World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 434
Shen Xiang knows not many about Lan Lan, only knows that her speed is quick, moreover concealment ability outstanding. Wang Quan looks forward to Shen Xiang and Lan Lan hits mutually wounded, such one, his big apprentice can have more assurances to obtain first, obtains that mysterious reward. Starts!” Wang Quan shouted. The sound falls, encircles the person around martial arts contest stage to induce to a very strange fluctuation of energy immediately, saw only the body of Lan Lan to emit a blue brilliance, afterward suddenly vanished! Stealth? This probably is the Blue Blood Clan unique talent ability, everyone has different!” Wu Kaiming said astonished. On martial arts contest stage only then Shen Xiang stands there, but Shen Xiang is also the forehead sweats, because he cannot induce existence of Lan Lan, Long Xueyi cannot induce, resembled Lan Lan suddenly to be far away from the martial arts contest stage to be the same. As Wang Quan and several Divine Martial Palace's elders of referee, is the whole face startled color, they can determine that Lan Lan has not left the martial arts contest stage, because this martial arts contest stage is covering many formation, the words that some people leave, can look from these formation. Xue Ren, this is the Blue Blood Clan talent ability, can you cope?” Wang Quan presses the sound to ask. Stands behind that is similar to him corpse general tall and thin man coldly said: Can!” suddenly, Lan Lan sent out mischievous smiling, Shen Xiang only thought that back suddenly transmitted a scalding hot spicy pain, the body suffers very crazy fierce dashing, making his body fly Shen Xiang hastily stands firm the personal appearance, was fallen by oneself on the ground, otherwise must overcome the stage, overcame stage that to mean that loses the competition. Even if she in the attack, cannot feel! This little girl all went into hiding.” Long Xueyi is very depressed, this is her first time encounters this situation.

Shen Xiang hastily back and forth runs on martial arts contest stage, he must delay the time as far as possible, finding the way to cope with this stealth the Lan Lan person. But runs in him shortly, his cheeks were rumbled a fist, that energy is not fire attribute, but is bringing scalding hot beyond description, making him feel the ignition general spicy pain. On the Shen Xiang's cheeks presented silt to be red, his fleshly body what kind great strength, becomes so, obviously the attack of that Lan Lan is terror how. Many Nirvana Realm expert think that their enemy is one understands the stealth, moreover person who is quietly, they the back send immediately coolly, has the person of this talent ability like Lan Lan, can become the top killer absolutely. The Lan Lan strength has Spirit Martial Realm, but including Nirvana Realm cannot induce her existence, fierce that obviously she bestows in this day. Penetrating Heart Devil Eye tries! Does not release devil light, but lets devil light condense in eyes, sees the heart of opposite party through this!” Bai Youyou said. Uses Penetrating Heart Devil Eye time, Divine Sense can fuse together with True Qi, through the law of mysterious luck, strength condense in eyes, can see the heart of opposite party, then releases two fierce devil light, passes through the heart of enemy, can make the enemy receive very serious wound. Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er stand on the pavilion of distant place are watching, this is Divine Martial Palace provides to the place that some expert observe. Liu Meng'er looked at Hua Xiangyue, Hua Xiangyue shook the head: Cannot induce, it seems like little rascal this was very more difficult than Martial Gathering.” Shen Xiang was attacked again, that is from attack in all directions, is Lan Lan through the high-speed migration, back and forth appears around Shen Xiang's, beats to Shen Xiang Younger Sister Lan, you are really ruthless enough!” Shen Xiang traces the corners of the mouth above bloodstain My age is older than you, you must shout me Elder Sister Lan!” Lan Lan tenderly snorted and said , to continue to attack Shen Xiang crazily.

The strength of attack is fierce, but actually cannot induce any fluctuation, this is also makes many people feel that the frightened place, considers itself to eat the thing, a person of stealth is quietly displays a move of very fierce attack to you, undying can also the total severe wound. Shen Xiang depended upon Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover to support was so long, had not overcome the stage is very fierce. After adapting to a period of time, Shen Xiang can gather Penetrating Heart Devil Eye devil light in own eyes, sees only his eye suddenly to emit a blood red ray, his eyes braves the bright red blood light like two at this time gem such, appears very strange scary. Sees Shen Xiang that pair to be similar to Evil Devil general red eyes, all people had a scare, because that chilly colorful red light appears very evil looking, but does not have any aura to send out. Quick, Shen Xiang sees a heart to rock in him at present, through the position of this heart, he drew up the body of Lan Lan in the mind center form. Speed is quite fast!” Shen Xiang sees that heart fast to move toward him, hastily moves sideways, his cheeks were touched and gone by that fist. Lan Lan one startled, because Shen Xiang had evaded her attack a moment ago. I saw you!” Shen Xiang hey smiles one, martial arts contest stage suddenly shivers, sees only on the Shen Xiang's double fist, emits intermittent white light glow, unexpectedly is that lets Dragon Force that the person is panic at the news. Shen Xiang uses he strongest strength from the beginning, obviously he to this competition is attaching great importance to how! Sees that in heart of beat once more toward his rapid traverse, early has preparation Shen Xiang, drinks one lowly, sees only ground suddenly to emit several thick water vine, is similar to the light beam leaps up generally from the ground, closely twines Lan Lan. Lan Lan also thinks before Shen Xiang, in deceiving her, but now she discovered after one were twined, is more surprised, she has not thought that some unexpectedly people can such accurately grasp her position. Naturally, she knows that is the Shen Xiang eye changes the red reason.

The place that water vine braves, letting the people line of sight condense the past, seeing the water vine middle crevice, the people to know that Lan Lan was held by Shen Xiang. Sees only among water vine suddenly to emit blue glow, water vine is inflating slowly, probably must blast out is the same. The time that Shen Xiang requires are not much, so long as gives his time in a flash, he can release oneself strongest strength, attacks on the body of enemy. Is working loose water vine Lan Lan, suddenly induces to raid to light breeze, when heart neutrality scolded tenderly, but Shen Xiang that pair including bringing the fist of terror Dragon Force was greeting the past. Shen Xiang sees the position of heart according to him, judges the forehead of Lan Lan, the double fist directly toward forehead greeting of Lan Lan, the crazy fierce overbearing quick fist, several instantaneously is hundred comes the fist, but the people only hear a vocal cord the ache shouted tenderly transmits, hearing made the person heart live to pity. Light blue light suddenly glittering comes out, the Lan Lan stealth ability expired, but on her small face also full is inflamed, azure one purple one, in the big eye glittering the tears, that miserable appearance, making the person cannot help but criticize Shen Xiang to be cruel and merciless. rascal!” Lan Lan shouted tenderly that twines to be shaken the mist in her water vine, sees only her to use a pair of jade fist, welcomed Shen Xiang that to have the shadowboxing of Dragon Force, has hit. Four bump into, a explosion sound erupts, the instance of hit, Qi Energy rushed the sky, unexpectedly penetrated that formation, entered the clouds, that thick cloud layer cleft in two upper air. Shen Xiang was shaken by that mystical strength draws back, but where Lan Lan also very to goes, on her small mouth full is the bloodstain, had spouted a blood in her a moment ago, at this time is lying in the edge place of martial arts contest stage.