World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 426
After Poisonous Scorpion King and subordinate enter Illusion Formation, Shen Xiang controls formation to emit many illusion, separates them completely. Let them unable to see other Evil Demon, meanwhile makes them place oneself in the dungeon is ordinary, they walks to a road, directing them to disperse. Such one, Shen Xiang does not need to be worried that they unite together, breaks this large formation. Hides in Illusion Formation inside Shen Xiang, grasps Suppressing Devil Mirror, massacres big Evil Demon that these disperse, pulls out demonic heart, before he has made many times, at this time becomes very skilled, 20 demonic heart arrived in his hand quickly. Now only then that Poisonous Scorpion King still in that beautiful mountain valley, he at this time also thinks to confuse, and has sent out the attack to all around, his strength is very strong, Shen Xiang feels that aura in the distant place huge, but these strength had been counter-balanced by large formation completely, attack not big use. The Poisonous Scorpion King deep place in a beautiful incomparable mountain valley, he already stayed in Mysterious Realm that suffered injustice greasily, now goes to such a place, in the heart, although felt happy, but still was very vigilant, that 20 subordinate suddenly that whose because came with him disappeared. Poisonous Scorpion King cautious and solemn is walking in the mountain valley, actually simply does not have what mountain valley, that is Shen Xiang fantasizes, but he comes to instill into these fantasies through formation to the Poisonous Scorpion King mind. This fellow is not good to cope, it seems like I must begin using this formation inside attack.” Shen Xiang massacres this Poisonous Scorpion King again, the Illusion Formation that he arranges also almost exhausted the energy. He when arranges this Illusion Formation, these spirit pattern contain to bring attack formation, along with his intention control, this Illusion Formation inside energy starts to gather, through these spirit pattern, gathers very terrifying strength. Bang a bang, glittering of lightning in the dim forest, shelled together on the body of that Poisonous Scorpion King, Poisonous Scorpion King exudes one to roar, at the same time, Shen Xiang with that Suppressing Devil Mirror to Poisonous Scorpion King, was releasing Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi that Demon and Devil most feared. Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi collects together golden light, shines on the head of Poisonous Scorpion King, only hears Poisonous Scorpion King to send out wicked whooshing, all of a sudden by Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi melting head, but is melting little. The Poisonous Scorpion King strength is very strong, fleshly body is also so, therefore Shen Xiang these time used Suppressing Devil Mirror not like before, all of a sudden head melting.

How long however Poisonous Scorpion King could not support, head by that type Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi that had strange strength corroding cleanly. Confirmed after that Poisonous Scorpion King died, Shen Xiang dodges, simultaneously puts out a hand to grasp to the chest of Poisonous Scorpion King, to guarantee the flash grasps Poisonous Scorpion King demonic heart, Shen Xiang with fully Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but also releases little Dragon Force, mixes in Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, making strength of his claw stronger. Scoffing, the Shen Xiang's palm pricked Poisonous Scorpion King that solid chest, held that demonic heart, will have pulled out. This Poisonous Scorpion King demonic heart and ordinary demonic heart are equally big, but is very bright, releases dazzling green light glow, making the person think that in goes well is holding a small green Sun. Really is the big harvest! The Illusion Formation energy also has many, came an everybody to be good again!” Shen Xiang sighs with emotion was saying that returns to side the wolf slave , to continue to wait, now only then day of time he can exit. The wolf slave saw Shen Xiang 2-3 to tidy up Poisonous Scorpion King that crowd of fierce Evil Demon, in the heart panic-stricken, his suddenly thought one were very intelligent, the luck was also very good, otherwise his demonic heart already in the Shen Xiang hand. Shen Xiang on tight sitting there, is inducing all around with Divine Sense, waited for that the fish enters the net, his Hundred Beasts Dan put on inside was so long, had not been eaten one, but made Shen Xiang obtain fish much. Quite a while passes, Shen Xiang fierce opening eye: Came!” Those who disappoint him somewhat is, comes is not the big fish, is only big Evil Demon, the tribe commander rank, if Evil Demon of that name king, perhaps will have one group of subordinates to come, moreover that Evil Demon demonic heart is very good.

Is an ultra-large fish! Ha Ha, unexpectedly is a person.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Shen Xiang one startled, he has not induced to that person, he by small hole, quick saw one to wear tall and thin man correct use very lithe movement technique of black clothed, was tracking a mouthful fang, has the Evil Demon of wild boar same body and tooth. This is Gongsun Jie! But this fellow Wang Quan two apprentices!” In the Shen Xiang heart calls out in alarm, this is a big fish, his heart splash jumped, he is very excited at this time, he and other apprentice arrivals of Wang Quan, he had not held anything to hope before, but this Gongsun Jie actually walks into a trap now. Gongsun Jie tracks that Evil Demon to come here, because he suspected that these Evil Demon are protecting any treasure, therefore he will track, before he had also tracked several, but afterward entered in the tribe, although had not found any treasure, but can actually make him slaughter, satisfied a craving. At this time Gongsun Jie does not know that has a illusion in front, his ability of concealment is truly wise, if not Long Xueyi reminds, Shen Xiang is indiscoverable. Dim, Gongsun Jie wears the black clothed, integrated in the jet black leaf by oneself, in jump, is quietly, probably is Qi mist flutters like that lithe incomparable. The wild boar person entered Illusion Formation, but Shen Xiang has not opened the illusion, he must wait for Gongsun Jie to go in opens again, this time he does not need like the previous time and Wan Xuan fight, this time he will be more relaxed can kill a Wang Quan apprentice, because he has Illusion Formation to assist. When Gongsun Jie enters the Illusion Formation hundred steps, his suddenly saw itself to appear in a beautiful antiquity, exactly the same that the thing and that Poisonous Scorpion King that saw saw, but that wild boar meat actually discovered own suddenly appeared in Hell, he only saw golden light to shoot together, demonic heart pulled out.

This...... This is Illusion Formation! Who...... Is who makes? I am the Divine Martial Skill Palace Master Wang Quan two apprentices!” Gongsun Jie had discovered quickly this is Illusion Formation, he exclaimed immediately. haughty vast Shen Xiang, a brow suddenly wrinkle, had criticized also one, because this Illusion Formation energy just uses up. The Gongsun Jie shout just fell shortly, that beautiful mountain valley becomes fuzzy, he saw these black trees. Shen Xiang!” Gongsun Jie saw the Shen Xiang's form from afar, his eyes can recognize, this makes him more surprised, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can a person arrange this fierce Illusion Formation to come, thinks one by Shen Xiang, his back had been emitted the cold sweat a moment ago immediately. For all that but Gongsun Jie is actually very angry: Shen Xiang, that pig? That is my prey!”