World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 424
To arrange large formation, the Shen Xiang's pressure is not small, he remembers that some Formation Grandmaster have the assistant, previous Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan coordinate the arrangement. dragon brat, comes out to help my!” The person who Shen Xiang can use now has Long Xueyi, her strength is good, moreover Divine Sense is also powerful enough, making her be the assistant should better. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, although is not skilled, but is intelligent, is only their strengths is not strong, Shen Xiang did not feel relieved that they come out this place. Long Xueyi does not prefer, but under Shen Xiang's combined threats with inducements, came out honestly. Wolf slave suddenly sees this 11 or 12-year-old little girl to appear, the eye stares perfectly round, Long Xueyi to his tenderly snorted and said: Looks at anything to look that hurried to say according to me did.” The wolf slave sees this adorable little girl not to fear him, thinks at heart strange, Shen Xiang nodded to him, making him obey Long Xueyi's director. Then, wolf slave arranged a place of assigning is digging a pit, Shen Xiang has sectioned out several marks there, altogether must dig four very deep pits. Shen Xiang according to that four Formation Grandmaster memory, must arrange one to let the person in dire straits here in inside Illusion Formation, after entering inside, will meet a labyrinth, is very difficult to walk, but Shen Xiang can actually see clearly inside all, uses Illusion Formation inside attack formation, kills inside person. Naturally, he can also attack from outside. This formation is very big, is similar to river such lies down in this Black Wood Canyon horizontally, luckily the process of arrangement is not that complex. Shen Xiang must first do portrays spirit pattern to come in the ground, this point is very for him easy, he emits several groups of flame, lets these flame according to walking that he controls, has started out many spreading across small passage under the place, these small passage only suffice a mousie to pass through.

The basic constitution of formation is by these abstruse spirit pattern, Shen Xiang these spirit pattern, does not know how should combine, but he actually knows that this formation needs any spirit pattern, therefore copies the use, when he quarter spirit pattern these deeply following spirit pattern after Black Wood Canyon, passed one all day. But Long Xueyi actually defers to his instruction, is digging a pit in all directions, Long Xueyi and Werewolf are the same places, therefore they must complete compared with Shen Xiang quickly. In the jet black forest, suddenly emitted dazzling luminous, Shen Xiang has put out several quite big top grade crystal stones, he gave Long Xueyi these top grade crystal stones, said: Extracts Spirit Qi from these top grade crystal stones, becomes the liquid these Spirit Qi condense, digs the pit that to pour into from these.” This is not difficult to Long Xueyi, but thinks very bored, she honk mouth coldly snorted, receives to start to be busy at work. Shen Xiang first set up formation, he does not know to succeed, therefore he will be more careful, he is also taking extremely quick top grade crystal stones, extracts inside pure Spirit Qi, then turns into the liquid in inside massive Spirit Qi the compression, lets these liquids through the pit that these dig, flows in these him in spirit pattern passage that underground makes. These spirit pattern like mouse hole such, in underground spread across, is covering the entire ground, once there is an energy to cover on these spirit pattern, formation has completed half. This step is quite quick, but consumes top grade crystal stones, but after all spirit pattern full floaded operation massive Spirit Qi, Shen Xiang buys completely these pits, only keeps last, he invests quite big top grade crystal stones in that pit finally, this is a base. After burying the earth, Shen Xiang and wolf slave is far away from here, but formation also misses the last step, starts this large formation, this needs the massive spirits, making in underground these spirit pattern Spirit Qi be in one completely. Shen Xiang according to these memories, releases own Divine Sense, making these Divine Sense pour into the middle base completely, through here, making Divine Sense keep on all spirit pattern, then controls these Spirit Qi to compress together, is united as one body!

This process is more difficult than the Shen Xiang imagination, because of the beginning, his Divine Sense has consumed the larger part, but arrived behind, the consumption became slow, but formation gradually was also controlled by him. Finally completed!” Shen Xiang stands on a tree, looks at the front to say. After large formation forms, Illusion Formation will cover among Black Wood Canyon a big section distance, but now Shen Xiang starts to use his imagination, constructs a illusion. Illusion Formation is very special formation, after entering Illusion Formation inside, the spirit of person will be affected, enters the Illusion Formation person all, although is Shen Xiang that meets in inside imagines, but actually very real appearance in that person of mind, therefore arranges Illusion Formation to request to Divine Sense to be very high. Shen Xiang injects the scene that he imagines toward the base, so long as enters the Illusion Formation person, will meet the thing that some do not have, but these things are Shen Xiang imagine, they are just because the spirit was attacked, presented others' spirit in their mind, will therefore take seriously illusion inside thing. The illusion that Shen Xiang imagines is full various precious spirit herb botanical gardens, has beautiful Lan Tian in inside, has the beautiful scenery, Spirit Qi is rich, the person who so long as goes in alone, will be confused by inside. This is the Illusion Formation fierce place, only then some Divine Sense very strong people, can leave the genuine and fake respectively. formation is the Shen Xiang arrangement, he will go will certainly not have the matter, now he takes sack Hundred Beasts Dan to go, places inside place, making these pills release the medicine fragrance, will attract these Evil Demon to come. On the same day, that Small White Tiger by Hundred Beasts Dan tempting, so long as likes the Hundred Beasts Dan life, is hard to resist this enticement, let alone is these hopes obtains Evil Demon of pure energy!

For does not make these Evil Demon induce, Shen Xiang pulled out to empty a bough of great tree, arranged one to isolate formation in inside, let the aura of him and wolf slave does not leak, then he monitored Illusion Formation inside situation through tiny hole again. Shen Xiang's Divine Sense was very strong, again becomes his Divine Sense through spirit pattern of these implication energies more formidable, such one, even if said that Evil Demon of king is hard to get rid of this Illusion Formation, all that so long as in Illusion Formation, they sees, will be real. Not long, Shen Xiang induces to having Evil Demon is approaching, moreover is one crowd. The wolf slave deeply has attracted several tones, said: This is the smell of that stupid bear.” Has the demonic heart fellow?” Shen Xiang asked. Has, the strength compared with me, I think that he should be leads the subordinate to go to the spirit river practice.” The wolf slave said. Shen Xiang now is somewhat anxious, because that is formation that his first time arranges, he is worried to be useless, he also can only wait for now patiently that waited for prey enters his trap!