World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 423
Since Shen Xiang adopted points match that pass/test, Wang Quan forces Wan Xuan they to understand that various Shen Xiang's martial arts contests, examine various Shen Xiang types of materials, therefore they thought that they to Shen Xiang were knowing things like the back of one's hand, but Shen Xiang actually did not understand them, they had very big superiority in this aspect. Shen Xiang under has contended in martial arts in public places many times, the children know that what martial arts he will use frequently, but Shen Xiang's devil art actually little in public places under uses, especially Penetrating Heart Devil Eye and bone soft palm, that Ice Spirit Devil Aura he also quietly has used one time, at that time was looked by some Big Shot, but actually does not know that is any martial arts. Only then uses these devil art, Shen Xiang has used the true strength, his devil art was virtually impossible to guard against, therefore he has also hidden, otherwise with ease will not give to defeat Wan Xuan now, this was Bai Youyou has also made him do. Huang Jintian does not know that Shen Xiang has this devil art, Wan Xuan they do not know, in this Evil Demon Mysterious Realm, so long as does not have other people, Shen Xiang can use at will. Relax, some people do not know that you are I massacre, Ha Ha!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, the hand has the blade to fall, persons head falls to the ground. Wang Quan young apprentice Wan Xuan, bloodlines martial artist of having like this was solved by Shen Xiang. Wan Xuan to that moment of dying, understands why Shen Xiang has not coped with him with that fierce Dragon Force, because does not need, he also understands one had been planned by Shen Xiang from the beginning, the entire martial arts contest was being operated by Shen Xiang. tut tut, demonic heart are really many, unexpectedly has 51!” Shen Xiang is very surprised, this Evil Demon Mysterious Realm is the Divine Martial Palace control, casual Nirvana Realm comes in this, wanting many demonic heart not to have the issue. These many, it seems like Wang Quan to guarantee his four apprentices can enter the final finals, has set up this pass/test, this fellow has not thought that will lose the life of oneself apprentice.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Shen Xiang gives Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou these demonic heart they, before making them try to find the solution these demonic heart become and differently, if by Wang Quan were discovered these demonic heart are he robs, that troublesome was big, he has killed Wan Xuan, this matter cannot reveal. He does not certainly fear the wolf slave, he had several means to make this Werewolf not say this matter.

Wolf slave, you come!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, throws to wolf slave grain of Hundred Beasts Dan. After the wolf slave received, immediately puts in the mouth to swallow, Shen Xiang feels his head, starts to display Grasping Soul Devil Curse, was searching for the wolf slave memory. Bears!” Shen Xiang shouted to clear the way stuffily, a wolf slave head pain, has then fainted. Shen Xiang using Grasping Soul Devil Curse, erased the wolf slave memory, this is also a Grasping Soul Devil Curse quite good place. You used Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search for a moment ago that Wan Xuan memory, perhaps knows the accidental matter.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: No problem, my some are the opportunities, doesn't he have three Senior Brother in this? Best not to be bumped into by me!” In this environment, Shen Xiang not many worries, so long as bumps into the Wang Quan apprentice, he will be reckless the opposite party massacres, meets many to kill many. After all in this place, casualty is unavoidable, so long as nobody knows that Wang Quan suspected, does not dare to take Shen Xiang to be what kind. The wolf slave wakes up quickly, he forgot that the matter, the memory also stayed in Shen Xiang picks fruits there, but the Wan Xuan corpse was also cleaned up by him cleanly. Wolf slave, I gives your pills, other will Evil Demon also like eating?” Shen Xiang asked.

Meeting, this type of thing is useful to us, after I have eaten, can obtain the energy, although this place has Spirit Qi, but we are actually hard to absorb, these Spirit Qi float in the air, once after getting down, becomes very muddy, we can depute very much difficultly, but the master gives me pills actually to help me one obtain the massive pure energies.” The wolf slave said. Shen Xiang touches the nose, asked: If I put to be many some pills here, other Evil Demon can smell? I want to be used to tempt these to have demonic heart Evil Demon, so as to avoid I look, was too troublesome.” He currently had 53 demonic heart, that is self-confident, he very clearly if here wants to get so far as these many demonic heart not to be easy, therefore he thought that he can enter the final finals. Definitely will be smelled. Discovered that the good thing the words, small Evil Demon wants to inform commander generally, making commander take, this will be safer, moreover commander will also reward small Evil Demon! If small Evil Demon had discovered he has sole possession, was looked by commander, the fate is very serious.” Shen Xiang nodded: I want to find a place, best is the place that many tribes frequently go, like this my trap can catch commander.” Black Wood Canyon, there is the path to spirit river, many small Evil Demon and commander will frequently pass through this Black Wood Canyon to go to spirit river!” Where is spirit river?” Shen Xiang asked. Is a very danger(ous) river, but this river can release many Spirit Qi, but falls into the words in river, died, even if said that king Evil Demon will fall down will die.” On the wolf slave face said completely frightened: I have seen falling down of name king, after this, I have not seen that fellow.” Shen Xiang makes the wolf slave guide, going on the way, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had found changed that 51 demonic heart means that making these demonic heart and actually is different, when the Wang Quan inspection will not be discovered. These demonic heart are Wang Quan gives his apprentice, Shen Xiang was worried that he will recognize, therefore he must be discrete.

Wan Xuan came for almost two days, obtained demonic heart, Wang Quan has only given him 50, but actually sufficed.” Su Meiyao said. These demonic heart are useful, Shen Xiang wants to make more, if possible, he does not want to report on accomplishments with demonic heart that these rob, once were discovered that the matter will become very serious. Black Wood Canyon is a very big canyon, an inside full black big tree, this Mysterious Realm was dim, after entering this forest, becomes jet black, some plants and illumination the insects of but in this also some can shine fly in all directions. Shen Xiang must arrange large formation in the Black Wood Canyon middle, stretches across canyon middle large formation, he believes that this kind of giant trap said continually Evil Demon of king is hard to escape. If before, he has not dared such to do, but he obtains one to cope with fierce Evil Demon Suppressing Devil Mirror now, so long as he stimulates to movement Suppressing Devil Mirror, releases these fierce Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to come, he is invincible in this. What set up formation needs is top grade crystal stones, he went to Lotus Island to make, enough him has arranged that large formation continuous working ten days.