror Art, if his strength, only then a little, he was already eliminated. Wan Xuan startled, fierce turning around, turned around simultaneously speedily to divide a sword, in an instant, Sword Qi four shot, the powerful aura that bloodlines martial artist had erupted with treasure sword, filled with the aura of destruction to shake eight sides, all around ground split in abundance. Works as!” A sound gets up, the Shen Xiang cross piece blocked that to chop the great mountain a terror sword, he kept off that with ease, moreover counter-balanced that strength gently cleanly. You have not matched me to use Dragon Force! To you...... Will only bring disgrace on this sacred strength.” The Shen Xiang sound is faint, a palm has hit, Wan Xuan receives the sword without enough time, meets the approaching enemy by the palm. Taking control of that even if Wan Xuan does not prepare, holds the strength is very strong, fills the air in his palm above invisible strength, forms one to be full of the energy qi wave, Shen Xiang has not moved his palm, felt that burns hot strength to seep into his within the body, after this overbearing tyrannical strength enters his meridians, immediately is demented, wants to explode, but was suppressed by him. Ha Ha, knew my fierce!” Wan Xuan said while loudly laughing, clenches teeth, increases the palm strength. Two palms bump into together, mighty waves have not aroused, probably is two children to palm such, this stems from the anticipation of Wan Xuan, in he estimates, Shen Xiang shaking will draw back by his strong palm strength, at least will be ruined an arm, but all around trees should also by the air wave that he will erupt destroying. He He, looked that who can laugh last!” After Shen Xiang receives the palm, has flung the arm, falls Wan Xuan strength.

Shen Xiang retreat several steps, but Wan Xuan actually hastily wields a sword to divide to chop, but he just lifted the sword, does not think right. The complexion sudden change of Wan Xuan, the whole face is panic-stricken, he screamed: What have you made to my hand? How can like this? The bone of my arm? Where went to?” Transforming Bone Devil Palm! Shen Xiang when to the palm, displayed this to melt the bone soft palm with foot strength a moment ago, before he avoids Wan Xuan Sword Qi, started to get ready, from the beginning, he to create the opportunity, lets Wan Xuan and he to the palm. Now he has achieved successfully, he melted completely a Wan Xuan arm above bone. Although Shen Xiang not commonly used Transforming Bone Devil Palm contends in martial arts, but his actually person practices, now he enters into Peak Realm, this melts the bone soft palm to be also fiercer, he has been able to achieve to be quietly to make opposite party bone suddenly disappear . Moreover the opposite party will not feel that any pain hurts! This is fierce of devil art, Shen Xiang does not dare to use in the front of too many person, because this martial arts somewhat is somewhat evil, got the handle to find fault very much easily. In Wan Xuan heart panic-stricken incomparable, although he has undergone the brutal training, but first time comes across this matter, said again he is to usually keep aloof, moreover is also young, but also insufficient Shen Xiang is calm. Must know that Shen Xiang struggles in life and death edge frequently, after tempering of many important matters, young, but maturity is steady! Shen Xiang...... I must be cut to pieces you.” Wan Xuan goes crazy is wielding a sword to Shen Xiang, overran toward Shen Xiang, on his arm does not have the bone, is beyond control, angrily and made him lose the reason frightened immediately. If Shen Xiang comes across this matter, first first maintains life, but does not impulse and opposite party for a while goes all out. Sees the Wan Xuan anger to soar to the heavens, Shen Xiang knows the effect that he wants achieved. Looks at Wan Xuan to clash, is wielding a sword to divide to chop to him, he is only the calm horizontal blade keeps off, simultaneously uses Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art controls the law of strength mysteriously, has a huge suction, closely attracts the Wan Xuan sword on own blade.

At this moment, Shen Xiang looks to the chest of Wan Xuan, his eyes opens the eyes, red light glittering, two red light beam suddenly shoot from his eye, put on to escape the body of Wan Xuan. Penetrating Heart Devil Eye! This is also Bai Youyou haughty devil art, Shen Xiang continuously releases, not only penetrates the heart of Wan Xuan, meanwhile penetrates the Wan Xuan various dantians as well as places awfully with this terrifying devil light. „...... Shen Xiang your bastard, you die like a dog......” strategic point suddenly of Wan Xuan body to encounter continually the fatal attack, the dantian by seriously the wound, lost strength, knees down, whole body severe pain. The Wan Xuan vitality is tenacious, unexpectedly had not died, his was also robbed by Shen Xiang treasure sword. Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, takes off Wan Xuan storage ring, said with a smile: Your strength is good, if in the regular situation, I must win you quite to be tired, but now, Ha Ha......”