World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 442
Sees Wang Quan to be in a towering rage, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming arrive at side Shen Xiang's hastily, in order to avoid Wang Quan attacks Shen Xiang reckless. Reward?” What Shen Xiang cares is this, he walks, for that Good Fortune Fruit. The Wang Quan deep breath several tones, have depressed the anger and hatred in heart, has put out a jade box, gives Shen Xiang: You are the winner of this King Martial Dao meeting, this is Divine Martial Palace gives your reward!” Shen Xiang opens looks, sees a fist size the pure white fruit, this is Good Fortune Fruit, although has not lent any aura, but Shen Xiang has stroked, can actually feel that strange Spirit Qi that in contains. Is Good Fortune Fruit.” After Su Meiyao confirmed that said. Sees Shen Xiang to obtain that precious Good Fortune Fruit, some alchemy masters and young martial artist envy incomparably, very envies Shen Xiang, young can obtain this type of good thing. Final triumphing of King Martial Dao meeting, unexpectedly is one came from overseas continent's martial artist, this makes many King Continent above native place martial artist feel very ashamed, many people are hostile toward Shen Xiang, but they actually have to approve the Shen Xiang's strength, having a look at this to be destroyed such plaza to know that the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, must know that Sun Xueren be higher than a rank Shen Xiang. Should also reward!” Shen Xiang said that mysterious reward makes him curious. Hears him such to ask that Wang Quan has gawked, said: You come with me! You receive this reward to need to keep secret!” This is how good!” Gu Dongchen cannot certainly let Shen Xiang alone and Wang Quan together, Shen Xiang makes Wang Quan hate the bone to inter the body three points, was not worried that is impossible. Wang Quan coldly said: Does not want! Do not regret that's it, although I want to kill this brat very much, but on this matter, I do not dare to act unreasonably!” This made Shen Xiang think King Mysterious Realm, that was a very mysterious place, Shen Xiang guesses also some expert in King Mysterious Realm.

No problem, felt relieved that I was good!” Shen Xiang also has Wu Kaiming to smile to Gu Dongchen, this King Martial Dao every ten years, but from nobody knows that mysterious reward is anything, obviously obtains the person of that reward, will keep secret. Saw Shen Xiang such facial expression, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming also can only make Shen Xiang go with Wang Quan, but many people felt curious, because they do not know that also had that mysterious reward. Shen Xiang leaves with Wang Quan, but Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming actually gathered round by one crowd of expert, was inquiring that mysterious reward, but actually cannot ask that anything came, this made the people want to know that was anything. Wang Quan brought Shen Xiang to walk into a giant palace, although this palace was grand, but was not luxurious, has the thick great changes aura, before being able to look is very much long, building that left behind. After going in inside, Shen Xiang followed Wang Quan to pass through many dense [say / way], entered the center of this big grand palace. Wang Quan, I thought that you should see my Master!” Shen Xiang said. Snort, why?” Wang Quan coldly snorted, he wishes one could to pinch now Shen Xiang, but he actually does not dare, if possible, he already such did. Shen Xiang also saw probably this mysterious reward relationship is significant, causes Wang Quan to be how prudent. You give Sun Xueren that Martial Spirit, is together evil Martial Spirit! Named evil bone Martial Spirit, don't you know?” Shen Xiang is sneering asking. „Is that also what kind of? Sun Xueren has not made any dishonorable matter to come with this evil Martial Spirit, but his disposition looks like desolate.” Wang Quan said with something else in mind. You possibly do not know that this evil bone Martial Spirit is the thing that the evil bone Devil Monarch fellow keeps, in that has the evil bone Devil Monarch soul and consciousness...... I was not many said that you were not an idiot, you should know that evil bone Devil Monarch resurrect, what consequence adolescence got up is.”

Heard the Shen Xiang's words, the Wang Quan body shivered, anchored the footsteps, he did not have says anything again, continued to have the Shen Xiang shuttle in various types of dense [say / way]. Wang Quan had heard evil bone Devil Monarch matter, he knows certainly that evil bone Martial Spirit is the evil bone Devil Monarch thing, but he has not thought that evil bone Devil Monarch through such means resurrect, he will associate to Sun Xueren is broken the arm later time a moment ago by Shen Xiang, at that time he thought that Sun Xueren has the issue, now he thinks carefully that determined what Shen Xiang said is the truth. Shen Xiang has killed Sun Xueren, slowly strong evil bone Devil Monarch is giving also to kill that once makes his adolescence get up quietly, the consequence will be dreadful! Shen Xiang has passed through many dense [say / way] with Wang Quan, where at this time he does not know his position, but he determines also in that giant palace. At this time, Wang Quan led him to enter a hall, has Teleportation Formation in the halls. Stands in the middle, I will transmit you to a place, hoping you also to come back. Naturally, if you give up now also with enough time.” Wang Quan said. The foot that Shen Xiang just trod received: What do you mean? Can explain? Whether this Teleportation Formation can transmit me to King Mysterious Realm?” Wang Quan coldly said: The thing that you know are really many, should be that old lunatic tells you! The truth and you said that King Martial Dao will conduct these many, several thousand years of long history, but knows in King Mysterious Realm the situation person not to be many!” You know why this is?” Shen Xiang shook the head. Because obtains the first person, does not dare to enter into Teleportation Formation! They fear to go to King Mysterious Realm, I once was also a winner of King Martial Dao meeting, but I gave up going to that King Mysterious Realm finally!”

Shen Xiang took a deep breath, asked slowly: Why?” Because has gone in the person, has not come out! I only know the person, must face trial of King, unusual bad risk! You determined that now can go in?” Shen Xiang nodded: I must go.” Afterward he has arrived at the Teleportation Formation middle. Wang Quan is pinching a symbol, said: This was you spoke with me the sound that a moment ago the time mark recorded, you did not come back, I also well proved my pale!” Saying, the Teleportation Formation white light was exploding dodges, Shen Xiang vanished, was transmitted to that King Mysterious Realm! Shen Xiang does not fear any trial, that for him is a method of strength, moreover his present strength arrived at Peak Realm, can leave Mysterious Realm through that Heaven's Crown Gate, if discovered that has anything not to be right, he can run away immediately. He wants to have a look in this mysterious and terrifying King Mysterious Realm now has anything! After Shen Xiang one is white at present, then appears on a piece of plain, but in the plain distant place, has one to be big and high palace, looked at the past from afar, rose straight from the ground in the prairie like a mountain, Shen Xiang can feel that grand imposing manner in the distant place. Hehe, welcome to King Mysterious Realm, Lao little brother enter King Palace!” The temperate laughter floats together, overlapping, reverberates in the Shen Xiang's ear bank. King Palace? Shen Xiang saw here not to have Wang Quan saying that terroristly, felt relieved made the palace to run toward that.