World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 428
Angry Dragon Cut, Shen Xiang got angry the prestige of dragon to infect, the inexplicable anger flooded his whole body, the anger has been permeating in his soul, the blood and strength of his whole body must seethe with excitement by the anger combustion. Angry strength is very terrifying, angry time, strength will be very always strong, now Shen Xiang unconscious felt that own strength is promoting suddenly, this strength suppresses in his body, he needs to divulge! This is the Angry Dragon Cut fierce place, enrages displaying, lets obtain formidable strength that displays, is similar to the angry dragon is ordinary, fearful incomparable. The angry dragon cuts, is similar to the thunder thunderclap is ordinary, Shen Xiang's Angry Dragon Cut is meeting the approaching enemy that thorn the spear head chops, erupts billowing thunder cry dragon roar, acoustic shock Nine Heavens, the air/Qi swings eight sides, the scene shocks, Gongsun Jie alarmed and afraid. These Dragon Martial Technique, along with Shen Xiang's strength promotion, but becomes even more terrifying, why this also will be the Dragon Martial Technique such formidable reason. Gongsun Jie that long spear was also good treasure tool, but Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was actually divine tool! Is day and the difference of place, this time Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, weight close hundred million jin (0.5 kg), slash, the might can be imagined, when Gongsun Jie that long spear was wielded by Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade chops said the strength Qi Energy impact that bursts out must be split up. A blade, Gongsun Jie long spear has ruined, Gongsun Jie in shock understands quickly that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Shen Xiang hand has far exceeded the treasure tool category, that is other advanced weapon, his long spear in front of this Divine Blade, is similar to bean curd such. Shen Xiang depends upon Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade truly to strengthen several times of strength, why this will be Shen Xiang will have the full assurance reason in Mysterious Realm, because will not have any rule in this inside, can resort to all means will kill the opposite party, in this case, Shen Xiang can oneself will grasp uses devil art and Divine Blade that this will be his true strength. In the Gongsun Jie hand a white color break-up got up, presented a person of high giant shield, braved the steaming flame, looked that was knows was the shield of treasure tool rank, ordinary martial artist was hard to obtain this type of thing.

Saw to get angry Shen Xiang to use that terrifying blade technique, Gongsun Jie is frightened thoroughly, he understands that he was not the Shen Xiang's match. Naturally, he gives credit to Shen Xiang's formidable with that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade on, if on martial arts contest stage, he thought that has confidence Shen Xiang is defeated. Shen Xiang that blade had kept off with long spear by Gongsun Jie a moment ago, Shen Xiang is therefore angrier, at this time his strength was stronger, to that thick great shield is being move of Angry Dragon Cut. As the sound sonic bang that gets angry Dragon to roar clashes, the Divine Blade azure light flash item in Shen Xiang hand, dashes just like a azure anger dragon to that great shield. After the great shield suffers Angry Dragon Cut, produces shakes the explosion sound, this fierce hit, affects once more all around, the ground the sores all over the eye, has been split up, all around trees become the powder by that strength crush. A blade is not good, Shen Xiang continues the anger , to continue to divide to chop his Angry Dragon Cut, only then in this way, can comfort his within the body that ebullition the war blood. Continuous Angry Dragon Cut, deafening sound entire Mysterious Realm angry dragon roar sound, that strength heartless is devastating entire Black Wood Canyon, all around mountain is tumbling rocks, some mountains split. But in the Gongsun Jie hand that fierce great shield also produced the crack at this time, Shen Xiang has used Divine Blade, released strength in within the body crazily, this attack also only then the Divine Level shield can resist. „Aren't you Wang Quan two apprentices? Don't you have Fire Spirit? Aren't you talent in King Continent? Now do you shrink like a turtle here? Before your not threatening was shouting can kill me? Where does your world conceited imposing manner go to?” Shen Xiang chops fiercely, while roars.

Gongsun Jie clenches the teeth, the drop blood that in the heart hates, his suddenly regretted very much here and Shen Xiang contest, Shen Xiang depends upon that Divine Blade, the strength goes far beyond him, at this time his had the great shield of rank soon to be destroyed in treasure tool. Runs away, he cannot run away, so long as he turns around, the Shen Xiang big broadsword definitely will divide to chop on him, even if he exhausts strength of whole body to resist, that also can only resist the period of time, but Shen Xiang this time imposing manner, he can display very long a period of time this overbearing blade technique. Shen Xiang within the body may use to have 5000 grains of process highly compressions true element grains, at this time these True Qi release, flows rapidly like the great river like that continuously! Shen Xiang, demonic heart of that wild boar person gave you! The words this way, we will be mutually wounded!” Gongsun Jie clenches teeth, lowers the posture to sum. But Shen Xiang does not eat this set, roared, was Angry Dragon Cut chops: Puts your mother's fart, the wild boar person is father massacred, moreover we will not be mutually wounded, is not you dies is I dies!” Bang, the Gongsun Jie great shield has blasted, but Gongsun Jie the whole body was being wrapped by flame at this time, Shen Xiang saw him is more than [lineage/vein] martial artist, moreover is Fire Vein, the defensive power that this type of True Qi fire covers is truly strong, how long but actually could not resist. Shen Xiang...... has the words to say!” Gongsun Jie was anxious, he is also a person, there is a fear time, fears death very much. Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in many person eyes is also only fierce treasure tool, no one thinks that this is unusual divine tool of one in Heaven World, if this divine tool appears in the Heaven World's words, that will raise reign of terror surely.

But Shen Xiang in Mortal World, he can have this heaven defying thing now, how fierce treasure tool cannot fight him again. Said your younger sister! If the father strength is inferior to you, you can have the words to say with me? Bastard of bullying the weak and fearing the strong!” Shen Xiang cursed angrily one, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade above suddenly presents white mist, the earth has swayed immediately crazily, in Shen Xiang all around soil was high and low fluctuating. Dragon...... Dragon Force!” The handsome face of Gongsun Jie was twisted at this time frightened uglily cannot withstand, before he saw Shen Xiang's to use Dragon Force, but so is not strong. Currently Shen Xiang has used strongest Dragon Force, moreover coordinates Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this divine tool! Next Hell goes to show off one's military strength!” Roaring dragon roar spreads over this Evil Demon Mysterious Realm each corner, that blade cuts to fall, the imposing manner is dreadful, but strength condense strength unusual in, directly has actually broken the defense of Gongsun Jie, cleaves in two Gongsun Jie! blade Qi that bursts out, passes through a mountain, opens a canyon, Shen Xiang takes down storage ring on Gongsun Jie finger, after seeing inside has 60 demonic heart and other things, then in the anger of his within the body combustion vanished, his lightly smiled, leading the wolf slave who that was almost being frightened the urine to leave Black Wood Canyon.