World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 427
Let Shen Xiang think what is funny, after this Gongsun Jie gets out of trouble, unexpectedly has not left first this formation. Gongsun Jie sees the Shen Xiang's facial expression, immediately responded, grazes backward, moreover to the tread crazy bang, shakes the ground splits, ruins this formation, could see that he also has certain understanding to these formation. Shen Xiang, you were stranded me in Illusion Formation a moment ago, you what is motive?” Gongsun Jie in distant place shouted, although threatens, but he actually does not dare to approach Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile: What mind can I have? I see a wild boar person to come, opening formation, who knew Brother Gongsun concealment ability so outstanding, I also after massacres that wild boar person discovers Brother Gongsun.” Gongsun Jie has gawked, he just entered the illusion shortly, Shen Xiang has massacred that wild boar person, this strength makes him feel surprised, but he actually does not fear. Shen Xiang, your this snatches my prey, you best honest junction, otherwise......” Shen Xiang sneered, walked: Otherwise what kind of? You must massacre me is right?” This does not have the matter of means that that wild boar person is I sees first, moreover I bring here him, was my thing, since you are not willing to hand over that demonic heart, so long as I fight snatched.” Gongsun Jie coldly said, put out to cover entirely the yellow color flame long spear. Gongsun Jie points at Shen Xiang with long spear, long spear above spout the brilliant flame, heat erupts, dried the leaves of all around trees, fell a place withered leaf. Feels this heat, Shen Xiang immediately in great surprise, he has not thought that this Gongsun Jie unexpectedly has Fire Spirit, person who this has Fire Spirit yellow color flame that can use.

Sees the Shen Xiang's complexion, Gongsun Jie to disdain to smile: Your flame in my eyes anything is not, my flame candidly admits defeat with fire old fellow.” He knows that Shen Xiang with hot expert, he haughty, he thinks that at this time Shen Xiang fears he flame. In the division of Fire Spirit, yellow Fire Spirit is ranks third from the bottom, but Shen Xiang's Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is actually the rank before, the King in Fire Spirit, but he controls very well, in that Overlord imposing manner Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit has not erupted. Elder Dan once again and again urged him and Wu Qianqian, cannot the exposed Fire Spirit matter make others know, otherwise is very easy the influence to stare is called Fire God Palace. Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue also know that this matter, Liu Meng'er's Fire Spirit the successful integration with the Shen Xiang's help, Shen Xiang now also suspected Hua Xiangyue has Fire Spirit. Sees Shen Xiang to maintain total silence, Gongsun Jie jokes: You have feared this type of flame! Told you, reason that my flame so will be formidable, was because I obtained Fire Spirit, you were the alchemy master, should know that this called the Fire Spirit thing, this in the alchemy master, but supreme treasure general existence.” Gongsun Jie also knows certainly that must keep secret this Fire Spirit matter, but he thinks that Shen Xiang was a deceased person, therefore he anything did not fear that but in the Shen Xiang heart secretly was actually sneering, the heart said: Yellow Fire Spirit also dares the Chinese zither in front of my Heavenly Sun Fire, to wait for is to let you are attractive. „Is that also what kind of? The martial arts contest did not look that whose flame is fierce!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, body, pure and vigorous water attribute True Qi from his body overflow, saw only that Gongsun Jie under foot suddenly to emit several thigh generally thick water vine. Since the enemy with the flame, Shen Xiang copes with him on the water used, but he knows that his Black Tortoise True Qi possibly cannot suppress that to have the Fire Spirit flame.

water vine that Shen Xiang releases spreads to the Gongsun Jie whole body quickly, was twined getting angry long spear by water vine including his, the water was being baked by the scalding hot hot energy, braves intermittent mist, but Gongsun Jie secretly was also cursing angrily Shen Xiang at this time. „The method of this low, is useless to me!” Gongsun Jie roars, flame suddenly gushes out his body, the burning hot flame instantaneously the Shen Xiang's water vine evaporation. But at this time, Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, dodged the Gongsun Jie body side, brandished a sword to slash. Gongsun Jie during release flame copes with water vine, is paying attention to the Shen Xiang's trend, seeing Shen Xiang to brandish a sword to cut quickly, he horizontal spear|gun keeps off immediately. The strength of Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon lightning, had the violent collision with Gongsun Jie the strength of flame in that instantaneously, a fervor not small sound, instance that two powerful energy confrontation, dash intensely, erupts bang the bang, the light shining in all directions, is similar to the fierce positive sparkle is common, in that instantaneous, the ray illuminates the entire Black Wood Canyon canyon. Meanwhile, erupts the air wave of first love is similar to the wave is ordinary, toward is passing in all directions, starts the intermittent storm, the big tree is pulled up by including root, is only the short several instances, Shen Xiang and Gongsun Jie all around is razed, the ground was also lifted thick one Obviously they in that instantaneous, strength that erupts how powerful! Shen Xiang was shaken by that repulsive force draws back, he shakes the hand of blade to tingle with numbness slightly, this Gongsun Jie strength compared with before him in that Wan Xuan that meets many. At this time, Gongsun Jie also has many pressures, because the Shen Xiang's strength is also very fearful, before he has watched the Shen Xiang's martial arts contest, knows that Shen Xiang hides very much deeply, but he is self-confident to his strength, thinks one will not compare Shen Xiang to be weak, because his bloodlines can make his strength compared with the common person more formidable time.

Shen Xiang grasps the hilt, the brow wrinkles, strength of bloodlines truly is much stronger, if were ordinary just entered into Peak Realm martial artist, is unable to resist his blade, even that water vine was hard to work loose continually. Where Gongsun Jie also very to goes, that blade made him feel that a moment ago Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade probably is tens of millions jin (0.5 kg) like that moreover is bringing very terrifying lightning strength. Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, along with user strength of injection, but the weight gain, Shen Xiang also had used a moment ago Azure Dragon True Qi. Gongsun Jie cannot show weakness, long spear on his hand shakes, violent flame once more spout, is puncturing to the Shen Xiang illness, active threat Shen Xiang. The Shen Xiang brow selects, sees only on the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade knife, immediately reappears lifelike Azure Dragon, but immediately turns fiery red, turns into the golden color...... Fluctuates colorfully one after another, speed very rapidness. This time, Shen Xiang has used Universe True Qi, this is the strong shape that his within the body five True Qi fuse, is the sole shape time is more formidable than time, cannot with add one to judge. At the same time that angry roar that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in angry roar, that shock erupts, knife above spouts the intermittent strong winds, starts dust storm, flies to submerge that to Gongsun Jie that comes. Angry Dragon Cut! A move in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, when is displays, urging a round of speed to be quickest, can use one after another, exhausts until True Qi.