World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 438
Since Liu Meng'er crossed Nirvana Seventh Tribulation successfully, she no longer avoided Shen Xiang, was only Shen Xiang is too busy these days, did not have the time to ask her to be intimate. Lan Lan awoke quickly, she sees Shen Xiang they to encircle in one side, immediately understands own poor life is because this group of talented people preserve, although she a moment ago stupor, but has the weak consciousness, she can feel that four very powerful True Qi flow in her body. Your Lan Family also is really, making your little girl run all over the place! Moreover I looked was so long, could not find your Lan Family person.” Wu Kaiming relaxed. Lan Lan lightly smiled, said weakly: Thanks everybody.” Hua Xiangyue traces the cheeks of Lan Lan, said with a smile tenderly: Is this rascal merit, otherwise your poor life already lost.” In the Liu Meng'er heart is jealous slightly, although she knows that Shen Xiang and Lan Lan are only friend relationship. Is Sun Xueren starts to you, right?” Shen Xiang asked calmly. Lan Lan shakes the head saying: Does not know that I have not seen the person, I was pierced the body by any thing at that time, then I felt that I was dying, at that time the person asked where my demonic heart come.” Because there evil aura is heavy, I just passed by, therefore had a look on the past, but I only saw this little girl to lie down on the ground at that time! Can be so rash in King City, should be the Sun Xueren misunderstanding, moreover that attack method also very likely is his.” Wu Kaiming said. These demonic heart are Shen Xiang to Lan Lan, therefore makes Lan Lan be attacked by Sun Xueren, almost died, this let the Shen Xiang anger to several points, but in his surface was tranquil.

Hua Xiangyue said: Shen Xiang, to be honest, I and Meng'er cannot think that copes with the attack of that Sun Xueren with any method, if Sun Xueren is also our strengths, I think us share that also only then runs away! You go with words that he hits, very danger(ous)!” Shen Xiang indifferently said: He cannot arrive at your this strengths, fuses evil bone Martial Spirit that moment from him from the beginning, he was doomed to Nirvana Realm!” evil bone Martial Spirit? I listen to my parents to mention probably, that is the hundred thousand year ago the three realms great war evil bone Devil Monarch fellow stays behind, because it is said this evil bone Devil Monarch cultivates devil art, practices fierce white bone oneself flesh and blood, had the body of undying by oneself!” Liu Meng'er said with amazement. Shen Xiang nodded: My innate discretion, you do not need to be worried my! Younger Sister Lan, you rest well!” Hua Xiangyue sees Shen Xiang to leave, tenderly snorted: This brat does not listen to the advice! Wastes others regard.” When Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen see Hua Xiangyue to gaze at Shen Xiang that strange look, some are unreadable, why Hua Xiangyue and female of Liu Meng'er this keeping aloof, can with Shen Xiang's relationship such ambiguous! Shen Xiang returned to his residence, he is in the room closed eyes to maintain mental tranquility, is ready, he must contend in martial arts with Sun Xueren tomorrow, that is a life and death struggle! „Can unexpectedly be evil bone Devil Monarch Martial Spirit? I have not thought really that Martial Spirit unexpectedly of this fellow can get down!” Su Meiyao said. The Bai Youyou sound ice-cold and serious: Perhaps does not have is so simple, evil bone Devil Monarch was also called undying Devil Monarch in the past, that Martial Spirit may is his soul, moreover he has also preserved very strong strength, if he affects to have this Martial Spirit person with Divine Sense again, perhaps he can once more resurrect!”

Hears these two female dialogs, Shen Xiang is not calm! A hundred thousand year ago fierce devil wants resurrect, that is very terrifying matter. Right, if out of control to entice, fuses his Martial Spirit, gradually by evil bone Devil Monarch soul Devour, evil bone Devil Monarch once again resurrect, he will be one pile of bones, so long as can use evil bone devil art, his strength can restore once again.” Su Meiyao took a deep breath. Shen Xiang said: If I lose, it is necessary to make these fellows collaborate to destroy completely Sun Xueren, forever will eliminate the future trouble!” Next day, in the morning, after Shen Xiang washed, changed one set of black tight-fitting attire, arrived at Divine Martial Palace inside plaza, has gotten on the martial arts contest stage, at this time the sky also just shone, the people who came to observe one after another arrived. Sun raises, the plaza person are getting more and more, this majority from other continent's martial artist, martial artist of King Continent native place have many, this is an exciting fight. Shen Xiang just entered Spirit Martial Realm martial artist, but Sun Xueren actually already was Spirit Martial Realm martial artist, moreover middle stage, Shen Xiang was only initial stage, the strength has missed a rank, before Sun Xueren and Mo Tian martial arts contest time, that frightening martial arts that showed that making people think that he was stronger than Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang saw Mo Tian, he and Wu Kaiming, Gu Dongchen also old man stands on the pavilion of distant place, he sees Mo Tian that pair of shining pupil, in the heart to like secretly, because Mo Tian situation he has not thought terrible, moreover Mo Tian looked like was also at this time younger. Another pavilion, Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er have Lan Lan to stand by the window, Shen Xiang has swept many pavilions of distant place, can see the familiar face, for example Lan Shan and Holy Light Church Qin Zejun and Free Immortal Sea Xiao Ziliang, Lotus Island's Lian Yingxiao...... Sun Xueren also just arrived at this time, he follows in Wang Quan, on his deceased person face shows very stiff smiling face, but in his pair of dead grey pupil also flashes through wipes excitedly, a self-confident appearance.

Wang Quan is all smiles, because he thought that Shen Xiang stands after the stage, quite in bringing upon oneself at death's door, is a deceased person, his repugnant Huang Jintian, therefore he wants to kill the Huang Jintian's haughty disciple, was killed under this regular martial arts contest, Huang Jintian cannot say anything, therefore he did not fear. Let alone, Shen Xiang has enraged again and again him before, making him lose completely the honor, he endured to be so long, for and other arrivals. Is you under the hand to Lan Lan?” Shen Xiang sees Sun Xueren to get on the stage, then coldly asked. Right, she died!” The Sun Xueren sound said stiffly that making the person listen not to be very uncomfortable. Snort, you think that you can kill her?” Shen Xiang looked at the pavilion of distant place, Sun Xueren also looked, quick saw the Lan Lanhe two maturity graceful bearing peerless beautiful woman together. Sun Xueren the fist grasps immediately: I must make her die, the person must die with I have fought, that Mo Tian is no exception, this will be only sooner or later matter!” Shen Xiang sneered: Your two Junior Brother such had spouted rhetoric, but finally...... Died!” Wang Quan hears the Shen Xiang's words, the body trembles, immediately gives out all day roaring: Starts!”