World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 425
Shen Xiang sees the distant place to have one crowd of Evil Demon to walk slowly, was filling vigilant nearness Illusion Formation, quick must enter into Illusion Formation. He appears somewhat anxious, he is pinching Suppressing Devil Mirror in hand stubbornly, once this batch of Evil Demon enter in Illusion Formation, the opportunity one, he attacks them with this treasure mirror. After big Evil Demon of that Xiong Shenren beast enters into Illusion Formation inside, in the Shen Xiang mind had the marvelous feeling, at this time he is that Illusion Formation is connected, can induce to Illusion Formation in all. suddenly, the distant place transmitted one to cheer, Shen Xiang knows that his Illusion Formation arranged successfully, because these Evil Demon saw that beautiful and rich illusion, at this time is dashing about wildly in the forest, cheering, was looking from outside that probably was bewitched was the same. This is only Illusion Formation of most foundation, top rank Illusion Formation can open a space to come, after entering that space inside, almost can by in dire straits.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang makes wolf slave honest stay here , etc. he come back, but he actually quietly enters in Illusion Formation, is taking Suppressing Devil Mirror, approaches these quietly by Evil Demon that illusion confuses. That Werebear is not stupid, he not like other people delighted, although he saw to brave the Spirit Qi trees and fruits, can see in this beautiful scenery, thing that touched also that real, after eating, was delicious, these small Evil Demon took off many fruits to eat, eats laughs. But all these are illusion, reason that they can feel that is because their spirits have deceived them, their five feelings were affected by the spirit completely, deceit that can therefore succeed they. Shen Xiang turned into Evil Demon, now he uses 72 Transformations this Divine Ability not only to change Evil Demon, changes the large-scale beasts, but can also turn into other people, but he has not attempted. In the dim forest, one crowd of Evil Demon were laughing heartily, they planted probably are eating transparent thing such, looked like very strange, making Shen Xiang laugh secretly.

Shen Xiang arrived at that Werebear, has put out that Suppressing Devil Mirror, to the head of Werebear, is stimulating to movement treasure mirror. Werebear fierce has turned head, but at this time, Suppressing Devil Mirror has projected golden light glow, this golden light lets Werebear head instantaneous vanish from sight, probably extremely hot flame ejaculation wax column such, making the wax column vanish instantaneously. Shen Xiang laughs, releases Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi in the hand, infiltrates the chest of Werebear, has pulled out that demonic heart, then moves sideways to leave Illusion Formation. After leaving, he makes in Illusion Formation change, turns into a labyrinth, lets the small Evil Demon in dire straits these in inside, making them come out. Shen Xiang was relaxed has gone well, but that crowd of small Evil Demon were also directed by the road in that labyrinth to the Illusion Formation deep place, the wall of labyrinth was strength that formation released, therefore was hard to put on to escape, this formation used massive top grade crystal stones to arrange, strength was very big. After going well, Shen Xiang returns wolf slave there, then continues to wait for next batch of Evil Demon arrive. Three days pass by, Shen Xiang through this beautiful trap, obtained five demonic heart, but in Illusion Formation small Evil Demon, the words this way, easily were also looked. At this time Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao have thought good means that to massacre these small Evil Demon, fused the pure energy of their within the body, refined demonic heart through Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace. Shen Xiang complied, goes to kill inside small Evil Demon, obtained many green energy Qi ball, if a bit faster did not gather, these energy Qi ball will diverge all.

After Shen Xiang massacres small Evil Demon, will put in these Qi ball Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, the bait that at this time he emitted were more, even a day had three batch of Evil Demon to come, was leads by commander, but has fallen finally into Illusion Formation, became Shen Xiang's prey. The present range this pass/test the competition to end also day, Shen Xiang these days, altogether obtained 15 demonic heart through that Illusion Formation, but he is refining with some small Evil Demon energy Qi ball now, if were smooth, he will also obtain much, because of these Evil Demon energy Qi ball. Finally has become, although is not authentic demonic heart, but looks like looks like!” Shen Xiang altogether refined 15, for serveral days, he altogether had only gotten so far as 32, moreover he also calculates that quite, other people could be imagined quickly? If not he kills Wan Xuan, obtains that 51 demonic heart, he was unable to enter the final finals. Had everybody to come, unexpectedly was a fellow of name king!” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm, this lets heart splash the adjustment. This fellow unexpectedly has 20 to accompany! These fellows have demonic heart!” Shen Xiang was more excited, but he worried that Illusion Formation will be broken, Evil Demon of that name king is truly strong, in his opinion, that is the Tempering Realm late stage strength. Personal enemy who that Liao Shaoyun, he engraves on mind is also such strength, Shen Xiang presently is only peak Spirit Martial Realm initial stage, has Soul Martial Realm on Spirit Martial Realm, finally arrives at Tempering Realm, he also has a long way to go. Calm!” Shen Xiang is pinching that Suppressing Devil Mirror, if massacres in Illusion Formation 21 Evil Demon, he can obtain 21 demonic heart, in addition before him 32 , more than 50, this is very many. „Can king, cheat? For serveral days, but came little rascal of many humanity, killed many fellows, they came to demonic heart.” A tiger head person said.

Did not fear that these human little rascal were not fierce, copes with you to be good, copes with my to be far on the difference, in this, my this strength was strongest!” Is the person of head said. Evil Demon of this name king is scary, his lower part is a very giant scorpion body, but the upper body is the body of person, both hands is actually two giant pliers, tail that poisonous hook is actually shaking, making these big Evil Demon around him not dare to approach. Shen Xiang first time meets Evil Demon of this name king, the present is to examine that Illusion Formation and Suppressing Devil Mirror time, he has been anticipating for day! Poisonous Scorpion King, most approaches a Black Wood Canyon king, possibly is because commander of too many tribe have been missing, he will come.” After the wolf slave smells the smell, in eyes full is panic-stricken. But Shen Xiang actually walked, cautious and solemn mixes in that Illusion Formation, at this time Poisonous Scorpion King they had not come, but that Hundred Beasts Dan smell was really too attractive, Hundred Beasts Dan to Evil Demon and beasts, was very pure energy, Evil Demon and beasts can distinguish through the smell, moreover can smell in the thousand li(500 km). Walks! Has me, has anything to be good to fear!” Poisonous Scorpion King loudly said, walks toward front. Shen Xiang controlled Illusion Formation to stop revolving at this time, after he must waits for all Evil Demon to go, open again, the Evil Demon discovery that otherwise takes the lead is not right, following will not come. He holds the breath to look after all Evil Demon walk, in the heart has cheered one, stimulates to movement Illusion Formation, saw only Poisonous Scorpion King and that 20 Evil Demon has sent out a tumult immediately, because their suddenly appeared in a very beautiful canyon.