World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 430
Shen Xiang to some Lan Lan demonic heart, making Lan Lan demonic heart also many, such Divine Martial Palace will not suspect that was he kills Wan Xuan and Gongsun Jie, even if suspected, will not have the big suspicion. In order to let Lan Lan believes that Shen Xiang has put out more than 100 demonic heart, this is his adds on Gongsun Jie 60, altogether more than 110. Lan Lan looks at that place demonic heart, that bright and intelligent eyeball quickly fell, she used the hand to touch, determined that this was real, she can feel in these pure energies. „Do you get so far as? Have you killed more than 100 Evil Demon?” Lan Lan is somewhat unbelievable. Shen Xiang nodded: Right, in front that Black Wood Canyon, at that time was very strong Evil Demon brought a troop to come, but was killed by my formation.” Saying, Shen Xiang has put out that Poisonous Scorpion King demonic heart, takes, Lan Lan believes immediately. This degree of demonic heart, the strength should be close Nirvana Realm, your formation is quite fierce!” Lan Lan suddenly discovered that Shen Xiang is not very simple, unexpectedly also understands set up formation. Shen Xiang said with a smile: To arrange that formation, I used up my top grade crystal stones! Said, I do not want to allow the Wang Quan apprentice fully to enter the finals, therefore I help your, you had not said that must compare one with me? Perhaps we have the opportunity to dispute! However this matter you must result in keep secret!” Mentioned the lie, the Shen Xiang eye did not wink, let alone his also big bunch of things made Lan Lan believe. Lan Lan nodded seriously: Thank you! You have helped my busy, that...... How many me then you do want to give?” In the Shen Xiang heart secret smiles, said: You have 28, I give you 50, you had 78! But I have more than 60.” Why can you be so few? What to do if you were eliminated?” In the pupil of Lan Lan looks at Shen Xiang completely grateful, but he is some doubts.

Hehe, this is to let Divine Martial Palace these fellows thinks that my strength is inferior to you.” Shen Xiang is perfunctory to say. Saying, Shen Xiang took inventory 50 demonic heart to give Lan Lan, Lan Lan said very happily: Thank you rascal, later has any need I to help, you said that's it freely.” Does not need to thank, my person is very good! I was only and you cracked a joke before, do not mind!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, Lan Lan, but rarely seen in Blue Blood Clan, strength how he does not know, but , can definitely be on a King Continent fierce woman. The wolf slave wakes up, only sees Shen Xiang to say with a smile to him: Wolf slave, you continues stay here, perhaps which day you can leave this damned place, this gives you, you are now free.” Shen Xiang has given the wolf slave one bag of Hundred Beasts Dan, this makes the wolf slave be moved, hastily expresses gratitude, is worshipping on bended knees Shen Xiang, gazes after Shen Xiang and Lan Lan departs. Lan Lan arrives at that Black Wood Canyon with Shen Xiang, Lan Lan sees here one piece in confusion, then with amazement saying: Before that dragon roar sound was you sends out! Quite fierce, but I will not fear your!” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: I do not fear you, if we to, you best not to keep the hand, so as to avoid had been defeated by my one move, I will not show tender affection!” Lan Lan spits the tongue, happily said with a smile: That naturally, I will not be lenient, I must obtain first, showed that I am the Blue Blood Clan first capable woman!” The playing time had ended, the sky presented a white vortex, at this time Shen Xiang saw many Evil Demon jump to come up, flies, but was actually released an intermittent crazy thunder by that vortex, hit these Evil Demon bang. Shen Xiang and Lan Lan emit the wing, flew, here stayed these many days, they already want to walk. Saw that the sunlight is really good!” Shen Xiang appears on that mountain platform, he saw Wang Quan, Wang Quan hid for ten days, unexpectedly has dared to come out.

Shen Xiang is sneering secretly, Wang Quan comes also to look that his four apprentices fully enter the finals, but actually does not know that had two to be butchered by Shen Xiang. The people come out one after another, but now also only then ten people, see such few people, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming frowned, these Divine Martial Palace's elders are also a face anxious look, because their Divine Martial Palace several True Disciple have not come out. Wang Quan is anxious, he has three apprentices not to come out! Shen Xiang has not thought that unexpectedly will have these many people dead in inside, but he has experienced fierce of that Poisonous Scorpion King, if no formation, ten he not necessarily defeats that Poisonous Scorpion King, is when attacks Poisonous Scorpion King, that Illusion Formation strength will consume. Inside what happened, no one knows, even if the person killed people, some people will not acknowledge that meeting fatal disaster, the Shen Xiang secret guess, is not only he makes the murder to plunder the goods in the deal. 20 people who going are the strength are very strong , some are not Divine Martial Palace's True Disciple, moreover is bloodlines martial artist, perhaps some of their people have massacred Wang Quan another apprentice. Two double-hour, if not close passage, troubled!” An elder said that has patted the shoulder of Wang Quan, no one has thought that Wang Quan unexpectedly will lose three haughty apprentices in inside! Wang Quan is looking angrily at Shen Xiang they, he suspected that in these ten people, some people have killed his apprentice, he handles affairs luckily the promotion, makes the mark on these demonic heart, if some people kill a person and take his possessions, he can distinguish through these demonic heart. The mood falls into the valley Wang Quan, is gripping tightly the fist, coldly said: Closes the entrance, now starts to compare and appraise the score!” Lan Lan you first, you are first go.” Elder shouted, Shen Xiang chuckles to oneself secretly, because he final, he remembers that five has not come out compared with the fellows who he late goes. I obtained 78 demonic heart!” The Lan Lan words make the Divine Martial Palace's elders be surprised, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming they are also so.

Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue also micro wrinkle delicate eyebrows, they before heard that inside Evil Demon is not good to kill, can obtain these many demonic heart reasons, may kill others very much, robs others. But no one can think, such a tender dī dī adorable young girl, method unexpectedly such very ruthless, but this truly can obtain the massive demonic heart quickest ways! Secretly those who let Shen Xiang express admiration, a Lan Lan face is unexpectedly calm, pulls out that 78 demonic heart, making the Divine Martial Palace's person inspect. Shen Xiang also worried now, if were inspected to obtain from that Gongsun Jie by Divine Martial Palace, Lan Lan this little girl had troublesome. Naturally, Divine Martial Palace does not dare to make anything to Lan Lan, after all she has not violated the rule, will be hostile by the Wang Quan heart at most. After inspection, that several elders and Wang Quan shook the head, because these demonic heart are not these that they are familiar with, obviously does not kill Wang Quan these apprentices to rob. However, they obtain these many demonic heart still to feel the doubts to Lan Lan.