World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 441
Liu Meng'er, Gu Dongchen they have seen Shen Xiang White Dragon Tattoo, but they had not cared at that time, but thinks that Shen Xiang likes the dragon making. But now sees that White Dragon Tattoo unexpectedly to brave a very powerful aura, they cannot help but associate, that is the a dragon soul! beast soul is also Martial Spirit one, will be day after tomorrow Martial Spirit! After some formidable beasts died, will leave behind his soul, on this soul has preserved majority of strength of beast, after the fusion, will obtain very formidable strength, will obtain in that beast soul some martial skill, that was also called beast martial skill! The people think of this aspect, believes firmly that Shen Xiang fused the a dragon soul on the arm! But the dragon divine beast, beast soul of this rank is strongest, then Shen Xiang will obtain beast martial skill also to be naturally terrorist. Some had looked at the person of Shen Xiang fight, understands martial skill why Shen Xiang uses will always have the shadow of dragon! Shen Xiang in to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, he is knowing is unable to defeat evil bone Devil Monarch that resurrect comes at this time depending on his strength, looks like he although now can evil bone Devil Monarch suppression stubbornly, but also is only temporary. His Dragon Force is limited, moreover consumes quickly, but actually cannot cause anything to injure to evil bone Devil Monarch, evil bone Devil Monarch also saw this point probably, therefore he is still calm. Therefore, Shen Xiang meets to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, displays he strongest killing to incur, Heavenly Dragon Seal! Heavenly Dragon Seal solely is not depends upon strength of person to release, but also to rely on the strength of world, therefore is powerful, but strength of displaying is stronger, the strength of world can to rely on arrive is stronger. The Long Xueyi's energy is special, can fuse together with Shen Xiang's strength very much easily, this makes them stronger, but Long Xueyi strength is also good, in addition her magic power will be formidable, Heavenly Dragon Seal that will display will be also more intrepid. Only then this move, can evil bone Devil Monarch in adolescence kill that thoroughly thoroughly! Sees the sky wind and cloud to surge, has looked at the person of Shen Xiang martial arts contest, knows that Shen Xiang must release very formidable move immediately, previous time he is such ruins Fragrance City plaza, has a vivid memory Gu Dongchen and the others to the present.

Quick, the people had known that move of terror, has prepared taking off! Wang Quan wants to prevent, but here several hundred Nirvana Realm look, the words that he such makes, definitely will be stopped by these Nirvana Realm, moreover he is confident to Sun Xueren, he sees Sun Xueren another arm can also turn into white bone the time, knows that Sun Xueren has evolved, the strength will be stronger! Shen Xiang is delaying the time, his condense the strength of world must be many enough, mainly is also Spirit Qi and lightning gathering, before Heavenly Dragon Seal that he displays is not that but is one move copes with Evil Devil specially. If displays Furious Dragon's Retribution, now suffices! But displays the Subduing Devil Law Seal words, is worse!” Long Xueyi said that now she unceasingly displaying the method passes to the Shen Xiang's mind. The dark clouds cover in the sky, gathers in the sky of martial arts contest stage, forms a dark clouds vortex, this makes Sun Xueren have not the small pressure, he has also heard Shen Xiang's this move, even if he now fused evil bone Devil Monarch, does not know how Shen Xiang that fierce Dragon Martial Technique comes. Was OK!” Long Xueyi tenderly shouted, the Shen Xiang's arm suddenly white light inspires greatly, Long Xueyi is instilling into own energy to give Shen Xiang But Shen Xiang the bang is hitting Sun Xueren, while was reciting the incantation! In the sky the thunder cry lightning flash, ground strong winds to erupt, the earth sends out shivering slightly, as if entire world is ordering to destroy such, is scary. The martial arts contest stage above black vortex revolves crazily, all around dark cloud was absorbed in that vortex completely, but Shen Xiang's magic power and sky over within the body that vigorous energy crazy rushing, these lightning chop strength that hits also to be inhaled that vortex. The people look up in the upper air in that giant vortex in condense one group of huge energies, this makes many people swallow the saliva, they under foot condense good strength, once the energy bang of that group of terrors hits, their jump arrives airborne, in order to avoid being affected. Wang Quan and other Nirvana Realm expert see that group of energies, although is big, but is actually not very strong, they guessed that possibly did not break including large formation of martial arts contest stage.

Heavenly Dragon Seal, Subduing Devil!” Shen Xiang recited the incantation, dragon roar resounded together, sees only various airborne that group energies to gather the together light to roll suddenly to explode lightens a white light. „......” Passes through the dragon roar of Nine Firmaments to erupt, in that instantaneous, a destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth energy aura overwhelms, entire King City was covered by this energy, earth crazy is swaying, person who these early are prepared jumped to set out, leaps airborne At this time, White Dragon appeared from that vortex, the lifelike white big dragon, released the pure and holy white light, that full was the dignified imposing manner new student dreads. dragon roar continuously, the white big dragon drops from the clouds, falls fiercely, hits to that martial arts contest stage, in that instantaneous, on martial arts contest stage all formation were rumbled to fall, but Divine Martial Palace's several elders arrange barrier immediately, but is actually too late, after that powerful energy hits Sun Xueren, forms a Dao Qi vigor, pours into deeply, then under explodes, the energy four welled up, lets the pavilion of entire plaza as well as distant place is affected, has produced many cracks. But on martial arts contest stage is most frigid, was being covered by the white light, the explosion sound continuously, probably many huge White Dragon unceasingly brave from that vortex, fires into the ground, is dashing that martial arts contest stage crazily. White Dragon that 30 energy condense become, is similar to the crazy thunder is ordinary, exudes to fill dignified dragon roar, is attacking the earth, is similar to urban general huge plaza, has split open, the pavilion of distant place also completely is shaken ta most probably. This strength has far exceeded Spirit Martial Realm initial stage! After all this is Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's strength fuses together, displays that fierce Divine Ability again, the strength of condense world attacks, the might is infinite! between Heaven and Earth peaceful, made the people feel that a moment ago is similar to the end approaches general, these Nirvana Realm are afraid to Shen Xiang this Dragon Martial Technique, if Shen Xiang is also Nirvana Realm, then strength will be definitely more formidable! The martial arts contest stage has not existed, but Shen Xiang and Sun Xueren actually there! Although Shen Xiang also stands on martial arts contest stage, but will actually not be affected, because that is Divine Ability that he releases. But Sun Xueren actually lies in the ground, his pair of white bone great hand vanished, changed the arm of actually, but his whole person was actually similar to a dry corpse, look blue, looked like very scary. Later this fellow contends in martial arts I not to come to see absolutely, that simply is awfully!” A person from airborne fell, if they side of martial arts contest stage were not walking a moment ago, perhaps now already was swept.

„, Previous time I responded am too slow, was buried!” This fellow was really too abnormal!” „......” At this time many people in abundance are sighing with emotion, if not the martial arts contest stage has good formation, perhaps that strength will destroy here a moment ago thoroughly! Shen Xiang took a deep breath, Sun Xueren died, but his True Qi also consumed similarly. The muscle on Wang Quan face is twitching, he gets on the stage, but has bumped the Sun Xueren corpse, that corpse turned into ash with the wind! Sees this, the people are one startled! You...... You won!” Wang Quan shouted, the air/Qi results in the body to tremble hoarsely.