World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 429
In Gongsun Jie storage ring has 60 demonic heart, 50 is he comes to obtain, Shen Xiang gives Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou these demonic heart, lets them in shortest seeing only, slightly some change these demonic heart, making Wang Quan they unable to recognize. How this Gongsun Jie comes for a long time, has only gotten so far as ten demonic heart, this makes Shen Xiang despise him secretly. With such of Shen Xiang suspicion, the Wang Quan four apprentices, Divine Martial Palace have given each of them 50 demonic heart, such one and ensure they can enter the final finals. Naturally, Divine Martial Palace they have underestimated the Shen Xiang's true strength, has not thought that Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan unexpectedly so will be crude, goes all out with Shen Xiang in this. Shen Xiang has massacred two Wang Quan apprentices in this inside, demonic heart altogether 165 that obtains, this quantity is astonishing, if after Shen Xiang exits, such takes, definitely will make Divine Martial Palace begin to have suspicions, therefore he did not plan that takes demonic heart that obtains from Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan there. He uses that Illusion Formation, has killed several Evil Demon, small Evil Demon certain, he brought forth several demonic heart through small Evil Demon energy Qi ball, in addition had 32, afterward he had killed that Poisonous Scorpion King as well as 20 subordinates, obtained 21, finally the homicide fell the wild boar person to obtain one, altogether was 54, was he makes. He obtaining demonic heart is divided into three, one is he gets so far as, another two are that Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan, he thought that he puts out 54 demonic heart to be able through this pass/test. However he a little did not feel relieved that he was worried when the time comes to have other people to walk dogshit to transport, obtained many monster crystals, perhaps he must be eliminated, if put out 165 one time, will make Divine Martial Palace begin to have suspicions. Shen Xiang is leading the wolf slave, somewhat agitated walking on road, he really wants to find martial artist that these come in now, inquired that some they have gotten so far as several. Time many that the present range competition ended, Shen Xiang had not led the wolf slave to be far away from Black Wood Canyon, is strolling in the dim forest. suddenly, the blue color break-up comes together, Shen Xiang in ponder responded immediately that put out a hand to grasp, held one gently and charmingly, but actually very powerful white hands.

Lan Lan!” Shen Xiang held petite fresh-faced the jade fist, is somewhat surprised, this fist hits to his wolf slave. The wolf slave had a scare, hastily hides in Shen Xiang's behind, suddenly leaps up such little girl to come, moreover is so fierce, but also is bringing a wing, if Shen Xiang were slow a moment ago little, the head of wolf slave must by that small jade fist pounding the pulp. Snort, rascal, are you up to mischief? This is Evil Demon!” Lan Lan purses the lips, is staring at the wolf slave stubbornly, probably looks at own prey such, this may scare the wolf slave. After the wolf slave since has experienced the Shen Xiang's strength, feels very frightened to humanity, before the fight of Shen Xiang and Gongsun Jie still could hardly be removed in his mind. Looks that this adorable beautiful blue skirt young girl suddenly appears, in the Shen Xiang heart is secretly happy, he has wanted to find the coming in participating person to ask that look at them to obtain many demonic heart, has not thought that this Lan Lan unexpectedly delivered. Hehe, he now is my servant!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Gives me a face, has put him!” Lan Lan spits the tongue, she sees the wolf slave to the appearance that Shen Xiang always does as one is told, has believed that she is not stupid, knows that Shen Xiang receives Evil Demon to handle the servant very good matter, she wants to receive cannot receive. Quick must exit, how many demonic heart did you obtain?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. I obtain are not many, Evil Demon are miserable, moreover hides very well, I could not find! How many did you tell me you to obtain first?” Lan Lan sees Shen Xiang to have a Evil Demon servant, guessed that Shen Xiang definitely fished. Shen Xiang said with a smile: 53, you?”

Lan Lan shouted one tenderly: What? 53? Your smelly rascal, do you get so far as? Others 28!” Lan Lan honk the small mouth, on adorable small face was worrying completely that she worried she was eliminated in this pass/test, because she sees Shen Xiang such fellow to get so far as more than 50, immediately lacked self-confidence to the result. Shen Xiang touches the nose, said with a smile: I in the place that Evil Demon appears and disappears frequently, has made large formation, has put then Evil Demon the thing that likes eating, I sit there. Hehe, then you understand.” The Lan Lan envy must stamp the tootsy: Snort, good vulgar method...... Others also had such idea, but my not set up formation, does not know where Evil Demon frequently appears, does not know how to tempt Evil Demon.” Shen Xiang has smiled, this Elf common young girl thinks to be truly proper very much, but she is the same cannot achieve. Now you know that I was fierce! Does not know how many other people can get so far as?” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried one cannot go through a strategic pass, he comes to that Good Fortune Fruit, has arrived at this, if were eliminated, will then make him regret that is very long. Lan Lan sees Shen Xiang this to obtain more than 50 fellow one faces to be heavyhearted, she was sadder, because she has 28, she wishes one could to pinch Shen Xiang maliciously, obtains these many here to be also worried that making her more uncomfortable. rascal, I had then been finished, my solemn Blue Blood Clan first capable woman, here eliminated words, will lose face very much!” Lan Lan squats in the ground, drawing a circle circle, the mood is very low. „The first capable woman?” The Shen Xiang corner of the eye is twitching. Is the first young capable woman, but, I definitely am the Blue Blood Clan first capable woman.” Lan Lan sees Shen Xiang to question that immediately said.

Shen Xiang suddenly thought that Lan Lan this concubine is good, although looks like the nerve quite big strip, conduct hurriedly, but the comparison has the principle, moreover dares to resist Divine Martial Palace, before reminded him to make him pay attention to Diamond Griffin, moreover helps him testify. little girl, I and you said a matter, if you comply not to reveal, I can make you have very big assurance through this pass/test.” Shen Xiang smiles. I promise you! Do you look at me to look like that mouth many women?” Although Lan Lan feels the doubts, but chooses to believe Shen Xiang. A Shen Xiang palm wolf slave racket has fainted, then takes away some memories in his mind, in order to avoid the wolf slave reveals. After Shen Xiang has arranged sound-insulated barrier, earnestly said: My truth told you, in my hand had more than 100 demonic heart, I can you some, making your quantity many, after you went through customs, we again approximately one place secret met, you gave back to my that's it demonic heart.” What...... What? More than 100!” Lan Lan has pulled out the small ear, suspected one misunderstood.