World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 435
Shen Xiang is rubbing the fist, the half step walks toward Lan Lan, he knows that now Lan Lan in stealth condition, the striking power and defensive power will cut in half. Lan Lan was used Dragon Force to punch by him a moment ago crazily, injures heavily. Let alone Dragon Force, even if Shen Xiang uses Universe True Qi to attack, strength is also very fearful! Lan Lan a moment ago that fist, although injured Shen Xiang, but injured aggravates, because her fist strength was very big, but instead was actually shaken by Shen Xiang's Dragon Force most, causing her to come under the dual attacks. At this time she regretted secretly one use that stealth the talent, the words that otherwise face-to-face hits with Shen Xiang perhaps, have very big assurance to win. Naturally, if not because Shen Xiang can see her heart, now Shen Xiang does not know that what by her oppressively becomes, the Lan Lan strength is not weak, but she underestimated Shen Xiang, has not thought that Shen Xiang can look through her Invisibility Technique. Lan Lan reluctant gaining ground, that full is on the blue and purple small face full is the hidden bitterness, she is biting the lip, has no alternative to look. Younger Sister Lan, does not do right by!” Shen Xiang laughs, to Lan Lan of tread is a palm, strong winds erupt immediately, is attacking Lan Lan that delicate weak body, has blown down the martial arts contest stage her. After Lan Lan falling down stage, explained that Shen Xiang won, Shen Xiang's suddenly reversed also unexpectedly, just started, the people immersed in panic-stricken of Lan Lan that Invisibility Technique, but Shen Xiang actually quickly broke Lan Lan the technique of talent, defeated Lan Lan. Although Lan Lan has defeated, but people to Lan Lan still one demon deep fear, because Shen Xiang can cope with her Invisibility Technique, but most people on the scene cannot, these Nirvana Realm cannot, but they are actually thinking at this time the Shen Xiang that red eyes ability, Shen Xiang sees Lan Lan with that method. An elder announced that Shen Xiang wins, was one's turn Mo Tian and Sun Xueren has contended in martial arts, these two people no matter who won, finally can meet with Shen Xiang, therefore the people also want to take a look at their strengths to be what kind of now. Shen Xiang is holding Lan Lan, arrived pavilion that Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were, fed eats up flake Hell Spirit Grass to her, meanwhile smudged the medicine juice that some Hell Spirit Grass refined on her face, making her quickly restore.

Snort, gives back to you!” Lan Lan gives Shen Xiang storage pouch, Shen Xiang looked that does not look knows is these demonic heart. Because really they trust the opposite party, therefore they regard as the opposite party are their good friend, Shen Xiang borrows demonic heart, said with a smile: Younger Sister Lan, don't you dislike me really?” Lan Lan low snort|hum said: I lose to you am not because my strength is inferior to you, but I have not calculated that you can see through my Invisibility Technique, you also a bit faster treat the body, you were also injured.” Shen Xiang smiled, has eaten up several boxes of White Jade Powder, his cultivates refined into Suppressing Devil Golden Body, is in itself Immortal Devil Body ten 3rd Stage, the speed rapidness that restores, eats to select White Jade Powder to cure. Lan Lan does not have the mood to watch competition at this time, because her losing must be very miserable, moreover loses is not convinced, she left Divine Martial Palace, but she has complied with Shen Xiang, final time will come to see. The Wang Quan big apprentice has come to power, Sun Xueren puts on very luxuriously, but looks like looks like dresses up the magnificent corpse, looks deathly pale to be stiff, vision ice-cold, making the person see some fears. Shen Xiang suspected what now this Sun Xueren is affirmative has practiced some martial arts, turned into this him. Mo Tian also walked, many people do not know the Mo Tian status, but Shen Xiang actually knows that is the person who Wu Village comes out, can come here, means that his strength is not simple. Homicide Wang Quan apprentice, but also dares show off one's military strength in front of Wang Quan, this to be because has Wu Village behind him! What Sun Xueren Martial Spirit is?” Wu Kaiming is also very curious, he knew about his Wu Village disciples that can Mo Tian stratagem which ensures success no, the strength is very definitely strong.

Shen Xiang stands in Gu Dongchen side them, carefully looks. Peak Realm Soul Martial Realm is breeds innate Martial Spirit to come, cultivates peak innate Martial Spirit again, can obtain very formidable strength through Martial Spirit, or the Martial Spirit fusion in martial skill. Innate Martial Spirit also called given name Martial Spirit, was martial artist breeds! But Martial Spirit that the fusion comes will be called the day after tomorrow Martial Spirit, before for example Shen Xiang, that fire Martial Spirit that will sell out, will be day after tomorrow Martial Spirit one. The day after tomorrow Martial Spirit some will be also fierce, but that Martial Spirit and Fire Spirit is equally precious, is equally formidable! At this time, Shen Xiang paid attention Wang Quan, only saw on the Wang Quan face full is mean, that pair of fist was gripping tightly, understood at a glance that he affirmed told Sun Xueren, making Sun Xueren massacre Mo Tian. Wang Quan died three apprentices, he depresses in the hatred the heart, once he has the opportunity, he must certainly take revenge. But Mo Tian, works as a front of big group of people to acknowledge that has killed his apprentice, but his anything is undoable, this makes this solemn Divine Martial Palace Palace Master feel aggrieved. Starts!” Wang Quan coldly shouted. The martial arts contest started, Mo Tian has walked randomly in the edge of martial arts contest stage, understood at a glance that he will jump momentarily down the stage to admit defeat. Sun Xueren saw the Mo Tian intention, Wang Quan must make him kill Mo Tian, therefore he cannot make Mo Tian admit defeat.

Mo Tian has not attacked, he does not dare to approach Sun Xueren, after the people see, exudes an intermittent hiss, but Mo Tian has not cared this, he knows that he cannot win Sun Xueren, can only make Shen Xiang complete. Snort!” Sun Xueren gently one, but his sound makes people feel that inexplicable frightened, saw only his suddenly to present one group of shadows, this group of shadows in his rapid rotation. Strange suddenly appeared, sees only stood in Mo Tian of edge, along with shadow revolving of Sun Xueren under foot, but slowly was attracted. No matter Mo Tian how retreat, how jumps backward, was useless, is attracted by Sun Xueren little. Suffers to death!” Sun Xueren sound stiff shouted, sees only his left hand to extend, the entire arm spurts to be thin immediately steaming black Qi, this was one type fills the death and bloody asking, around after the martial arts contest stage people induced, thought one must die probably such. The Sun Xueren left arm shakes, black Qi dispersing, making the matter that the persons head skin tingled with numbness occur, Sun Xueren left arm unexpectedly turned into white bone, the skeleton was very sturdy, likely was the giant beast like that but his palm was turns into huge powerful white bone claw, the claw sharp sharp incomparable, braved the steaming black evil aura, appeared very terrifying. In that moment, all people were shocked, holds the breath to look at that terror white bone great claw flexure to the head of Mo Tian, Shen Xiang is also stares the big eye to look that his Divine Sense is very strong, he can feel terror strength that on that claw contains. Is this Sun Xueren fusion in arm above day after tomorrow Martial Spirit?