World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 440
Sun Xueren fiercest is his white bone great hand, but now actually by Shen Xiang pulling, moreover received the severe wound, now looks like, the victory and defeat was obvious. The reversal of this suddenly, no one can think! Because beforehand these Nirvana Realm have discussed on together, Shen Xiang is hard to deal with that evil strength, but Shen Xiang told the people with the fact, that evil strength does not have a threat to him. Sun Xueren is struggling in the ground, on face full is the pain, breaks place unexpectedly of arm to keep the black blood, looks makes the persons head skin tingle with numbness. But what is strangest, that finishing a job above that Shen Xiang holds, not any blood. Although Shen Xiang has pulled apart the arm of Sun Xueren, but he cannot be happy, because he can feel evil strength that on that arm transmits, is attacking his body crazily, wants to occupy his body. After that white bone great hand was pulled apart, should turn into the normal flesh and blood arm, but does not have now, moreover crazy struggles, wants to get rid of Shen Xiang. If not Shen Xiang uses massive Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to resist these to invade the evil strength of his body, he perhaps already was defeated by that evil white bone great hand now. Looks calls out Sun Xueren that in the ground tumbling, Shen Xiang is far away from him gradually, because he felt that arm is affecting the Sun Xueren spirit. He knows that in this white bone great hand has an antique evil soul, that is one is called the evil bone Devil Monarch big devil to remain, perhaps also meets resurrect, now he believes this matter. suddenly, that white bone great hand erupts black Qi, a wild energy burst, shook Shen Xiang crazily to spurt a blood, Shen Xiang has had to loosen that white bone great hand at this time. The people are panic-stricken incomparable, because they witnessed that to return to the body of Sun Xueren by the arm that Shen Xiang pulled apart, unexpectedly fast fusion together. Sun Xueren is sweating profusely stands, on his deceased person common face of fierce incomparably, looks at Shen Xiang wickedly, making Shen Xiang be similar to by Evil Devil is gazing at such.

Sun Xueren looks the white bone great claw that own that regains, suddenly raises head to laugh wildly, that evil laughter makes the people feel the fear, but all around these Nirvana Realm martial artist are the complexion is also dignified, because this Sun Xueren was really too evil, but he was the person in Righteous Path. high grade bloodlines martial artist, is the Wang Quan big apprentice, after fusing this terror evil Martial Spirit, the strength will be very certainly strong, at this time Shen Xiang also experiences to fierce of this evil bone Martial Spirit. But Shen Xiang is worried is not this, but is in that Martial Spirit is hiding Ancient Devil head the soul of too! You have almost gone bad my good deed, but also because of you, I can wake up, Ha Ha......” the Sun Xueren sound changed, becomes very hoarse, that voice is very low and deep, moreover makes people feel the fear. Hears these words, the Shen Xiang Hou Ran discoloration, continual retreat several steps, he has not thought that evil bone Devil Monarch unexpectedly seized to abandon the body of Sun Xueren successfully, resurrect! Troubled in a big way!” The Bai Youyou sound said dignifiedly. Needs my strength?” Long Xueyi asked that she can induce obtains that evil bone Devil Monarch evil strength how fearful. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, said slightly: Temporarily does not use!” Sun Xueren died, just his soul already by evil bone Devil Monarch devour. Other accident, I am Sun Xueren, but I am new Sun Xueren!” Sun Xueren grins fiendishly, sees only his another arm suddenly to explode, black Qi fills the air, a white bone great hand appears. This lets all person sucked in a cold breath, because Sun Xueren at this time unexpectedly two white bone great fingernails.

Disappointed angry Wang Quan, now the whole face is joyful, although he saw that the Sun Xueren matter does not suit, but he thought that will not have the major problem, so long as can defeat Shen Xiang, can obtain first, that for him is the good matter. Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art! I can devour your soul, obtain this divine art from your memory, Ha Ha......” Sun Xueren laughs wildly one, flies to leap up toward Shen Xiang, that speed was faster than many times before! Shen Xiang early is prepared, sees that instantaneous, he who Sun Xueren gets rid has completed the defense, his condense leaves massive Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, pours into his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, at this time Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor has braved, covers his body, because just outside has clothes, will not be seen. That giant bone claw grasps, takes the Shen Xiang's chest, Shen Xiang waves to keep off, by own elbow department hit on that bone claw, was erupted spark, his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor is strong, then one hits, let Sun Xueren retreat several steps. Sees Sun Xueren complexion sank, Shen Xiang to know that his Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi can restrain Sun Xueren. Devil, your can resurrect be what kind of again? This time I will make you die thoroughly!” Shen Xiang double fist suddenly glittering white pure and holy ray, this is the shape that his Dragon Force and Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi mix becomes. A Shen Xiang leap, the under foot erupts an airing, making him swoop the past body to have the crazy fierce dashing strength, simultaneously the double fist wielded crazily hits, forms fist image, topple the mountains and overturn the seas general strength, pounded fiercely. Sun Xueren sees the potential, the facial color is dignified, but the fist has hit, he can only protect the forehead with oneself that pair of great hand, was not received this wild fist strike by own first time. A fist gets down, makes the entire martial arts contest stage sway violently, but Shen Xiang now is actually the same hour ten fists, the crazy bang is hitting that pair of stiff white bone arm. The people saw that Sun Xueren is somewhat strange, probably changed a person, seeing his suddenly to be many a white bone great hand, the people was secret for Shen Xiang is being worried, but has not thought that this time Shen Xiang actually still strong, used Dragon Force to thrash the white bone great hand of Sun Xueren crazily, keeping Sun Xueren from counterattacking. Shen Xiang's leaves the speed of fist to be quick, each instantaneously is dozens fists, shakes that arouses, shake to sway, that type that entire Divine Martial Palace keeps continuously bang crack each eruption, turbulent qi wave will spread to all around, hits barrier on martial arts contest stage.

If no that barrier, this plaza was already destroyed several hundred times! Bang bang...... Distant place suddenly has transmitted a billowing stuffy thunder, the deep blue sky, suddenly was being tumbled the dark cloud covers, dodges [say / way] lightning, but Shen Xiang actually still does not stop using the wild fist bang to hit Sun Xueren, does not make Sun Xueren make any counter-attack. Sun Xueren can only defend now, once he has neglected, his head will be hit by Shen Xiang, that terrifying fist energy hits, his head definitely will fall to the ground like the tomato, was pounded the pulp. Shen Xiang suddenly explodes roars, that is roaring hiss of dragon, sees only clothes suddenly of his upper body to fall broken, but is connecting the place of shoulder in his left arm, has emitted a white light, that is White Dragon Tattoo! This...... Is this he fuses in arm above Dragon Spirit?” A person said astonished. The sky was covered by the dark clouds, is very dim, but Shen Xiang's left arm above White Dragon Tattoo actually emits the ray to come, but also is having a very strange energy aura, that type of aura is ancient, great changes and fills might, stern incomparable, making people think that is a lifelike dragon!