World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 432
Other Mo Tian and people also in abundance come out to testify, the Wang Quan big apprentice also nods saying: He said is not false, just before the end of the distance competes, that sound is very big, I think in entire Mysterious Realm to be able to know.” Then we haven't discovered that demonic heart? If very strong Evil Demon, demonic heart is also different.” Some Wang Quan suspicions. Shen Xiang was sighing, has put out that Poisonous Scorpion King demonic heart, that dazzling green light, making many people be enchanted by, especially that pure and vast energy, let these Nirvana Realm feel heart movements, this truly was a treasure, Shen Xiang intentionally hides is also being very normal matter. Saw this demonic heart, Wang Quan not to have the words saying that the people to the Shen Xiang's ability a new understanding, unexpectedly had understood that arranged such fierce Illusion Formation, has scraped together these many Evil Demon all of a sudden, obtained these many demonic heart. Shen Xiang is not silly, if by Wang Quan is known he killed his two treasure apprentices, will then perhaps not make him compete relieved finally, he to guarantee one attain that Good Fortune Fruit absolutely safe, he cannot enrage Wang Quan. From this demonic heart, inside unexpectedly has such strong Evil Demon, your two apprentices meet this Evil Demon, not being able to escape words are also very normal, how always to suspect others kill? You think that your two treasure apprentices are very strong? Can cope with that strength close Nirvana Realm Evil Demon?” The Lian Yingxiao ridicule said. Snort, such a danger(ous) place, your unexpectedly did not tell us, if this brat in inside belch fart, that old lunatic definitely reckless looked for your calculate!” Gu Dongchen coldly snorted and said. Naturally, most surprised is Liu Meng'er, she understands Shen Xiang's, Shen Xiang knows nothing to formation, but can actually arrange such fierce Illusion Formation in inside, can surround strength close Nirvana Realm Evil Demon! Sun Xueren, Mo Tian, Lan Lan and Shen Xiang four people, will enter the final finals! Sun Xueren and Mo Tian one group, Lan Lanhe Shen Xiang one group! The final final is the winners in these two groups comes the showdown! Three days later starts!” Wang Quan said that fluttering body departs, his present mood missed the extreme.

Wang Quan pleasant scheme has beaten, moreover was rotten very miserably, died three treasure apprentices, that may be very outstanding bloodlines martial artist, had Fire Spirit, had boundless prospects, but actually folded the ghost in inside. After breaking up, Shen Xiang Gu Dongchen they are leaving with whom, the person on summit also respectively flies from, Shen Xiang thought what is funny, has not thought him really and Lan Lan this little girl to, for this, some of some of his also pressures. Lan Lan must overthrow Shen Xiang wholeheartedly, moreover she and Shen Xiang's relationship is good, if not Shen Xiang helps her, she is sets the base, Shen Xiang does not think clearly, why Lan Lan will make such few, but other people are 40-50. The place of martial arts contest that huge plaza in Divine Martial Palace, the martial arts contest stage already had, the person who when the time comes watches are many, this is the martial arts contest of Peak Realm, moreover is one group of young people, each is the famous character. Lan Lan is not small in the King Continent above reputation, because she is that mysterious and formidable Blue Blood Clan person, the strength is also strong, is much longer cute, is paid attention. Mo Tian is a mysterious person, nobody knows that his origin, only knows his strength is very strong, moreover challenges in King Continent in all directions becomes famous young expert, he is also fierce bloodlines martial artist. Sun Xueren did not say that Wang Quan big apprentice, in hearsay he is bloodata-titlehirsty homicidal maniac, moreover is strange, does not have the person who anything compatibles in Divine Martial Palace. Shen Xiang, in Mortal World the famous person, especially he plays tricks on numerous continent's influence Big Shot this matter, recently occurred, moreover before Alchemy Competition on King Continent obtained first, had demonstrated his tall Jue alchemy technique, the itself strength is very strong, is the apprentice of Huang Jintian this old lunatic, cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, wait / etc.......

Therefore this final showdown, has the quality of being worth looking, because the strengths of four people are well-matched, they collide together, what result will have? The people anticipated! King Martial Dao can be Divine Martial Palace undertakes, as organizer, but also put out Good Fortune Fruit this type of thing to make the reward, original Wang Quan planned that strove for hegemony by own four apprentices, who thinks that unexpectedly will die this, this matter was also turned into the piece, spread in King Continent. Young Martial Uncle, you also are really fierce! unexpectedly understands to arrange formation, does not know including us!” Gu Dongchen looks that Shen Xiang wolfs down to sweep the sumptuous cooked food on tabletop, said with a smile that looks at Shen Xiang with the suspicion look. Wu Kaiming does not believe that Shen Xiang itself must practice, moreover wants alchemy, where also has the thoughts to study set up formation? Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, although refiner and alchemy are not good, but the formation aspect they actually also calculate that was very skilled, otherwise they were also wasted, because set up formation was not so complex like refiner and alchemy, so long as the water-drop design thoughts, memorized some spirit pattern, exchanged that's alright. I can arrange, does each of you give me one billion crystal stones to be what kind of?” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming are not dry, they know that makes a bet with Shen Xiang, that is must lose. To be honest, were that Wang Quan another two treasure apprentices killed by you?” Gu Dongchen is very curious. „It is not!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: If is really I kills, I like that Mo Tian, well will also be mad that Wang Quan, what a pity had not run into his apprentice by me.”

Shen Xiang is disinclined to tell them the truth, before has not attained Good Fortune Fruit, cannot let this matter revelation least bit. Your demonic heart these many, do you use? Is used for set up formation to us, this thing we have heard, has not seen! Before these fellows who One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain massacred, did not have demonic heart, was one flock of small ants.” Gu Dongchen says with a smile. Blood brother bright calculate, one 100 million, that is I goes all out to get so far as! Few crystal stones I do not sell.” After Shen Xiang understands fierce of formation, knows that these demonic heart fierce places, being used for set up formation be much better than top grade crystal stones. Is satiated with food and wine, Shen Xiang returned to Fang Xiuxi to go, he stayed in inside was so long, was truly tired, he must maintain the best condition, participates final martial arts contest. So long as he can get so far as Good Fortune Fruit, Bai Youyou this ice-cold noble beautiful woman with his kiss mouth, Su Meiyao can also, this be he obtains a Good Fortune Fruit biggest power. Lan Lan, this little girl material are not many . Moreover the Blue Blood Clan material is also few, Little Bald only told me them is fierce bloodlines martial artist, as for having any ability, he does not know.” Shen Xiang knits the brows to say.