World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 431
How can you come?” An elder inquired. I kill Evil Demon to obtain, place Evil Demon goes frequently, I there and other Evil Demon, coming me to kill one, but there some danger(ous), I have several times almost dead there!” Lan Lan said that on the face also full is the fear. Sees this little girl have lied time does not blink, in the Shen Xiang's heart is twitching secretly, he knows that Lan Lan is not a vegetarian. Where is that?” Wang Quan pursues asks. That place is called spirit river, fills the Spirit Qi river! I pressed for an answer from a Evil Demon mouth.” Lan Lan said. This is Shen Xiang tells her, has not thought that such quickly was given by her with, Shen Xiang detected before one, treats as a naive young girl Lan Lan is a very stupid matter. Wang Quan nodded, returns these demonic heart to Lan Lan, he and these elders truly knows that inside has spirit river, they also caught many Evil Demon there before. Next is the Wang Quan big apprentice, named Sun Xueren, on a face does not have the slight expression person, seems looked like deathly stiff person, an icy appearance, the words were also few, will not look around, walking time was stiff, but his wear was in the Wang Quan four apprentices is most magnificent, on the finger also had many rings of illumination. Sun Xueren, 80!” Wang Quan shouted, this is his apprentice, he and these elders casually looked at two, inspection that is perfunctory. This makes in the Lan Lanhe Shen Xiang heart secretly despise, Gu Dongchen their these in nearby expert are also so, they saw that these definitely have the trick. Next is 43, this quantity also makes Shen Xiang have a scare, he had foreknowledge luckily, moreover he also felt to the strengths of these people surprised, unexpectedly can get so far as these many. Lan Lan is also so, she has gotten so far as 28, if not Shen Xiang lends her these many, perhaps she must set the base.

50 and 48 and 45 and 52...... Following is 40-50, this lets Shen Xiang and Lan Lan heart is jumping crazily, before Shen Xiang was only the plan reports on accomplishments with more than 50, but Lan Lan, she 28! But how these people 11 were interrogated these demonic heart to obtain. Mo Tian! 83!” Elder startled shouted, the Wang Quan complexion is also dignified, but also some people can get so far as these many words, perhaps is the person who kills his apprentice. Wang Quan and that several elders are inspecting these demonic heart carefully, quick, that several elder and Wang Quan complexion changed, although they display very calmly, but the anger in Wang Quan eyes is actually not able to conceal. On these demonic heart has you to leave behind the symbol is right? Before going, you have given that four fellow everyone 50 demonic heart! Right, was I have killed your apprentice, did not have the means that was he wants to kill my, I handled the matter that the normal person has been able to handle.” Mo Tian indifferently said. Mo Tian is a young man of undistinguished appearance, but he makes Shen Xiang feel to admire at this time, unexpectedly dares to acknowledge, and has slapped Divine Martial Palace resounding. You......” Wang Quan is angry unable to speak, but he actually cannot be what kind, because they the matter that helps that four apprentices cheat, his expert had been watched by side. Elder Ding has said that has the matter that the conflict permits in inside, I have killed your three apprentices, obtained 50 demonic heart from him, this is also my! If you must according to contrary processing, I also recognize.” Mo Tian continues saying that does not fear that Wang Quan. Shen Xiang guessed that this named Mo Tian man definitely has a very fierce backstage. Snort!” Wang Quan depresses the anger in heart, can visit him to have scruples to this Mo Tian back person, he gives Mo Tian these demonic heart exchanges.

Now was one's turn Shen Xiang, he was also the scene most focus, but Shen Xiang to display low-key, him only has put out 60 demonic heart, this quantity just made him disperse into fourth, in Lan Lan behind. After Wang Quan they inspect, had not discovered mark that they leave behind, this makes Wang Quan they quite surprised, that Mo Tian is also tightly frowns, the doubts, he thinks that Shen Xiang will attack brutally in inside and Wang Quan apprentice. Gets so far as 60 demonic heart depending on own skill, this is very fierce! How do you make?” That Elder Ding asked. Why do I get so far as 60 you to ask me? Does the Divine Martial Skill Palace Master big apprentice get so far as 80 not to ask? You did not think that you are very shameless? Cheats blatantly, assumes full responsibility of first four for the Divine Martial Skill Palace Master four apprentices, goes to them big pile of demonic heart, now died three, who they want to take a look are massacre their, right? Person who so long as the brain does not have the issue, can look!” Shen Xiang questioned that said. Shen Xiang, do not talk nonsense! The speech must have the evidence!” Wang Quan coldly said, so long as does not have the evidence to prove that Divine Martial Palace can loaf. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I truly do not have the evidence.” These 60 demonic heart do you obtain? You said are more detailed, can let help our Divine Martial Palace understand that activities of inside these Evil Demon, we make you go in also to do an investigation.” Wang Quan pursues asks, could not bear him without the evidence. This lets other expert secret cursed his shamelessness. I have arranged Illusion Formation, tempts Evil Demon with massive Hundred Beasts Dan.” Shen Xiang indifferently said. Illusion Formation where arranges?” Wang Quan is very suspicious, although he could not see that these demonic heart have the issue, but he actually suspected that Shen Xiang has killed his apprentice, because currently also has demonic heart of two apprentices to be missing.

„A canyon of full black trees.” Shen Xiang replied. Snort, that called Black Wood Canyon, road which must be taken to spirit river, if you intercepted there, Lan Lan was absolutely impossible to obtain 78 demonic heart! Your have lied!” Wang Quan said with a sneer. This makes Lan Lan one startled, what because Shen Xiang said is the truth, she criticized Shen Xiang is being a fool, unexpectedly and her lie had the conflict. Other expert secretly are also surprised, if Shen Xiang also kills a Wang Quan apprentice, that truly is exciting. Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs: I arrange Illusion Formation has used a lot of day of time, the arrangement at the same time I truly discover many Evil Demon processes, but I have not gotten rid, moreover my Illusion Formation energy is limited , can only use very short time, I in final two days of prepare.” When competed almost finished, very strong Evil Demon led more than 50 subordinates to enter Illusion Formation, I opened Illusion Formation at that time, surrounded these fellows, then defeat in detail, Evil Demon that but that led was too strong, consumed my Illusion Formation strength, but by my Illusion Formation making into severe wound!” Carries on the fight in the fellow who finally I and that lead, that canyon when we fight was ruined, does not believe you to look!” At this time Lan Lan said: „, I truly felt at the end of the game very big sound, dragon roar, the earthquake, looks like the fight style of this fellow very much.”