World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 436
Mo Tian has disputed with Sun Xueren in Evil Demon Mysterious Realm, at that time he knows that the arm of Sun Xueren looks at the terror, now he saw the primary form of that arm. This Martial Spirit gives the feeling of person, is evil! Huge white bone claw, moreover is filling death Qi, but this actually and Sun Xueren is a match. Mo Tian does not dare to move that white bone claw, because his intuition told him, if bumped into that white bone great claw, perhaps will die, at this time he looked like in the person who the life and death edge struggled is the same. Saw that white bone great claw extends, Mo Tian severe howl, the body erupts white light glow, forms a guard shield, keeps off before the body. Sun Xueren stiff sneering , to continue to grasp wear a look of toward Mo Tian, although he was blocked by that white light cover, his hand grasps punctures, has not actually received any stop. Mo Tian was attracted unceasingly by that black vortex of Sun Xueren under foot, is unable to run away, this strange move is he has not heard. Death vortex, this was devil art one! Has not thought that the Wang Quan apprentice, unexpectedly crashes into Devil Path, but in antique, expert in many Righteous Path study devil art, this point does not forbid, so long as did not make dishonorable matter that's alright.” The Wu Kaiming facial color is dignified, Mo Tian is his Wu Village disciple, leaves leeway the same bloodlines with him, but now is actually facing danger(ous). That white bone claw claw point dug on the face of Mo Tian, but just moved the skin, the face of Mo Tian fiercely had the change, unexpectedly aged, before he was a youth, now is actually an appearance of people. In the Mo Tian heart with amazement, rave, the people only see the body of Mo Tian spout a wild energy, immediately a explosion sound erupts, arouses a strong winds air wave. A dazzling white light spout from martial arts contest Taichung, letting the people are unable to see the above situation person, but the crazy vibration passes from martial arts contest stage, probably must shaking ta is the same entire plaza, bang the sound is continuously! The white light vanished quickly, people only see Sun Xueren to block the forehead with that huge white bone claw, the body under squat slightly, the hair is disorderly, clothes become tattered, the corners of the mouth kept the blood.

But Mo Tian slowly is actually crawling on martial arts contest stage, he arrived at the, after Sun Xueren sees, Mo Tian has climbed down the martial arts contest stage! Mo Tian has not died, but Wu Kaiming actually sends out the deep sigh that regretted: Mo Tian, although can maintain life, but actually discarded! He explodes his dantian, lets the energy liberation, if Sun Xueren does not do to resist at that time, will receive a heavier wound!” This is from the waste cultivation base procedure, this must need the big determination to be able to achieve! Shen Xiang and Wu Kaiming had overrun, Shen Xiang fed piece of Hell Spirit Grass to Mo Tian, at this time Mo Tian has not fainted. Mo Tian holds the Shen Xiang's clothes, said weakly: Brother Shen, looked your! You cannot make such Evil Devil obtain that final reward, otherwise no end of trouble for the future!” Mo Tian said that closed eye to faint, but he at this time also became very old, graying at the temples! His life Yuan Qi is also very weak, the white bone great claw of that Sun Xueren not only can claim the life of person, but can also let absorption life Yuan Qi. Sees Sun Xueren that evil white bone great claw, other continent's Big Shot frowned discuss spiritedly, blatantly use this devil art, making many people very repugnant, at this time that Sun Xueren in the people eyes, probably is in Hell Evil Devil. Stands Sun Xueren on martial arts contest stage looks at Shen Xiang exhaltedly, in eyes full is killing intent, his white bone great claw changed the arm, Martial Spirit that obviously he fuses is very evil and formidable. Shortly, Mo Tian has defeated from the beginning, to maintain life, but also from exploding dantian, from now on the future was a disabled person, this to martial artist that a talent different reported that was very huge attack. But next final, is very much wants with the Sun Xueren martial arts contest! Many people are worried for Shen Xiang that simultaneously hopes Shen Xiang can overthrow Sun Xueren!

This definitely is Martial Spirit, but actually does not know that is any origin, moreover Sun Xueren has also practiced some devil art!” The Liu Meng'er congealing eyebrow said that Hua Xiangyue is also same as her, in the heart is worrying about Shen Xiang secretly, that terrorist attack of that Sun Xueren use, is their first time sees. If Sun Xueren is also Nirvana Realm expert, that will make many people unable to sleep, because many people see, that devil art of Sun Xueren practice, needs to recruit others probably! Sun Xueren wins, enters final! Three days later, here and Shen Xiang carries on the final martial arts contest, is a King Martial Dao final competition!” Wang Quan shouted, in his heart disappointed incomparable, because Mo Tian has not died. Shen Xiang looks at that to go down Sun Xueren of stage, the fist grasps, he has hit a meaningful glance to Gu Dongchen, then leaves with Gu Dongchen, but Wu Kaiming actually held Mo Tian to fly away. The people left Divine Martial Palace, but in the heart is covering the haze, in the mind was recalling unceasingly the white bone great claw of Sun Xueren that terror, was recalling Sun Xueren absorbs the Mo Tian scene with that white bone great claw, thinks of this point, makes people feel to be afraid. Evil Devil! This is many people gives the appraisal of Sun Xueren! Shen Xiang Gu Dongchen was returning to Extreme Martial Sect with whom through Teleportation Formation, Shen Xiang must go to Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm inside forbidden land, inquired that Huang Jintian had the matter about Sun Xueren that Martial Spirit. Wang Quan and character of Huang Jintian same time, Shen Xiang guessed that Huang Jintian definitely knows anything, he thought that Martial Spirit should be Wang Quan to Sun Xueren, otherwise Sun Xueren such will not take orders in Wang Quan. I got down!” Shen Xiang makes Gu Dongchen wait for him here, then has jumped down forbidden land.

Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang to arrive, moreover whole face is serious, knows that has the important matter, but he acts like a madman says with a smile: brat, that King Martial Dao how? Won't lose? Too disgraced!” Shen Xiang ill-humored saying: Master, your old man also underestimated me, I have not lost, but actually came across some difficult problems to consult your old man! Three days must start to contend in martial arts finally, that fellow but who contend in martial arts with me is very strong, will use some evil martial arts.” Huang Jintian traces the beard, said with a smile: Wait / Etc., you said first with me you attend the process of King Martial Dao meeting, I want to know the process, but I was bored!” Shen Xiang has patient participates in itself the process detailed narration of King Martial Dao meeting, he also killing the matters of Wang Quan two apprentices also told Huang Jintian. After Huang Jintian hear, the complexion is dignified, Shen Xiang asked several times, Huang Jintian has not spoken, moreover that pair of skinny fist also pinches closely. The moment passes by, a Huang Jintian whole body loosen, sighed heavily: Really, Wang Quan this fellow was so insane!”