World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 433
At the martial arts contest, Shen Xiang cannot use weapon, cannot use these devil art, strength many will receive some limits, but his match is the immeasurably deep character. Starts also two days from four strong finals, many other continent's people arrive at this King Continent through Teleportation Formation, will watch this Martial Dao to contend in martial arts finally. Since establishing Teleportation Formation, among each continent frequently has the communication, this regarding Mortal Martial World is a good matter, but at this time each continent shares a common hatred, because they cannot get used to seeing the King Continent's procedure, their comes the participating disciples to make into the severe wound. Shen Xiang can enter the outsider of finals besides King Continent, the people who therefore came from other continent are support his, they are willing to support Shen Xiang, but pays a soaring transmission expense. Young Martial Uncle, some people look for you!” Gu Dongchen knocks the way. After Shen Xiang opens the door, Gu Dongchen then lowers the sound saying: Finds your person is Mo Tian, this person of unknown origin, you are careful.” Shen Xiang nodded, goes to the hall. Mo Tian is an appearance ordinary man, but the strength is not ordinary, person who can dare to kill the Wang Quan apprentice, moreover dares to contradict Wang Quan, explained that he and his back person has abundant background. Sees Shen Xiang to arrive, Mo Tian lightly smiled: Introduced oneself does not need, I asked you to tell you a matter.” Shen Xiang whole face doubts: Please say.” The smiling face on Mo Tian face vanished, changes into a heavyhearted appearance, said: Shen Xiang, my truth told you, if on the right situation, I could not hit Sun Xueren! He as the Wang Quan big apprentice, the strength is very strong! I have fought with him in Mysterious Realm.” Shen Xiang one startled, he has not thought that Mo Tian can tell him these.

Has three strongest influences on King Continent, Blue Blood Clan and Wu Village, is Divine Martial Palace, Divine Martial Palace was known by many people, but Blue Blood Clan and Wu Village are very low-key.” Shen Xiang nodded, before Wu Kaiming had told him. Mo Tian lowers the sound saying: Lan Lan is Blue Blood Clan, but I am Wu Village send! Triumphing of King Martial Dao meeting, besides obtaining Divine Martial Palace's Good Fortune Fruit, but also the bigger rewards, this reward is any I do not know that in brief Village Master tells me, that reward can make Nirvana Realm crazy! To win, Divine Martial Palace will resort to all means that because they are the organizers!” Mo Tian unexpectedly from Wu Village, before Shen Xiang, why is strange Wu Village nobody to send, has not thought that this Mo Tian hides frequently such deeply, does not know his real status Wu Kaiming. My mother is the Wu Family person, I am not the Wu Family direct line disciple, but I have the bloodlines of Wu Family, this you do not need to be surprised! Can enter the person of final finals, should know the secret of King Martial Dao meeting, therefore I told you!” Shen Xiang asked: Why don't you such have the confidence to yourself?” Mo Tian shakes the head smiles: Sun Xueren is Spirit Martial Realm middle stage, and...... Moreover fused very fierce Martial Spirit on the arm, after he fused that Martial Spirit, he can turn into fierce weapon the arm!” Martial Spirit has two types, one type is cultivates, one type is the fusion comes, as for mystery, Shen Xiang cannot realize, is not naturally clear. Martial arts contest time is life and death struggle! When the time comes I will insist a period of time, making you have a look at his Martial Spirit shape, previous time he is useless, I ran away! Otherwise I cannot stand now speak with you here.” Regarding that Martial Spirit, Mo Tian idles very frightened. Shen Xiang asked puzzled: Why do you want such to do?” Mo Tian said with a smile: Because I think you to be good, unexpectedly can massacre the Wang Quan two apprentices! If I have not guessed wrong, you definitely have given a major part demonic heart that Blue Blood Clan girl! The strength of this woman is also very strong, but does not have what patience, seeks for Evil Demon is not her strong point.”

Shen Xiang had not acknowledged that he smiled: Now I have not known that can win that Blue Blood Clan girl.” Mo Tian let go: This must think you, I only hope after you attain that mysterious reward, can tell me that is anything, I am very curious.” This does not have the issue.” Although on the Shen Xiang face is having smile, but thinks heavy incomparable, because the Sun Xueren strength imagines stronger compared with him, he regarded as the Sun Xueren strength is Wan Xuan and Gongsun Jie such, but now is not that a matter. After packing off Mo Tian, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen appear in the Shen Xiang's room. „Did you hear?” Shen Xiang shrugs, asks. Naturally, has not thought that this brat unexpectedly is in Wu Village! I do not know, although I had not confirmed that but I believe his words.” Wu Kaiming said. The Gu Dongchen nod said: Right, sees appearance that Wang Quan that resorts to all means that knows that this King Martial Dao does not meet simply, what is that final establishment?” „The organizer of King Martial Dao meeting, although is Divine Martial Palace, but is actually the entire King Continent's grand meeting, cannot find out as for that mysterious reward is any thing!” Wu Kaiming said that he had a period of time not to return to Wu Village, because he is separated from the Wu Village person, the words that went back definitely will be spoken the wind discouraging talk by many people. Old lunatic may know, but goes back or calculates now, when you won that little girl to say again.” Gu Dongchen said. Suddenly, two days passed by, Shen Xiang and Lan Lan are first, Divine Martial Palace's plaza have pushed watertight, the people who because plaza in Divine Martial Palace, therefore goes in need to pay the basic fee, this was makes Divine Martial Palace gain one greatly. little rascal has come to power, has not thought really his match unexpectedly is a adorable young beautiful woman, perhaps he will unable to start!” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile tenderly.

This is uncertain, but his ultimate objective that Good Fortune Fruit.” Liu Meng'er knew about Shen Xiang. After Lan Lan comes to power, under one group of people secret feel depressed for Shen Xiang, match unexpectedly is a delightful adorable young girl, the time of hitting, truly is somewhat awkward. Shen Xiang, do not blame me, I must win!” Lan Lan earnestly said. If you lost, you will dislike me?” Shen Xiang asked. „Isn't anything repugnant, I lost, can only say that my strength is inferior to you, that is gets what one deserves.” Lan Lan said. Now Shen Xiang treats as own friend Lan Lan, but Lan Lan is also so, can get with own friend happily, this is very rare matter. For does not remain regrettably, Shen Xiang and Lan Lan decided that at the martial arts contest, will not turn on the water because of friend relationship, because they thought that this is to friend's one insult!