World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 439
Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue appear with the quickest speed by martial arts contest stage, Lian Yingxiao and Xiao Ziliang also rush over, Lan Shan that crowd has received the Shen Xiang kindness, obtains continent Big Shot that their founders inherit also to arrive at the martial arts contest stage, because they feel very strong killing intent from the Wang Quan roar. Although they do not know why Wang Quan will get angry, but they cannot make Wang Quan start to Shen Xiang! Lan Lan was also brought by Hua Xiangyue, Lan Lan short distance looks at Sun Xueren, low snort|hum said: Is this fellow, his aura I remember that unexpectedly plots against me, I go back certainly to make my clansman help me want the justice!” Although the martial arts contest starts, but Sun Xueren immediately has not actually launched the attack, but looks at Wang Quan, sees only angry Wang Quan to nod to him! Suffers to death!” The Sun Xueren coldly sound conveys, his presented that death vortex, at the same time that Shen Xiang attracts, his left hand shakes, a huge white bone arm appears, that appalling white bone great claw appears again, but in this time white bone great claw is flowing black Qi mist. death Qi is also stronger, making people feel that the young suffocates! Before Shen Xiang, has not known how must deal with this death vortex the suction, but he personally experiences after now, immediately had the means that what because this death vortex absorption is the energy, Shen Xiang within the body has massive True Qi, the energy is huge, can be induced by the aura that the death vortex released, will therefore be attracted. Now so long as isolates own energy, was not induced by the death vortex, Shen Xiang will not be organized by this vortex, can dodge that terror flexible the white bone great claw. magic power! This strange energy, helped Shen Xiang deal with a difficulty once more, he used magic power to wrap his body, prevented that death vortex formidable suction. Ha Ha...... Dies!” Sun Xueren that Evil Devil general severe Xiao spreads, the great claw extends, is similar to the lightning is ordinary, in that instantaneous, the people mentioned the throat the heart. Liu Meng'er and Gu Dongchen these extremely care about the Shen Xiang's person, in the mind immediately a blank, they will think the Shen Xiang's head in grasping by that great claw, then by Devour life elementary force!

The short instance, the people actually have been similar to very for a long time such, in the mind is thinking many matters. Sun Xueren laughs wildly unceasingly, on his claw is containing very intense evil True Qi, must stress the Shen Xiang's time shortly, Shen Xiang actually suddenly vanish from sight. Sun Xueren smiling face suddenly coagulates, has probably eaten fly such, but the people in instantaneously exude one that Shen Xiang vanishes to call out in alarm, long aspirated. How possible? Your unexpectedly can escape my death vortex!” Sun Xueren fierce turning head, only sees Shen Xiang to stand in him behind. Sun Xueren under foot that black vortex revolved quickly, but Shen Xiang actually stood there, visits him lightly. Saw Shen Xiang solve the Sun Xueren death vortex, Liu Meng'er to relax, such one, even if Shen Xiang could not hit, can jump down the stage to admit defeat. Wang Quan is hates the tooth to be itchy, saw that Sun Xueren must go well, but Shen Xiang actually at a crucial moment has hidden instantaneously! In the Sun Xueren heart is surprised, he was confident to oneself that death vortex, Wang Quan had said with him, in the same rank nobody can get rid absolutely, moreover Shen Xiang also be weaker than a rank him. For all that but Sun Xueren calms down, to wave his huge white bone arm quickly fast, hits to Shen Xiang! Now the white bone great hand of Sun Xueren is a very fierce weapon, invulnerability, let alone Shen Xiang now cannot use weapon, therefore on this, he occupies completely the winning side.

„Do you dare to touch my arm? Ha Ha...... I guaranteed, so long as you touch, must die without doubt!” Sun Xueren sees Shen Xiang to move aside, said with a smile crazily. Shen Xiang has not thought that this ordinary day deceased person appearance Sun Xueren, unexpectedly smiles now such crazily, moreover his white bone great hand very fast, the attack speed is quick, making him move aside very strenuously. The Sun Xueren speed is quick, although martial arts contest stage is not small, but the space is limited, therefore Shen Xiang can only back and forth fly to leap up on martial arts contest stage. What meaning do you have like this? You contend in martial arts does not like with very formidable strength very much and others fights? Always can make very big move to come, but in actually like turtle!” Sun Xueren said with a smile severely, he was stimulating Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang counterattack, such he had the opportunity to be moved Shen Xiang by his claw. Shen Xiang has certainly not been moving aside, otherwise this martial arts contest really meaning does not have, he was doing the experiment a moment ago! Sun Xueren when attacks him, will release fearful dying, Shen Xiang a moment ago secretly some weak death Qi inspiration within the body, then attacks these weak death Qi with Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi. The first attempt time, he very successful gives to destroy these death Qi with Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but he, for more definite Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is effective, therefore he has absorbed many death Qi, therefore requires time. Naturally, he these evil energy inspiration within the body, wraps with magic power, does not let these energy diffusions, after condense were many, he is trying elimination with Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi again. Effective, but actually cannot like coping with Evil Demon!” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, for all that but this made him have very big stratagem which ensures success. He uses Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to cope with Evil Demon time, quite in burns down wax column such with the raging fire, can very relaxed Evil Demon melting. On the white bone great hand of Sun Xueren suddenly emits black Qi, that type of strong evil aura, making the people under stage frown, because was really too evil looking.

That white bone great hand looks like a broadsword to be common, fierce chops horizontally toward Shen Xiang, the speed be faster than on many before. Snort!” Shen Xiang stuffy snort|hum, palm above overflows golden light glow, held the wrist|skill of that white bone great hand directly. Such grasped, making the audience people be shocked, they were clear that white bone great hand fierce, that looked like the Evil Devil harvesting life tool, bumped into must die, but Shen Xiang actually dares to grasp now! Sun Xueren are also shocked incomparably. Shen Xiang while this, fierce turns around vigorously, holds the Sun Xueren wrist|skill, coming one shoulder to fall fiercely, Sun Xueren pounding maliciously in ground. Sun Xueren, you too looked at yourself high!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, erupts a rave afterward, saw only on him suddenly to present a thorn person unfamiliar pain golden light, golden light outside burnt the raging fire, in the raging fire is having the white energy! Shen Xiang now and strongest Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi mixes together Dragon Force and Heavenly Sun Fire, fuses terrifying strength, then both hands grab the white bone great hand of Sun Xueren, fierce twisting transfers, the people only hear kā chā one, that only white bone great hand separated with the shoulder of Sun Xueren. Sun Xueren white bone great hand unexpectedly of being proud had been pulled by Shen Xiang stiffly! All people are dumbfounded, look at the white bone great hand that on Shen Xiang grabs!